The Best Keto Bread Rolls

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This recipe for fathead keto bread rolls is the best you will ever have. These keto rolls are fluffy and taste like the holiday rolls your grandma used to make! You will love these keto dinner rolls, however, if you are looking for a keto bread, similar to white bread check out this recipe.


butter spread on a sliced keto roll

The keto diet has replacements and substitutions for many our favorite foods – bread is included here. My favorite keto bread recipes are keto buns, keto bread and these keto rolls.

Everyone needs a good keto roll recipe in their arsenals of recipes. This one is easy to make, so you can whip a batch up to serve along with dinner. And it’s the closest thing to a traditional non-keto dinner roll that you can get, so it’s perfect for holiday meals or potlucks because you friends and family will love them.

The secret to scrumptious rolls is adding a little bit of buttermilk or yogurt. It helps with the flavor, and it helps to make the bread rise in the oven.

Spread some grass-fed butter over the top and you will no longer be missing bread on the keto diet. You can enjoy it everyday!

Keto Bread Rolls Recipe Video

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Keto Bread Rolls Ingredients

  • 3 cups shredded mozzarella cheese
  • 4 ounces cream cheese
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 1/4 cups almond flour
  • 1/4 cup coconut flour
  • 1/4 cup buttermilk or plain low carb yogurt
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt

The Best Keto Bread Rolls Directions

  • The Best Keto Bread Rolls
  • What is fathead dough?

    close up of bread crust

    If you have heard of fathead dough before, you are probably used to seeing it used as a keto pizza crust in low carb recipes. It can be used to make other breads and baked goods. In this recipe, we are taking the main components of fathead dough (mozzarella cheese, almond flour and egg) as a base for our keto bread roll recipe.

    We add other ingredients, like buttermilk or yogurt, to help decrease the cheese flavor that some fathead doughs can have.

    How to Get Keto Bread to Rise

    Since keto bread typically doesn’t use gluten based flours or yeast, it can be difficult to get the dough to rise in the oven. The ingredients in this recipe that help the dough rise are the use of baking powder and baking soda. Baking soda needs to react with an acid in order to produce carbon dioxide bubble to puff up the dough while baking. The acid in this recipe is the buttermilk or yogurt.

    ice cube in the oven

    Another trick you can use to help your keto bread rolls rise is to throw a handful of ice cubes in the oven while the rolls are baking. The ice cubes will rapidly melt creating steam. Steam in the oven will also help you keto dough rise. Of course, if you had a steam oven, this would work even better.


    Mixing the Keto Bread Dough

    The best way to mix up this keto bread dough is to use a food processor. Since this is a fathead dough, the best way to incorporate the cheese with the rest of the ingredients is with an electric tool – like a food processor or mixer. I prefer the food processor because just a few seconds on the pulse button and the ingredients are combined. You can use an electric mixer but it’s a little messy because the ingredients can fly out of the bowl sometimes.

    My favorite food processor is by Breville.

    mixing keto dough in a food processor

    Is Buttermilk Keto?

    Although it may seem like buttermilk has a lot of carbohydrates in it, it’s really not that much when you break it down per serving. In this recipe for keto rolls, we use 1/4 cup of buttermilk. That equates to 3 net carbs for the entire recipe; therefore, buttermilk is keto approved.

    I like to use buttermilk in recipes because it adds a tangy flavor and serves as an acid to interact with baking soda, which will help leven baked goods. In other words, it helps the bread to rise. The tanginess covers up the cheese and egg flavor in keto breads.

    Keto Approved Yogurt

    If you don’t want to use buttermilk, a low carb yogurt works well in this recipe too. It is tangy and acidic to give the bread flavor and help it rise while baking.

    container of keto yogurt

    My favorite brand of keto approved yogurt is by Peak Yogurt. Their yogurt is triple creamed and only has 4 g net carbs per serving and it is made from Grass-fed cows. If you can’t get a hold of their yogurt, another brand to try is Two Good Yogurt. This yogurt has 3 g net carbs.

    If you can’t get ahold of either of those, when all else fails, just look for a Greek yogurt with the lowest carb count. You are only using 1/4 cup of yogurt for the entire roll recipe, so it won’t push your carb limit too much.

    Keto Recipes to Serve with Low Carb Bread Rolls

    bowl of beef and peppers soup

    These keto rolls are so yummy on by themselves, but you can serve them as a side dish during dinner or a holiday meal. Try these recipes:

    The Best Keto Bread Rolls: FAQS

    How many carbs are in bread rolls?

    Traditional bread rolls with wheat flour have a significant amount of carbohydrate ranging from as low as 15 Net Carbs to well over 30 carbs per roll! This keto bread recipe has only 7 Total Carbs and just over 4 Net Carbs!

    Can I add seeds such as sesame seed?

    Sure. Experiment with the 'kitchen sink' of seeds! Other than sesame seeds you could use poppy seeds, minced dried garlic or onion, flaked sea salt and garlic powder. I would either add melted butter and then top with seeds, or I would apply an egg wash, then top with seeds and do another couple of minutes in the oven. I could see this turning into a nice sandwich roll or burger bun!

    Does this recipe contain psyllium husk powder?

    No. While psyllium powder is in many keto recipes, this bread roll recipe does not call for it.

    Nutritional information & Macros

    Nutrition Information

    The Best Keto Bread Rolls

    Servings: 12

    Amount Per Serving
    Calories 261
    Fat 20.5g
    Protein 14.4g
    Total Carbs 7.3g
    Net Carbs 4.2g

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    1. Could you list the mozzarella by weight? The weight of three cups of shredded mozzarella could vary quite a bit depending on how it is shredded and packed. As well, since it is being melted, it is a drag to have to go to the bother of shredding it. Thank you. It looks great.

      1. From the package, 1/4 cup os 28 grams.

        12 /4 = 3 cups. 12X28 = 336 grams.

        Just made some and they look beautiful. Waiting for them to cool to try them.

        1. Thank you, Keith! I made these before and they were fabulous. Now, I’m going to make them larger for burger buns!

    2. This is the REAL DEAL! I followed directions exactly using plain Fave yogurt. Dough is a little sticky so I oiled my hands to weight out exactly 12 rolls (62 grams each). I added a teaspoon of yeast to give the dough a “yeasty” smell/flavor. This is a great trick for keto breads. I made 6 “balls” that did flatten; I also made 6 “flatter” ones to use as sandwiches; they got really flat. Thanks for this recipe.

    3. Halved recipe. Made 8. Mixed all dry ingredients in processor first then added egg and sour cream. Put melted cheese in last so it was still very hot and it processed easily. Used only one egg. The dough was actually fluffy, full of air and not too sticky. Didn’t even need to wet fingers. Baked 14 and a half min. Best keto roll I’ve ever tried. All the other roll recipes in my keto recipe box were thrown out. Only need this one now. These make great slider rolls! Thanks for the recipe!

    4. These rolls where delicious! I am diabetic and have been eating strict clean keto for 3 years to control my blood sugar in non diabetic range without medication and in that time I’ve made every roll recipe out there. These are by far the best! I served them with a keto beef stew and it was wonderful to have a “bread” to soak up the gravy from the stew. I’m going to try making them larger split in half and see how they are as a bun for a hamburger.

    5. Why twice the baking soda vs powder in this recipe and there is twice the baking powder vs soda in the bread recipe? Basically the same dough, no? same amount of outside acid in both recipes, (buttermilk and sour cream). BTW I sub kefir for both. Thanks, keep up the good work.

    6. i’ve been making these once a week since last Thanksgiving. They are now a staple in our keto house. My husband and i LOVE them!!!

    7. Hi Annie,
      I’ve been on the Keto diet for about 9 months. I made pancakes and a couple of breads which were barely edible. I made your rolls but I flattened them so I could use them for hamburgers or for bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches. The taste and consistency are like “normal” rolls!!! Not heavy, spongy or greasy! They are easy to make even though I don’t have a food processor.

    8. I baked these for 15 minutes, they looked done and nice and brown, but after waiting 5 minutes & trying one it was a bit undone inside. Should have baked them for 18 minutes?
      These are the best tasting rolls I have tried on GF/Keto & easy to make and when rolling the balls of dough it felt just like I was using a yeast-whole wheat flour recipe.

    9. Hi, I have tried many bread recipes and like the other folks found these to be the best! I did add yeast like someone else mentioned and it worked great. One question I have for you is how is the best way to store these?

      1. I’m so glad you liked the recipe. I store leftovers in the fridge or you can freeze them! To unthaw, just wrap in a paper towel and microwave for about 45 seconds or more

    10. I just made some. They were very dark on the bottom practically burnt. I only baked them for 13 min @400. Any recommendations? They taste great other than that!

    11. Hi Annie. Do you think these will make a good crust for a souffle? I’m trying to create a low carb version of Panera’s famous menu item. 🙂

    12. We love this recipe!! The big problem is that we cannot stop eating them… 🙂
      I use whole mozzarella (not shredded) from Costco, which is sold at a great price!
      Do you know what the weight would be, equivilant to the 3 cups?
      Many thanks!

    13. Wow these are good like really good its the first one to this date that i can say we love its soooo hard to find good beads on keto my husband aprouved it and that says alot lol thank you thank you

    14. Hello Annie,
      I made this recipe this weekend and the rolls tasted wonderful, but they were really dense. I add all the ingredients that you stated and used buttermilk (not yogurt). Any tips? Thank you for all of you videos. You have wonderful ideas!

    15. Can you taste or smell the coconut at all? I have a real aversion if I can taste or smell the coconut. Thanks!

    16. I LOVE these rolls! Can’t stop making them. Thanks for the recipe!! Anyone know if these need to be refrigerated? Wondering if I can take them camping.

    17. So I’m not on Keto but I do follow a lot of recipes due to health reasons .. and I made these today! This was the. Closest I’ve had to bread in a long time !! They don’t taste like almond or coconut flour ! It basically taste like one good darn biscuit!!! I saved some dough for pizza tomorrow!!! Thank u for the recipe!!

    18. I just made it!
      It is amazing and so delicious! My husband and my son couldn’t wait for dinner and just ate them right away.
      I halved the amount and made 6 of them

    19. Tried these tonight and they came out amazing. I used about 320 grams of Costco brand mozzarella with Liberté Mediterranean plain yogurt. I liked them plain but I could easy see turning these into Cheddar Bay biscuits.

      Thanks Annie!

    20. Hi, I would like to try the Leto dinner rolls recipe. I have a question. If a person is allergic to almond, can I substitute the almond flour for sunflower seeds flower? Any advise for substitutions. Thank you.

      1. I haven’t tried it but sunflower seed flower is supposed to substitute 1:1 with almond flour. So you would add the same amount.

    21. I have made almost every low carb bread under the sun but almost all of them have either a strong egg or almond flour taste. I just found this recipe and almost didn’t make it. I’m glad I did, these were perfect!!!! Gave one to my pickiest child, she had no idea that I made it and said it was delicious. Thank you for the recipe!

    22. Made these tonight to replace the English muffin used in Eggs Benedict. They were awesome! It made 18 small rolls for 2 people. Can these rolls be frozen?

      1. That sounds delicious! Glad you like the keto roll recipe. Yes, you can freeze the baked rolls! That’s what I do. Just store in a ziplock freezer bag. Then thaw at room temperature or in the microwave under the defrost setting.

    23. I just took these out of the oven, let them cool for five minutes and then slathered it with butter. Delicious~
      Funny, the mozzarella climbed up the food processor stem like a pole dancer. I had to keep peeling it off.
      I did goof though. I did not see both baking powder and baking soda. I left out the latter. They still look good, but spread out a bit. Also, I am at 2 mile high elevation in Ecuador, so that always creates problems.
      I heard in your Thanksgiving video you were going to freeze the batch you made. I am trying that too.

    24. OH MY GOSH!!! WINNER!! I made a big pot of chicken and mushroom soup and really wished I could have some rolls with it. I found this and set myself to making a batch since I always keep these ingredients on hand. The only thing missing was plain yogurt, so I substituted our keto friendly cottage cheese. Absolutely AMAZING!! Soup with hot buttered rolls on a winter evening…. absolute perfection

    25. These were quite good!

      My 21yo son is Type 1 Diabetic, so I’m always looking for low carb options. Often bread type recipes are ok, but kind of disappointing. He’s home from college and wanted a good homemade meal. I wanted to have rolls with dinner last night, so I gave these a try. Half of the recipe, since all measurements split easily, just in case I wasn’t pleased. I took to heart the numerous comments about how flat they can end up. I made them rather tall and skinny to start, and they ended up about 1/2-3/4” tall. But they were not little hockey pucks, they cut nicely and the flavor was good. I also made garlic butter for them, but they were good without it. Both kids liked them, even the picky non-T1D teenager. I’d definitely make these again!

    26. I made these last night and I goofed on the amount of buttermilk. I halved all the ingreds (to make just 6 rolls) but forgot when it came to the buttermilk and I accidentally put in 4x the amount! So the rolls were flat-ish, but they still tasted good and cooked fine. For me, they have too much of a coconut taste, but my husband liked them. They looked more like hamburger buns (due to my mistake) so I used one today for my lunch sandwich of pastrami, cheese & tomato and they were perfect! I’m going to make the mistake of too much buttermilk on purpose the next time I want hamburger buns! 🙂 Round 2 will be with the right ingredient portions for dinner rolls and I’m sure they will come out round and perfect. Thanks for a great recipe! I wish I could post a picture of my pastrami sandwich. The “bun” was perfect!

      TIP#1: Make your own buttermilk. To each 1/2 cup of whole milk, or full fat cream, add 1/2T (tablespoon) of fresh lemon juice or white vinegar. Let it sit for 15mins to curdle, then stir and use.
      TIP#2: I buy mozzarella in a jumbo package of individually wrapped strips. I unwrap the amount I need and use a knife to cut in small wedges, instead of shredding. Just a knife to clean instead of a grater! 🙂 The rest stays fresh and doesn’t spoil.
      TIP#3: I buy cream cheese in a jumbo package of individually wrapped servings of 1oz each, so again, I just unwrap what I need. The rest stays fresh and doesn’t spoil.

    27. These turned out great even when I had to do a half recipe and forgot and put in 4 oz cream cheese. Best ever keto rolls!

      1. Yes, just wrap it tightly in plastic wrap so it doesn’t dry out. You can also freeze the baked rolls.

    28. Hi 👋
      Would this work at all putting in a loaf tin and making as a loaf of bread?
      I seen your bread recipe which looks good! But I’m not too keen on the protein powder.
      Thank you 🙂

      1. I think it would do okay is smaller loaf pans. I did try a larger one and the center was still soggy..although that could mean I just needed to decrease the baking temp and bake for longer.

    29. I tried these just now and they taste very good. Mine did, however, spread out and flatten up and didn’t brown like the pictures. Not sure what I did except make them larger as I was hoping for hamburger buns. I will try again for a basic dinner roll to have with my meatloaf. again, the taste was very good and I will definitely do this recipe again!

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