Keto Yogurt


Create any flavor with this basic yogurt recipe

Making your own keto yogurt at home is not only more budget friendly than buying store bought yogurt, but this low carb yogurt tastes better too!

This keto yogurt recipe is not just for the DIYer or homesteader. Anyone can make up a big batch of creamy yogurt that can be used as a base to create any flavor of yogurt you can imagine. Not only will you be able to enjoy keto yogurt for breakfast or as a treat but you can use this plain yogurt when you make my recipe for keto rolls or carrot cake.


A small jar of homemade yogurt topped with berries and a bowl of blueberries to the rear.

From strawberry yogurt to lemon meringue pie or peach yogurt, it’s easy to make varieties of yogurt flavors from plain keto yogurt.

What makes this yogurt keto?

Three ingredients and an Instant Pot is all you need to create a silky plain yogurt that is only 3.5 g carbs per 5 oz serving. You don’t even need the Instant Pot with the yogurt button. In this recipe, I give instructions for making homemade yogurt in the Instant Pot without the Yogurt button.

  • To make a high-fat keto yogurt, use all or half heavy whipping cream to the recipe. Each 5 oz serving will be 346 calories and 32 grams fat. This is a great option for those looking to increase their fat macro to help keep you full.
  • To make a lower calorie keto yogurt, use all ultra-filtered milk. Each 5 oz serving will be 96 calories and 5.1 grams of fat. 

KetoFocus fans have the best tips!!

” Homemade yogurt is the best. In my pre-keto days I made a French yogurt in my pressure cooker that was drop dead delicious. If you have one with the Yogurt button there’s no need to wait to add the cultures. Whisk the milk, cream & starter together & set the timer for 8 hours & walk away. If you want to, you can make it using the “pot-in-pot” method by pouring it into individual mini Mason jars, popping the lids on & stacking them inside the liner. After the 8 hours, let them cool down then pop them into the fridge. Great for grab & go.

➥ from YouTube subscriber @jerritanner275


How to make keto yogurt

  1. Gently warm the milk to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Gently heating the milk to this temperature will help to kill off any bad bacteria that could be lingering around. After adding ultra-filtered milk and heavy whipping cream to the liner of the instant pot, gently heat by pressing the “yogurt” button. Or if your instant pot doesn’t have a yogurt button, press the “keep warm” button and let sit for 40-45 minutes. Then press “sauté” and let heat until a thermometer reads 180 degrees.
    • Some yogurt makers, will say you can do cold start yogurt making if you are using ultra-pasteurized milk. Cold start yogurt is where you don’t heat the milk to 180 degrees to kill off bacteria. Using the pasteurized milk, it is assumed that all of the bad bacteria is gone, but you be the judge.
  2. Let cool to proper incubation temperature. Remove the liner from the Instant Pot and let the mixture cool until it reaches 110-112 degrees. This is the ideal temperature for good bacteria cultures in the yogurt starter to propagate growth.
  3. Add yogurt starter culture and let incubate. Add about 1/4 cup of plain yogurt with live cultures, whisk and place lid on the instant pot. Press the “yogurt” button again and the instant pot will maintain the ideal temperature for culture growth. If you don’t have a yogurt button, then wrap your instant pot with a towel or sleeping bag to help insulate it. Let incubate 8 hours.
  4. Store in the refrigerator. 

A hand holding a spoonful of white yogurt in front of the jar of yogurt. Some of the yogurt is spilling down the edge of the glass.

Key ingredients

  • Whole milk – Although you could just use regular ultra-pasteurized milk, I recommend using ultra-filtered, ultra-pasteurized milk. Milk that has been passed under pressure through a thin, porous membrane to separate out the majority of the sugars and lactose in the milk. The milk I recommend is by Fairlife. It’s best to use ultra-pasteurized milk to ensure the milk is clean and doesn’t contain bad bacteria that could incubate in the culture.
  • Heavy whipping cream – Another way to lower the carbohydrate and sugar amounts in homemade yogurt is to use heavy whipping cream. Heavy cream is very low in carbs. Generally, there are 0.3 grams of carbohydrate per tablespoon of heavy whipping cream. Again, use ultra-pasteurized cream.
  • Yogurt – The easiest way to make yogurt is from yogurt. Make sure the yogurt you are using is plain and contains live active cultures. Some yogurts don’t contain live cultures, so read the label!


Equipment needed

  • Instant Pot (try to find the one with the yogurt button, but you can still make yogurt in the Instant Pot without the Yogurt button. See instructions below)
  • Thermometer
  • Little jars

Keto Yogurt Recipe Video

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Keto Yogurt Ingredients

Flavored Yogurt (5-6 Oz Serving) Ingredients

Keto Yogurt Directions

  • Keto Yogurt
  • Creamy keto yogurt in a jar topped with berries and berries scattered around.

    Best keto yogurts you can buy at the store

    Many yogurt brands at the store have crazy amounts of sugar in them (either from added sugar or sugar in the milk since skim or non-fat milk was used).

    There are some brands starting to market low sugar or keto yogurts that you can buy at the store. The downside is that many of these are expensive and a few taste a little chalky.

    Here are some low carb yogurt brands to consider:

    • Ratio Keto Friendly Yogurt – Only 2 g carbs per 5 oz container. Also has 15 g protein and 15 g of fat per serving. Comes in Strawberry, Mango, Black Cherry, Vanilla and Coconut flavor. Very creamy but most flavors taste a little off except for the coconut flavor, which is my favorite flavor.
    • Two Good – My favorite brand of store bought yogurt. It has 3 g carbs per container and comes in a variety of flavors (Strawberry, Strawberry Banana, Mixed Berry, Lemon, Pumpkin, Black Cherry, Peach, Blueberry, Vanilla, Raspberry, Mango Hibiscus and plain). I use the plain in many keto recipes if I don’t have a batch of homemade yogurt made up.
    • CarbMaster – A Kroger brand low carb yogurt that contains around 5 g carbs per serving; however, it does contain sweeteners that some in the keto community do not approve of – sucralose, acesulfame potassium.
    • Chobani Zero Sugar – Each container is 5 g carbs per serving and comes in flavors like blueberry, vanilla, mixed berry, strawberry and toasted coconut vanilla.
    • Oikos Triple Zero – A great option if you need extra protein, this yogurt is available at most grocery stores and has around 7 g carbs per serving with 15 g protein.
    • Kite Hill – Vegan and keto friendly yogurt, this almond milk yogurt is dairy-free as it’s made from almonds instead of cow’s milk. It has 6 g carbs per serving.
    • Plain Greek Yogurt – In a pinch, just grab the lowest carb brand of Greek yogurt that you can find. They can range between 5-10 g carbs per serving.
    Two yogurt brands are side by side. One is a container of Two Good yogurt. The other is Ratio Keto Friendly Yogurt.

    Flavor variations

    The benefit of making your own yogurt from home is that you can portion it out and flavor it however you want. Whether you feel like peach or cotton candy, it’s easy to fix those flavor cravings with keto yogurt.

    Just add powdered sugar-free sweetener (like erythritol or monkfruit blends). Make sure they measure cup for cup with powdered sugar. Then add a flavoring extract and food coloring!

    You could even add in your own sugar-free fruit syrups, like strawberry syrup!!

    Follow these simple recipes for some more popular yogurt flavors:

    • Peach – To 5 oz of yogurt, add 1/2 teaspoon powdered sugar-free sweetener, 1/4 teaspoon peach flavoring, 2 drops orange food coloring.
    • Vanilla – To 5 oz of yogurt, add 1/2 teaspoon powdered sugar-free sweetener and 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract flavoring
    • Strawberry – To 5 oz of yogurt, add 1/2 teaspoon powdered sugar-free sweetener, 1/4 teaspoon strawberry flavoring, 2 drops orange food coloring.
    • Lemon – To 5 oz of yogurt, add 1/2 teaspoon powdered sugar-free sweetener, 1/4 teaspoon lemon flavoring, 2 drops orange food coloring.

    Yogurt starter options

    To make yogurt at home, you need a yogurt starter, which is just a culture of live bacteria (probiotics) that are able to turn milk into yogurt.

    There are a couple of options for seeding your yogurt:

    • Plain yogurt with active cultures – The easiest way to make yogurt in the Instant Pot is to use 1/4 cup of plain yogurt. Make sure the label says active cultures or live probiotics. That means it has the good bacteria for propagating yogurt.
    • Heirloom starts – These can be purchased from specialty retailers and come in an envelop of freeze-dried powder. The benefit is that you can keep the heirloom starters in the freezer forever. Some starters require incubation at a lower temperature than 110 degrees F, so they wouldn’t work in the Instant Pot and will require a different method to making yogurt. You can even use fresh yogurt gifted to you by someone who has made their yogurt from an heirloom starter.
    Three jars of yogurt. One is pink and the two in the back are white and orange.

    Make yogurt without an Instant Pot

    Not everyone owns a pressure cooker or Instant Pot. So… how do you make yogurt without a yogurt maker?

    A YouTube subscriber, Cynthia, used to make it in here food dehydrator. Here is her tip.

    “I take a new quart of ultra pasteurized half-and-half. I add a dollop of yogurt (it has to have fresh live cultures) to it and stir. You don’t have to have a yogurt maker – I have put it in a bowl and covered it with plastic and put it in my dehydrator at 104°F.”

    Another YouTube subscriber, Jenny, gave this helpful tip when making keto yogurt without an Instant Pot.

    “One can just heat up milk in a stainless steel pot on the stove, to around 180°F. (to get rid of unwanted bacteria…) Then pour it into a CLEAN ceramic crock and let the milk cool to 110°F and then add your glob of starter yogurt. (This of course can be saved from your previous batch) I put on the ceramic lid, wrap the container in towels, and put it in a cabinet overnight. This is how my grandparents did it, I almost never purchase yogurt… Only if my starter has died.”

    Jenny uses this method to make homemade keto kefir as well.

    “Homemade kefir is even easier, it’s basically the same method but you don’t have to heat up the milk. And you have to use kefir grains instead of yogurt. It’s a highly stinky food though, so I think that most people will pass on it lol but once you get used to the flavor …. Your gut will thank you.”

    How to make dairy free keto yogurt

    To make vegan or dairy-free yogurt, simply use 1 quart of full-fat coconut milk or coconut cream and the yogurt starter. Continue with the instructions to make yogurt in the Instant Pot as shown in the recipe card.

    This makes a creamy, low carb coconut yogurt to enjoy while sticking to your food parameters.

    Recipes that use keto yogurt

    Besides enjoying your yogurt by itself or as a parfait, there are many uses for homemade yogurt. Here are some keto recipes that call for yogurt:

    Storage information

    Yogurt should be stored in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks. As it sits, it can start to develop a tangier flavor as some of the cultures can continue to grow.

    Homemade yogurt can also be frozen. Freeze in an air tight container for up to 1 month. 

    Keto Yogurt: FAQS

    Does homemade yogurt have more probiotics than store bought?

    Yes, one of the benefits of making your own yogurt is that it has higher amounts of good bacteria, or probiotics. Many store bought yogurts are heavily processed or use additives that destroy the good cultures in yogurt.

    Can I have yogurt on keto?

    Yes, you can have some types of yogurt on the keto diet. Read the labels, many yogurt brands at the store contain added sugars or are made using skim milk. Look for keto yogurt brands like Ratio or Two Good. In a pinch, plain Greek yogurt can be used. Or just make your own homemade keto yogurt.

    Can I make keto yogurt using heavy whipping cream?

    Yes! You can make a low carb yogurt using all heavy whipping cream. It will be a thicker and more custard like. The fat content and calories will be higher as well.

    How do I lower the calories of keto yogurt?

    To lower the calories of this recipe, just use all whole milk.

    Can you make yogurt in a stovetop pressure cooker?

    No, a stovetop pressure cooker won't be able to keep a constant 110-112 degree temperature ideal for incubating the yogurt for a long period of time like an Instant Pot does.

    Nutritional information & Macros

    Nutrition Information

    Keto Yogurt

    Servings: 13

    Amount Per Serving
    Calories 346
    Fat 32.2g
    Protein 5.7g
    Total Carbs 3.5g
    Net Carbs 3.5g

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