Frozen Yogurt Bark

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Frozen yogurt bark makes a delicious keto snack to beat the heat in the hot weather. You can customize your bark by adding berries and coconut to low sugar or greek yogurt, it makes a refreshing make ahead treat or healthy snack to keep a batch always ready in the freezer.

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Low Carb Yogurt Bark Recipe - Cold, Creamy Summer Snack

a pan with frozen yogurt in it

Not only tasty and healthy, but the frozen yogurt bark recipe is also quick to prepare. The creative snack lets you use a range of ingredients to create exotic flavors. While most make this yogurt bark using Greek yogurt, berries, and coconut, you can use any berries you would like. You can even add coconut flakes, chocolate, nut and even sugar-free syrup. After all, what is this homemade summer dessert if not a cool fruity treat!

To make this a keto yogurt bark recipe, use low carb yogurt or plain greek yogurt as your base. Frozen yogurt bark is the perfect substitute to ice cream when you are craving something frozen and sweet.

chunks of yogurt bark on the counter with scattered berries

What is Yogurt Bark?

It is a summer treat typically made by freezing Greek or plain yogurt, fruits, and coconut flakes. It can be left unsweetened or you can add a sugar-free maple syrup or honey to the yogurt bark recipe to add a little extra sweetness. This is ideal if you are using plain yogurt or plain greek yogurt.

a baking tray with yogurt and assorted berries on top

How to Make Keto Yogurt Bark?

Start by using a rimmed baking sheet and lining it with parchment paper. You can add aluminum foil down first for easy clean up if so your yogurt doesn’t touch your baking pan. A rimmed sheet will prevent the yogurt bark from making a mess in the freezer.

Next, take a medium bowl and mix all ingredients if you want them mixed up in the yogurt. Or you can spread a layer of your favorite keto yogurt or greek yogurt down first, then top with your toppings.

Stir the yogurt and spread the mixture on the prepared baking sheet. Sprinkle on it fruits or/and coconut flakes for flavor. Now, wait for the yogurt bark to freeze, cut it in bars, and enjoy your refreshing summer snack of frozen yogurt bark.


Can This Snack Be Eaten at Room Temperature?

No, and there are two reasons why you cannot eat the frozen yogurt bark at room temperature. The first is that the dessert will start melting, and the second is it will not taste as refreshing and delicious as when eaten frozen. The keto recipe is best served cold so make sure you eat it right away.

lots of yogurt bars on the surface

What Other Ingredients Can You Put in the Bark?

You can create different versions of yogurt bark by topping it with a variety of berries, nuts, seeds or chocolate. You can give it flavor with sugar-free dark chocolate chips or chunks, unsweetened coconut flakes, keto granola, sugar-free maple syrup, or/and nuts or nut butter like a peanut butter. The options are endless. I’ve even made a Fall inspired yogurt bark with pumpkin pie spice and pumpkin seeds!

The fruit that I like to add to my frozen yogurt bark recipe are strawberry, raspberry, blueberries and blackberries. Another option is to add freeze dried fruit, like freeze dried strawberries. These will have more carbs in them since the water is gone from the fruit, but still a tasty option!

Low Carb Yogurt Options

If you are on a low sugar or low carb diet, luckily there are a couple of different keto yogurts on the market that you might be able to find at your grocery store.

The first is Two Good Sugar. Most of their yogurt is about 2 grams net carbs per serving. Besides being low in carbs, Two Good has flavored yogurt options. Another option is Peak Yogurt. Their plain yogurt is triple creamed, so it’s higher in fat and low in carbs.

If you can’t find any low carb yogurts at your store, look for a plain greek yogurt. These will have the lowest amount of carbohydrates and sugars. You can sweeten them with sugar-free sweetener, a little bit of vanilla extract or some keto maple syrup if you are wanting to make a greek yogurt bark.

white yogurt bark topped with frozen blackberries and raspberries


Store your bark in an airtight container and keep in the freezer for up to 3 months. Take it out of the freezer just a few minutes before serving to soften up a bit, so it’s not rock hard when you sink your teeth in.

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