Carnivore Smoked Beef Ribs

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Delectable beef ribs are smoked in a Traeger pellet grill all day long to produce the juiciest, fall-off-the-bone smoked beef ribs fit for a carnivore.

Carnivore Smoked Beef Ribs Ingredients

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Keto Smoked Beef Ribs Recipe

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The Traeger grill was made for beef ribs. It creates a smoky flavor that is unbeatable when it comes to grilled ribs. This recipe for carnivore smoked beef ribs starts with a simple dry rub of salt, garlic salt and pepper. The beef ribs are smoked on the pellet grill for thirty minutes before slow cooked over several hours. After which the collagen has broken down and the meat is falling off the bone. These ribs will disappear fast so make sure you snag a couple before the recipe of your family gets them!

What’s the Difference Between Beef Ribs and Short Ribs?

Also called beef spare ribs and beef back ribs, beef ribs are cut from the rib section of a cow. They are the long ribs most often connected with BBQ beef ribs. They are cut from the upper section of the ribs. There are 13 ribs to each side of a steer. They are different from the short ribs which are cut from the plate of the cow. The two require different ways of cooking.

Short ribs cook faster than beef back ribs, which require a low temperature and slow cooking time. I recommend braising short ribs to maximize their flavor and produce the most tender meat.

Ribs cut from the loin are meatier.

a rack of beef spare ribs on a cutting board

How To Buy Beef Back Ribs?

Unless you live in the midwest or Texas, you may not be able to readily find beef spare ribs at your grocery store. I live in the Pacific Northwest and we only have them in at our local market around Summer time when everyone is grilling their meats. If you can’t find them pre-packaged, you will have to talk to your butcher about cutting you some special.

Beef ribs can be trimmed to any size. Dino cut ribs are about 18 inchs long or you can opt for the typical size of beef ribs which are 6 to 8 inches long.

check rib temperature with a meat thermometer on a traeger grill

Beef Ribs on the Traeger

The best way to cook beef spare ribs is to cook them on a pellet grill. We have a Traegar Grill. It uses flavored wood pellets to create smoke which provides flavor to the meat while it cooks. It’s be best way to slow cook these ribs.

Importance of Keeping Ribs Moisture While Cooking

Since the ribs will be slow roasting for a long period of time, it’s important to keep them moisture in order to prevent them from drying out. Every hour you will want to spray or baste your beef back ribs with a mixture of beef broth and apple cider vinegar. This will also contribute to a delicious flavor.

basting beef back ribs with a beef broth and vinegar mixture using a red rubber brush

Keto BBQ Sauce

While the keto beef back ribs recipe just uses a dry rub to season the meat, you can smoother the ribs with a tangy sugar-free BBQ sauce after the ribs are done cooking. Dipping your ribs in sauce works just as good.

If you don’t want to make your own BBQ sauce, there are some keto approved BBQ sauces commerically available. Primal Kitchens and Lillie’s Q both make sugar free BBQ sauces.

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