44 Keto One Pot Recipes

Short on time and don’t want to gather a bunch of ingredients and have a mess of dishes to do after dinner? Try these easy keto one pot meals. Everything is mixed and made using one pot for the easiest way to cook keto recipes and minimal work after the dinner crowd has left the table.

sliced pieces of teriyaki chicken over a bed of cauliflower rice and topped with green onion and sesame seeds
20 Mins
Keto Teriyaki Chicken

This keto teriyaki chicken recipe will be your favorite when you crave take-out. In this one pan recipe, chicken thighs are pan seared and tossed...

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a stack of eggs on a plate with a yellow napkins
11 Mins
Sheet Pan Eggs

Delicious and simple to make, these sheet pan eggs make for a delicious breakfast. The best thing is that this recipe is work for anyone, whether you...

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cooked diced radishes on a plate with fresh herbs sprinkled on top
35 Mins
Keto Roasted “Potatoes”

The perfect side dish to any low carb meal are keto roasted potatoes! We baked purple radishes in the oven because look like red potatoes and taste...

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curried vegetables over rice and topped with sliced basil leaves
25 Mins
Keto Curry

A simple keto curry recipe that you can pour over cauliflower rice and add your favorite vegetables and chicken for an easy keto chicken curry...

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a plate with baked brussels sprouts, vegetables on bacon on it for dinner
40 Mins
Baked Brussels Sprouts with Bacon

A no-mess, sheet pan side dish that transforms into a colorful salad loaded with tons of roasted vegetables, topped with bacon, walnuts and tossed in...

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a plate of asian inspired teriyaki chicken and vegetables over cauli rice with chopsticks and a sheet pan behind
35 Mins
Sheet Pan Teriyaki Chicken

Sheet pan teriyaki chicken makes for a quick and easy low carb dinner. Toss in your chicken, some bell peppers and broccoli to a sheet pan, brush...

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juicy chicken on a cookie sheet with roasted vegetables like mushroom broccoli and turnips
65 Mins
Sheet Pan Chicken Dinner

Sheet pan chicken and roasted vegetables makes for such an easy low carb dinner! Just add your chicken and vegetables to a sheet pan. Brush on a...

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shrimp on top of a salad with bursting tomatoes and cilantro
18 Mins
Sheet Pan Shrimp

Cilantro lime sheet pan shrimp is a light dish loaded with flavor. Top over cauliflower rice or a salad. The cilantro lime marinade adds a little...

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a large skillet with fresh tomatoes, spinach and chicken topped with basil
30 Mins
Italian Keto Chicken and Rice

Classic chicken and rice casserole made in one pot and turned low carb! This keto chicken and rice dinner is made using hearts of palm rice and...

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creamy beef noodles in a skillet covered with thyme
29 Mins
Beef Tips and Noodles

Beef tips are such an easy low-carb dinner to make! Sirloin steak tips are seared in a skillet and braised in a low-carb creamy Dijon mushroom gravy....

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savory pork and rice mixed with cooked vegetables on a white plate
12 Mins
Pork and Rice

Pork and rice is an easy keto dinner you can make on a busy weeknight. It's the ideal meal to make when you have leftover pork as well. Stir fry pork...

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cheesy chicken fajitas close up with chopped cilantro and a lime wedge
25 Mins
Sheet Pan Fajitas

This is the only way you should be making sheet pan fajitas. This 30 minute meal involves simple ingredients and delivers char broiled flavor, giving...

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