Keto French Fries


"Best Ever!" Trust me, these are the best low carb fries you will ever have!

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Keto French fries made with almond flour are easy to prepare and they are closest keto fry to those fast food fries we all miss. From appearance, texture and flavor, these fries will have your family cheering when it's burger night. AND you will love that there's no peeling required!

Low carb used to be a restrictive diet, however with the addition keto mozzarella sticks, air fryer chicken wings and this keto French fry recipe (to name just a few), the limits that the keto diet imposed are removed. Let’s make some French fries!

Are these the “Best” low-carb keto French fries out there?

french fries scattered on a tray with ketchup

These are, hands down, the BEST keto French fry recipe I have had to date!

This recipe was inspired by Heavenly Fan who makes vegan keto recipes on YouTube. She is credited to making the foundation for this almond flour keto fries recipe. I added a few extras to perfect the flavor.

From appearance, to texture, to taste, these golden brown keto French fries are the closest thing to traditional fries you find at a fast food joint.

In fact, they remind me a lot of McDonald’s fries with their appearance and crispy texture! Dip these fries in sugar-free ketchup or ranch and serve them next to your favorite burger.

a bundle of keto fries wrapped in paper next to ketchup

How these fries differ from other keto fry recipes

Before these fries, are best option for low carb fries was making jicama fries or french fries from other vegetables or fruit like turnip fries, zucchini fries, rutabaga – even avocado!

Keto jicama fries are good, but they are an effort to make and have a slightly sweet flavor.

Turnip and rutabaga fries can be bitter, especially if you select large turnips or rutabaga.

Zucchini fries need to be eaten right away because they get soggy. Plus they aren’t always crispy or crunchy unless you add on a lot of breading.

Avocado fries are only going to be crispy on the outside with a soft interior. They should be eaten right away.

These almond flour keto fries don’t require any peeling and only take a few minutes to prepare. Plus, you can FREEZE them! You can have fries on your plate whenever you want.



“Fries are my weakness!!! I absolutely needed to find a keto replacement for these. The added salt and potato extract were exactly what this recipe needed, for me at least. Made these today and they were so delicious!!!!”

➥ from YouTube subscriber @agriff624


Keto French Fries Recipe Video

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Low Carb Keto French Fries Ingredients

Keto French Fries Directions

  • Keto French Fries
  • frying keto fries in hot oil

    Almond flour low carb French fries

    This keto French fries recipe is made using almond flour.

    Almond flour is lower in carbs (compared to using a root vegetable like jicama or rutabaga) and has a fine texture and delicate crumb so when this dough is fried or baked, the texture is similar to the inside of a soft potato, yet the outside is golden and crispy.

    I recommend using a finely milled almond flour in this fry recipe.

    mixing the almond flour fry batter with a spoon

    Can I use coconut flour?

    If you are allergic to almond flour or don’t like the taste of it, you can substitute with coconut flour.

    Heavenly Fan recommends you use 50 grams of coconut flour. You will need to add less because coconut flour tends to absorb more liquid than almond flour does, so you need less of it.

    Xanthan gum role in keto fries

    The xanthan gum in this side dish recipe is used to hold the dough together. Xanthan gum is often used in keto recipes to provide structure and support.

    It helps hold the components together so the fries stay stable during frying or baking.

    Potato flavoring

    This step is optional but I highly recommend it in order to get an authentic potato French fry flavor. If you can get ahold of it, add a small amount of potato extract. Use my affiliate code ketofocus-10 to save 10% off your order.

    Another option to try is butter extract, which is commonly sold in most grocery stores. Only add about 1/4 teaspoon. You don’t want these keto French fries to taste like buttered popcorn!

    oooflavors mashed potato extract on a cutting board

    Frozen keto French fries

    Besides being the best keto French fries I’ve ever tasted, these fries can be FROZEN!!!

    So you can easily have French fries for dinner to go along with your dinner. This is an excellent keto food to meal prep. I recommend doubling or tripling the recipe to make up a big batch of frozen fries.

    frozen french fries being shoved in a freezer bag

    To freeze these keto fries, prepare as instructed until you make the strips of dough.

    At this point lay the strips of keto dough onto a parchment or foil lined baking tray and flash freeze until hardened. This will prevent the fries from stick to each other. Once hardened, transfer the low carb almond fries to a freezer safe bag and store in the freeze until ready to use.

    You can cook these keto almond flour fries from frozen. Just follow the instructions above to continue cooking.

    juicy keto burger on the table

    What to serve with French fries

    These keto French fries are going to change your dinner table! Everyone will love it when it’s burger night.

    Here are some low carb dinner recipes you might want to serve with these crispy fries.

    Keto French Fries: FAQS

    How many fries can I have on keto?

    If you are eating traditional fries made from potatoes (like Ore Ida french fires), there are 1.8 grams carbohydrates per fry and 1.6 grams net carbs.

    What else can I add to these fries to give them flavor?

    Don't want to get the potato extract? Try add a tablespoon of grated parmesan cheese or roll the fries in parmesan before you fry them.

    Can I use a different oil other than olive oil to fry these keto fries?

    For this recipe, the olive oil adds the best flavor to these fries. It gives them a flavor very similar to McDonald's french fries. I have tried lard and avocado oil but the fries fried in olive oil had a better standout flavor.

    Nutritional information & Macros

    Nutrition Information

    Keto French Fries

    Servings: 4

    Amount Per Serving
    Calories 135
    Fat 11.7g
    Protein 5.2g
    Total Carbs 6.7g
    Net Carbs 2.5g

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    1. Really good!!! Added chili flakes, dried rosemary and sesame seeds before adding water and stirring. I’m sure this can added to dough before rolling the dough. Cut into strips ahd cooked in airfryer for 8 mins, turn over if you want and cook for a further 5 minutes.

    2. Saturday night is wing night in our house but I always try to make something new and last night Keto Fries was our something new and I have to tell you they were pretty darn good. I do think I did cut them a little too thin but they were still really really good (reminded me of hickory sticks if you know what those are).

      This recipe has been voted in as a regular to our Saturday Chicken Wing night.

      Highly recommended


    3. I literally feel like I’m cheating when eating these! they are so similar to actual French fries it’s amazing!!! finally something to curb that craving for potato French fries that won’t jeopardize your diet!!

    4. How are you getting 2 1/2 net carbs per serving? The almond flour that you have linked is 4 carbs per 2 tablespoons. You have the recipe almost 14 tablespoons. Thats 28 carbs!! And you said it’s four servings..??

      1. I plugged all the exact measurement of ingredients into my CarbManager app and it came out to 8.4g Net Carbs for the entire recipe (so for four servings that is actually 2.1g net carbs per serving).

        Hope that helps. This recipe is AMAZING! (p.s. The mashed potato drops are a brilliant addition!)

        1. I plugged it in to carb manager – verified the counts on my ingredients – 8 total carbs, 2 net carbs, 135 calories per serving.

          About to make them now – will have to come back with my review..

    5. Has anyone tried the recipe with sweet potato extract? I bought the extract just not sure how much I should use.

        1. TRY THIS IDEA!!! You wont be dissapointed! I press my dough out on parchment paper on a cookie sheet, then roll thin with my roller in the fry type depth I want BEFORE I cut the fries, I freeze till almost frozen solid as they hold their shape better BEFORE I actually cut them into fry shapes! I cut the almost totally frozen dough on the cookie sheet longways in half horizontally in the pan (its hard so use a sharp knife and press down) and only take one horizontal long half out and cut crossways (its the perfect length. now for a fry!) so the other half doesn’t thaw out. I press my knife down and rock and cut each fry quickly and place apart on another parchment lined cookie sheet. I pop those already cut and separated back in the freezer and freeze solid before I bag them up. Then I repeat the process with the other horizontal half left in the freezer. Its fast, easy and they cut better, sharper and look more like professional fries. I found that rolling them out the right thickness and cutting the exact size of McD’s fries works the best as far as crunchy and taste. I make them loaded sometimes. I make a low carb knock off of Canes sauce with sugar free ketchup sometimes too or have just with sugar free ketchup! For hash browns you can fry the fries till golden, Let cool, then chop and warm in a skillet a bit for hash browns or to add to a skillet breakfast! I once even took some fried French fries, chopped them after frying whole and made sort of a cheesy hash brown creamy casserole. I love these fries!! I have lost 55 pounds and went from a size 16 to a 4 enjoying these at least once or twice a week portion controlling. Def order the mash potato flavor, it helps! I do a combo of coconut and almond flour. I like that taste the best. I have cooked these now for 2 years, lol! I have diabetic and adkins/keto friends who PAY me to make these! When you fry them up, its CRAZY…the whole house will smell like McD’s, lol!!! like any nut flour product, they come out soft from pan once browned but within a few minutes they crisp up beautifully so dont try one straight out of the oil. I say do like the professionals say. Paper towels make the frys less crispy. Try putting them on a metal rack with holes. I dont have one so I just throw them on my air fryer basket. I dont cook them at all using the air fryer, I just use that basket to drain them. I salt them in there and they sit and drain and crisp right up! Paper Free! The Xanthan gum gets to me a bit too so I really want too try a sub but if you dont over eat then its fine!

          1. Have you tried guar gum instead of xanthan gum? I can’t tolerate that amount of xanthan gum and was going to try guar gum

            1. I haven’t tried the other gums, but I think they would also work. If you try it, let me know how they worked

    6. I have made these twice now and both times, the xantham gum has torn up my stomach. Granted, I do eat the whole product throughout the day, typically half as snack and half with dinner. I am the only one in the house eating them so I find they are best same day and simply figure that in to my carbs for the day. Is there something you might recommend to replace the xantham gum? Do you think gelatin would work?

      1. I’ve heard psyllium husk powder can but used in place of xanthan gum. I think the ratio is 1 tablespoon finely ground psyllium husk to replace 1 teaspoon xanthan gum.

        Konjac powder, arrowroot powder and guar gum can also be used, though I’m not sure how they would work in this recipe. I prefer to use them to thicken sauces and gravy as xanthan gum seems to give liquids a slimy texture.

    7. I love your Youtube channel and all of your recipes. These French fries are the best keto alterative I have had!

    8. WOWWWW!!!! I’m actually pretty stunned at how yummy and potato like these were….and I didn’t even have the extract!!! EXCELLENT job, THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!! I miss fries terribly, and these are super close! I did have some technical difficulties however, my dough was really wet & sticky. I had to scoop the dough into the pan. That’s after adding another Tbs. of almond flour, whey & an 1/8 tsp. Baking powder. I triple checked my measurements and the conversion, to no avail. Any idea of what I could have happened? I’m super excited to make them again & have that fry shape with the potato extract!! Excellent work, I’m excited to try more of your recipes!! Thanks, Michelle ?

    9. Tried these tonight. Didn’t have the mash potato extract, but my reaction is the recipe is interesting. Dough was sticky even after adding additional almond flour (I used Red Bob’s), so next time I will add more. Also I rolled these a little too thin, so they were sticking to the paper. Your description about color, cripyness, texture and taste were pretty accurate. These will fit right in with hamburger meals. All in all, my family enjoyed these, as did I, so will make them again.

    10. Have you tried frying them in beef tallow? I will give it a try and report back to y’all.

      And thanks for the info about the mashed potato flavor drops. I will try them in my cauliflower mashed ‘taters.

    11. I’m giving 5 Stars even though the fries are not truly 5 star for me. They are ok to squelch that potato craving BUT they get cold – fast. 🙁 However, you introduced me to that mashed potato extract. GENIUS! What a great thing to add to this recipe. Helps out with the french fry taste. That’s the 5 star for me. And on that site I also found glazed donut extract which I will be adding to your donut recipe. Love your channel!

    12. I just made these keto fries, and they are really good! I ordered the potato extract, but don’t have it yet. Fries were still yummy and the texture is spot on! I can’t wait for my extract to get here! They are unbelievably easy to make!! If you are missing fries, make these! I’m SO glad that I did!

    13. I have the ingredients except for the potato flavor, but it’s on order. I won’t make it until it arrives. What I’m trying to write is that I have NOT made these yet. But potato is one of the things we crave and I look forward to making these.

      So here’s the question, have you tried to make these into chips?

      😀 I need to figure out how to make it into a baked potato awash in butter too. 😀

      Oh, how I miss potato! Fingers crossed on this recipe.

      I also discovered that OOOFlavors has wheat bread flavor. King Arthur Flour has a keto flour blend (1/4 cup for 4 net carbs) that yields the best keto bread with the right texture and flavor that I’ve made to date but it’s bland. I’m accustomed to taking the wheat berry from berry to loaf. I’m looking forward to their wheat bread flavor in the bread, and I think the potato flavor would also work. Yum, a slice of buttered toast with either flavor and 2 over easy eggs with runny yolks. I haven’t had that in 1 3/4 years ’cause the bread was the lacking component. But no more with the KAF flour blend.

      But back to my question… chips?

      BTW, I gave it 5 stars based on my hopes.

      1. There are some people that have taken a recipe like this and turned it into chips. Just roll them out super thin and fry. The Wheat bread flavor sounds awesome! I’ll have to get some of that one.

    14. Awesome! I actually put the rolled out dough into the freezer for 7 minutes before cutting and as the oil heated. Once cut I put the cuttings back in the freezer for 2 minutes then cooked, very light golden seemed to be the best texture. Thanks for the link to the potato flavor. It is not here yet but I am looking forward to the arrival. Next test will be to add chipotle and other spices to the dough.

    15. Made these last night for my husband and I, they were amazing!! just what we needed to go with our keto burgers, thanks for sharing!!!

    16. Question, has anyone deep fried these from
      frozen? I love the idea of healthy convenience!!! The original recipe cooks from fresh and they appear to be fairly delicate. I’m thinking the frozen ones might be ok to toss in the fry daddy.

      1. I toss them from frozen into a skillet of hot oil. They fry just like regular frozen french fries. I haven’t tried a fry daddy but I think it would be the same thing.

    17. These keto fries are the perfect French fry substitute! I have fried them in avocado oil, oven fried them (on parchment paper lined sheet with a light avocado oil spray on the tops) and even in the air fryer (again light avocado oil spray on the tops) and all three methods are great. Frying in oil is my favorite taste and texture wise but oven frying is my go to method for the simplicity. I use the potato flavoring and have sprinkled some Herbes de Provence on them before oven frying (use to do that with oven fried potatoes back in the day) and that was amazing! Thank you so much for this recipe! One thing I’ve missed since going Keto was fries with my burgers. It was so nice to have that combo again!

    18. I substituted the hot water with sparkling soda/mineral water and it made them extra light and fluffy inside ?

    19. OH MY ?!!! These are so good!! I cut mine thin as I like the extra crunch. I added my potato extract and goodness gracious I was in FF heaven. I let my dough ball rest for 15 min and it was super easy to roll out in between parchment, fried those lil darlings up and portioned them out (44÷4) I tested one after pulling my first batch out and added a lil more pink salt/garlic seasoning (will add a whole tsp next time as well as 5 additional drops) also will add my fav. Real potato seasonings (onion/garlic powder) This passed my picky teen approval ?

      Thank you so much for sharing! ?

    20. These are amazing, and I’m so grateful to you for figuring them out. I’m not keto, but my daughter is, and it was so much fun treating her to French fries!

    21. I just made a batch of these fries after watching Wes at Highfalutinlowcarbs’s video where he mentions your recipe where you added the potato extract to Heavenly Fans recipe. I just happen to have the extract on hand so wanted to give your recipe adaption a try. And just Wow!!! They were delicious. It reminded me of the fries at some fast food chain that are lightly battered and pillowy soft on the inside. These will definitely be a keeper. I also love that you gave Heavenlyfan the credit for the original recipe, but made your own adaptions. Thanks so much for sharing such great recipes.

    22. I haven’t watched Heavenly’s version, but I imagine that she may have let the dough sit if she used coconut flour, as it takes time for it to absorb the liquid completely.

      Just made these w/coconut flour and popped some in the freezer! Hubby will be excited as he’s always asking for fries! 🙂

    23. I wonder if anyone has tried swapping the flours for Pork Panko (ground pork rinds) in this recipe. It seems like it should work. May even add extra crispiness.
      I find that I feel much healthier limiting plant-based foods and sticking to animal-based foods as much as possible.

    24. Oh my gosh, just when I thought I couldn’t look at another spec of almond flour again. I almost didn’t make these because it seems like everything I make just tastes like almond in a different shape. The mashed potato flavouring makes all of the difference in the world. This isn’t just great, it’s my all-time favourite keto recipe. With a plate of french fries every now and then, I can stay keto. Thank you soooooo very much for this.

      1. That is only if you want to freeze them though. If you don’t want to freeze for later, you don’t have to freeze the fries before cooking

    25. Allergic to almonds so tried 1/2 cup Coconut flour and 1/3 cup Hazelnut flour because i thought all coconut flour might be too sweet. Did the extract and salt, xanthum gum… fried in olive oil. Made sugar free ketchup (delish!)
      Fries looked perfect but inedible.😔
      Flavor and inside texture (outside nice crunch) WAY off. Hope this helps someone.

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