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Keto Pizza Chicken

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This is a one pot delicious keto dinner where you roast all your favorite pizza toppings on pan fried chicken thighs. Even better, the whole dish comes together in less than an hour!

Keto Pizza Chicken Ingredients

Keto Pizza Chicken Directions

  • 1
    Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
    preheated 400 degree oven
  • 2
    Pat chicken dry and season with salt and pepper.
    seasoned chicken
  • 3
    Heat a large oven-proof skillet to medium high heat. Add bacon and cook until desired level of crispiness. Transfer bacon to a paper towel and set aside.
    cooking bacon in cast iron skillet
  • 4
    Keeping bacon grease in the skillet, add chicken thighs to the skillet and cook at medium-high heat on both sides until browned (about 7 minutes the first side and 3 minutes the second). Transfer chicken to a plate and set aside.
    cook chicken thighs in a skillet
  • 5
    Add garlic, anchovy, red pepper flakes and italian seasoning to the skillet. Saute for about 1 minute.
    sauting garlic and anchovy in a cast iron skillet
  • 6
    Add can canned tomatoes, chicken broth, and basil. Break up whole tomatoes with a spatuala. Cook over medium heat for 10 minutes or until sauce has thickened.
    simmering tomatoes with broth and basil
  • 7
    Transfer chicken back into the skillet and cook uncovered until chicken is no longer pink inside, about 30 minutes.
    braise chicken in the oven
  • 8
    Adjust oven temperature to broil. Sprinkle mozzarella cheese all over chicken thighs. Return skillet to the top rack in the oven and broil until cheese is bubbled and melted, about 2 minutes. Top with more basil and bacon before serving.
    sprinkle mozzarella cheese

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Low Carb Pizza Chicken Recipe

keto pizza chicken for dinner All of your favorite pizza toppings can go on pan seared chicken thighs to make an easy one pot keto dinner the whole family will love. Keto pizza chicken is delicious dinner that you can make on busy weeknights since it can be made in under an hour. Plus, you don’t have to dirty tons of dishes since everything is made in one skillet.

This recipe for low carb pizza chicken is topped with tomato, bacon, mozzarella cheese. The sauce is tomato based and uses canned tomatoes for ease of preparation. To help form a tasty and complex pizza sauce, we use garlic, anchovy, italian seasonings and red pepper flakes. Don’t be afraid of use anchovy. They are keto approved! Anchovy is used in many italian recipes as it provided a umami flavor. Umami is a taste that will enhance the flavor of your dish. It will not taste fishy at all and will only make your keto pizza chicken taste better.

Best Cuts of Chicken for the Keto Diet

cooked chicken thights on plate

The best cuts of chicken to use on the keto diet are chicken thighs and drumsticks. These are considered dark meats and have a higher fat content compared to white cuts of chicken meat, like the breast. You can substitute the chicken thighs for any cut of chicken - drumbsticks, wings, breast.

In this recipe, we use bone in and skin on chicken thighs. If you prefer to use skinless, boneless thighs or breast, you can do so. Keep in mind that the bones and skin of the chicken thigh provides loads of flavor, fat and nutrition, specifically in the form of collagen. Plus bone in thighs are less expensive than the skinless, boneless variety.

Oven Proof Skillet for One Pot Dinners

pizza chicken in a skillet Since this keto dinner is finished in the oven, you will need an oven safe skillet to make this recipe. I find a cast iron skillet works the best but smost tainless steel skillets are oven proof as well. My favorite cast iron skillet is by Finex. The cast iron provides even heat distribution and the handles are made of stainless steel and cool off faster than a cast iron handle.

If you are looking for a good set of stainless steel skillets that provide the best heat distribution and are easy to clean, I recommend these skillets by All-Clad. They are my favorite!

Variations to Keto Pizza Chicken Recipe

The pizza toppings used in this recipe are basil, mozzarella cheese and bacon. You can add your favorite pizza toppings. Here are some to consider:

  • pepperoni
  • salami
  • blue cheese
  • pancetta
  • olives
  • mushroom
  • bell pepper
  • red onion
  • sausage

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