Keto Roasted “Potatoes”

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The perfect side dish to any low carb meal are keto roasted potatoes! We baked purple radishes in the oven because look like red potatoes and taste similar to potatoes when baked. Hence, why they are often called the keto “potato!”

Keto Roasted “Potatoes” Recipe Video

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Roasted Radishes Ingredients

  • 2 bundles of purple radishes, stems removed and diced
  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • 2 teaspoons salt
  • 1 teaspoon pepper
  • Optional: add rosemary, thyme, parsley for flavor

Keto Roasted “Potatoes” Directions

  • Keto Roasted “Potatoes”
  • Low Carb Potatoes Recipe

    a plate of red radishes that look like potatoes on a plate with a tray behind it

    Who would’ve thought that radishes make for the perfect potato alternative on a keto diet? Besides turnips, radishes make the perfect keto potato! Radishes look nothing like potatoes when raw. Even the taste, it’s typically bitter. However, when you roast radishes, they completely change in flavor as well as texture. So if you’re currently following a low carb diet and are really craving potatoes, this is the keto potato recipe for you!

    These baked radishes make for a warm, crispy, savory dish which is exactly what you would look forward to on a cold Winter night. Or serve them for breakfast along side some bacon and eggs as a homestyle keto potatoes.

    If you are of the idea that you don’t like radishes because of their sharp taste, you need to try these roasted radishes! In this recipe, the radishes are tossed in olive oil and salt and pepper and roasted on a sheet pan, so they are easy to make and easy to clean up. These low carb potatoes make for an easy keto side dish when you want the flavor and texture of a homestyle potato but not the carbs. Some recipes will use cauliflower to replace the potato, but I think the radish is a better potato replacement as it looks and tastes similar when baked.

    a small plate of roasted radishes dressed with herbs and forks nearby

    We like to call this our ‘roasted keto potato’ recipe as the radishes start to resemble potatoes quite a lot when cooked. We promise you won’t miss the taste of potatoes anymore while on a low carb diet! Now we know potatoes actually aren’t keto since these are loaded with carbs, but using radishes in place of potatoes are as close as you can get to potatoes on a low carb diet. Radishes are also great because they are usually quite inexpensive to buy and they have a lot of health benefits!

    These oven roasted radishes make for the perfect side dish to any low carb meal. Anywhere you would typically serve potatoes, you can enjoy these keto potatoes instead! We love pairing them with Keto BBQ Chicken, Keto Pork Chops and even with Salt and Vinegar Chicken Wings. A side dish can take a meal to a whole other level and this is what we want you to achieve with this recipe. You can easily serve this for the whole family and no one will even realize you’re making it because it is low in carbs – they will just think they are eating red potatoes! This recipe is also vegetarian, so if you are having vegetarian guests over, this would be the perfect dish to serve. A lot of people would not think to serve roasted radishes, so this could be your own little unique twist on dinner. These keto potatoes also make for a good snack. You can always prepare a larger batch and have them ready for a quick snack the next day. They make for a real delicious afternoon treat.

    Types of Radishes to Use

    In this recipe, we use purple radishes. However, daikon radishes would work just as well. Some people also use turnips, celery root or rutabaga as substitute for homestyle roasted potatoes while on a Keto diet.

    holding a bundle of purple radishes

    Are Radishes Keto?

    Yes, radishes are keto friendly! With 3.4g total carbs and only 1.8g net carbs per 100g serving, radishes are very low in carbs and can be eaten in moderation as a side to any low carb meal. There’s also a lot of benefits to eating radishes such as they are great for heart health, they keep you fuller for longer, they aid in digestion and they are high in vitamin B6, vitamin C, riboflavin, calcium, dietary fiber, folate, as well as potassium. Thus, while radishes are very low in carbs, they are also a great addition to your diet when it comes to health benefits.

    How to Cook Radishes

    Preparing radishes for roasting is very quick and cooking them is very simple! All you need to do is dice up your radishes, mix them with olive oil, salt and pepper for taste and then bake them at 400 degrees for 25 to 35 minutes. You can even cook them in a skillet over the stove top if you prefer. To make them taste as close to potatoes as possible, you would need to roast them long enough so that they become nice and dry. Since radishes contain more water than potatoes, they take a little longer in the oven for them to become dry and crispy. If you dice them as per our recipe, they will roast a lot faster. The more even the sizes are, the more likely they are to roast evenly.

    What Do Roasted Radishes Taste Like?

    When raw, radishes have a bitter taste. However, when cooked, they taste very similar to potatoes and have a mild flavor like a turnip. When roasted, radishes take the flavor of whichever seasoning you add to it, so the flavor of the radishes will change completely. Add a hint of rosemary, thyme or other fresh herbs to completely transform your low carb potatoes.

    roasted radishes in a meal prep storage dish with other keto breakfast foods in dishes

    Peeled or Skin On

    You can do either in this recipe. Leaving the skin on saves you time and energy. With the skin on, purple radishes resemble red potatoes more when they are roasted. However, if you prefer to remove the skin, you can always do so before roasting.

    Add Herbs for Flavor

    This is a base recipe for roasted radishes, so we have kept it very simple. However, you can add any herbs or spices you like to this recipe! We suggest adding rosemary, thyme or basil for a dish packed with flavor! Fresh herbs are preferred as they give out more taste, but if these are not available fresh, you can easily use jar spices. Parmesan cheese or grated horseradish also make excellent additions. It is very easy to switch up the seasoning with roasted radishes so they will never become your average, boring side dish!

    Serve alongside a dollop of sour cream or spread on some cream cheese to finish the dish.


    Raw radishes can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for 3 days. Due to the amount of water found in radishes, we would not recommend freezing as the texture could be affected. You can also store radishes which have already been roasted, in the refrigerator and reheat them when you need them.

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    Nutritional information & Macros

    Nutrition Information

    Keto Roasted “Potatoes”

    Servings: 6

    Amount Per Serving
    Calories 83
    Fat 9g
    Protein 0.1g
    Total Carbs 0.7g
    Net Carbs 0.4g

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    1. I tried these to substitute hash browns with my breakfast. I was surprised, very good.

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