Keto Mocha

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If you are missing your Starbucks Mocha, try this homemade keto mocha recipe instead. This creamy smooth coffee combines the benefits of a bulletproof coffee and the rich chocolatey flavor of a barista made skinny mocha.

Keto Mocha Recipe Video

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Keto Mocha Ingredients

  • 8 ounces of fresh brewed coffee or espresso
  • ¼ cup heavy cream or nut milk
  • 2 tablespoons cocoa powder
  • 1 tablespoon MCT oil or coconut oil
  • 4 to 5 drops liquid Lakanto monkfruit sweetener
  • splash of vanilla

Keto Mocha Directions

  • Keto Mocha
  • ice mocha on table with chocolate ascents

    Low Carb Keto Mocha

    If you order a mocha from a coffee shop, you can count on at least 40 grams of carbohydrates in a grande sized mocha. Definitely NOT keto approved. If you are a mocha fan and still crave that chocolate coffee, then make your own!! This keto skinny mocha is sweet, chocolatey, creamy and is really easy to make. It’s just as easy as adding cream and sweetener to your morning coffee. The only difference is using a blender or frother to mix everything! 

    What makes this coffee keto??

    This sugar free mocha gets a keto upgrade because we add a splash of MCT oil or coconut oil to the brew turning it into a bulletproof coffee.

    Mocha With Whip And Chocolate Drizzle

    ChocZero Chocolate syrup next to overflowing glass mug with whipped creamIf you are really looking for the ultimate keto mocha, top your coffee with a dollop of keto whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate syrup. My favorite keto approved chocolate syrup is by ChocZero.Make your mocha like the baristas do. Drizzle the chocolate syrup down the sides of your cup, pour in your keto mocha. Then top with whipped cream and drizzle more chocolate syrup on top.

    What Is MCT Oil?

    mct oil on tableMCT stands for medium chain triglycerides that has about 8-10 carbons in length in a fatty acid chain. When you are on the keto diet MCT oils are immediately used as fuel since there is not much digestion that takes place when you consume it.

    Make It An Iced Mocha

    ice mocha on table with chocolate ascentsAre you more of an iced coffee person? Sometimes I am too, especially when it’s hot outside or during the summertime. This recipe for keto mocha can easily be turned into a keto iced mocha. Simply mix as instructed, then pour your mocha mix over ice.

    Blender Vs Frother To Mix Your Mocha

    keto mocha right out of the blenderTo mix up your mocha, you can either use a blender or a handheld frother. I prefer a blender as it produces a frothy coffee that using a handheld frother. A frother is more convenient when you are on the go or don’t have a blender.

    Nutritional information & Macros

    Nutrition Information

    Keto Mocha

    Servings: 1

    Amount Per Serving
    Calories 254
    Fat 26.3g
    Protein 1.9g
    Total Carbs 6.8g
    Net Carbs 2.8g

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    1. This sounds so good. I’d love to make it. I only have the Lakanto granulated sugar not the liquid. Is there a way I can make this work?

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