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Keto Egg Bites in the Instant Pot

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These delicious keto instant pot egg bites make it super-easy to satiate the hunger in minutes in the morning. They are healthy, fluffy, and look adorable, making tempting snacks for kids as well. These gluten-free egg bites make the perfect keto breakfast.

Keto Egg Bites in the Instant Pot Ingredients

Keto Egg Bites in the Instant Pot Directions

  • 1
    Spray the inside of the silicone egg mold with cooking spray and evenly sprinkle chopped bacon inside each mold.
    crumbled bacon in each hole of a silicone egg mold
  • 2
    Using a food processor or blend, mix together egg, seasoning, cream cheese, cottage cheese and Gruyere cheese until smooth.
    egg and cheese sitting at the base of a blendtec blender
  • 3
    Pour the egg mixture into each mold, leaving a little bit of room up at the top (about 1 centimeter) to all for expansion and to ensure the egg mixture doesn't spill as you lower it into the instant pot. Cover with the lid provided.
    egg mixture inside each hole of a silicone mold sitting on a wooden board
  • 4
    Add the trivet to liner of the Instant Pot. Pour in one cup of water.
    trivet inside the liner of an instant pot
  • 5
    Gently lower the egg bite mold inside the Instant Pot and onto the trivet. Close the Instant Pot lid and turn the knob to sealing.
    blue silicone egg mold sitting inside a pressure cooker
  • 6
    Hit the 'Steam' function on the Instant Pot and steam for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, turn the valve to venting to release any pressure. Remove the trivet along with the silicone mold. You can double the recipe and stack two molds on top of each other. The cook time of 20 minutes under steam function remains the same.
    face of an instant pot with a red arrow pointing to the steam button and a 20 in the minutes area
  • 7
    Let set on the counter for 5 minutes before removing the egg bites from the mold.
    trivet and egg mold sitting on a white board with a white linen

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Low Carb Instant Pot Egg Bites Recipe

closeup picture of an egg bite topped with bacon and parsley

The best thing about keto instant pot egg bites is that in addition to being easy and quick to cook, they also allow you to be as creative as you want. You could make them as plain or filled with cheese, bacon, green onion, crumbled sausage, etc. These copycat Starbucks egg bites can also be seasoned, or maybe not – the options are limitless. With just one dish, you could experiment so much to be able to serve them regularly at breakfast time, even to the kids, without making it boring to eat.

These fluffy, creamy keto egg bites are gluten free. The best part is you can meal prep this low carb breakfast ahead of time!

What is an Instant Pot?

An Instant Pot is a multifunctional pressure cooker, a great microwave substitute, which can cook anything from keto egg bites to roasts, chicken, and desserts. An Instant Pot also takes less time to cook a meal than most cooking appliances since it relies on cooking food under pressure to get the job done quickly. While functions integrated into the pressure cooker will vary depending on the model, basic functions that will be present in most models include:

  • Steamer
  • Pressure cooker
  • Slow cooker
  • Warmer
  • Sauté

In this recipe, we will be utilizing the steam function to cook up these eggs.

egg bites on a white plate in front of a pressure cooker next to a carton of eggs

How to Make Instant Pot Egg Bites?

To make Instant Pot egg bites, you will need a silicone egg mold. You can find these near where pressure cookers are sold or online.

Besides the pressure cooker and the silicone mold, the only other equipment you need is a blender or food processor to incorperate the cream cheese and all of your ingredients.

Blend a mixture of egg, cheese and seasoning. Add you favorite egg bite filling components, like bacon, sausage, fresh herbs, diced mushrooms. The pour your egg mixture into the mold.

Remember to add around 1 cup of water to the liner of the Instant Pot. The pressure cooker will heat up this water under pressure and allow the egg bites to cook by the hot steam created.

egg mixture in a silicone mold sitting inside the liner of an instant pot

How to Release the Starbucks Egg Bites from a Silicone Tray?

The easiest way to release the keto egg bites from a silicone tray is by gently scooping them using a spoon and placing them on a plate. Most silicone egg molds come with a plastic spoon to make removal easy.

Keto-Friendly Egg Bite Filling

While this recipe is geared towards cheese fillings, you could get creative with the flavors you’d want to try. The best keto-friendly stuffing options are:

  • Broccoli and cheddar
  • Spinach and cheese
  • Kimchi
  • Tomato and parmesan spinach
  • Sun-dried tomato and cheese
  • Buffalo chicken
  • Ham and cheddar
  • Sausage and green onion

Depending on the filling of the instant pot egg bites, you could season them plain or enhance the taste with garlic powder and thyme. Always make sure you chop up your ingredients as finely as possible to make make a flavorful, creamy keto egg bite.

cooked crumbled bacon in a small glass bowl

Storing Egg Bites for Meal Prep

Egg bites are a great keto breakfast to prep up ahead of time and eat throughout the week. You can double or triple the recipe and have breakfast ready in the morning in no time. Store these gluten free egg bites in the refrigerator for up to a week. To reheat, just microwavfe for 30 seconds.

Egg bites can also be stored frozen and reheated for 90-120 seconds in the microwave.

Are Starbucks Egg Bites Keto Friendly?

The Starbucks egg bites are lower in carbs compared to the other breakfast items they sell, but they still contain a higher amount of carbs for someone on the keto diet. Two egg bites contain 9 grams of net carbs, which is almost half of your allowed macros for the day. You could still have them if you are on the road and you are starving. But making homemade egg bites is a better route to take as one of the keto egg bites is only 0.4 grams net carbs!

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