Keto Cookie Crisp Cereal


This cookie keto cereal is sugar free and tasty. It's just like you favorite childhood cookie cereal. Keto cookie crispy cereal makes for a hearty breakfast or delicious treat whenever you want. Pour on some milk and enjoy!

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  • Keto Cookie Crisp Cereal
  • pouring cream on top a bowl of cookies

    Today’s recipe is a surprise: It’s cookies and cereal. Or cereal cookies. The two best things in the world together. And, mind you, it isn’t any cookies and cereal. It’s a keto cookie crisp cereal recipe that you it low carb and sugar free!

    The delectable cookies are swimming in creamy milk. You can use any keto-approved milk for this recipe instead of regular milk so that the recipe is low-carb and sugar-free. I like to use heavy cream or a nut milk like almond milk, coconut milk or macadamia nut milk. Ready within just a matter of minutes, this keto cereal recipe is simply delicious.

    Our homemade keto cereal recipe is a complete package of flavors and nutrients. It’s a sweet treat to have on a dull Monday morning. It will give you a kick of energy, making you ready to start the day. I also like to enjoy a bowl of this low carb cereal as a treat or after dinner dessert.

    pouring cream over cookie cereal in a bowl

    Is Cereal Keto?

    Most traditional boxed cereals that you get from the supermarket are not keto. They are loaded with carbs and sugar.

    If you are looking for a keto cereal option, you can go for Magic Spoon, HighKey, Cereal School, Catalina Church, or General Mills. However, most of these keto friendly cereals can be a little expensive and aren’t found in most grocery stores. Instead of them, you can opt for this homemade keto cereal recipe! If you try it once, you’ll surely get addicted!

    If you love cookie cereal, you should try it in a snickerdoodle flavor. Keto granola is also an option for an easy keto cereal recipe.

    Before we dive into the recipe, let’s talk about what this TikTok-trending cookie cereal is. This viral recipe features pancakes or mini-sized cookies. You can throw the cookies in a bowl and enjoy them with milk like a bowl of cereal.

    This recipe features healthy and wholesome ingredients instead of any refined sugar. All you have to do is choose your favorite milk or cream!

    a bowl of cookie cereal with milk

    You eat a cookie cereal just like any cereal. You soak them in a bowl of cold nut milk or heavy cream and enjoy! You can use any nut milk like macadamia nut, almond milk, pili nut or coconut milk with the cookie cereal. Do keep in mind that traditional cow milk is quite high in sugar.

    The crispy exterior of the cookie gets softer and absorbs some of the creamy milk. The crumbly and crispy yet soft cookies will just melt in your mouth. It tastes simply yummy! The soft yet crispy taste will take you back to the carefree days of your childhood when you used to eat the sugar loaded Cookie Crisp Cereal!
    You can also experiment with the flavors. The options are endless!

    Craving for chocolate cookies? Throw in a dash of cocoa powder!

    Want a cinnamon-y edge in your cereal? Add a few pinches of cinnamon! Or make them snickerdoodles.

    Looking for some extra sweetness? Drizzle some keto maple syrup over the cookies!

    Want to go fruity? Throw in some raspberries or strawberries.

    Other Keto Cereal Replacements

    Looking for some other keto cereal replacements? Keto grain-free granola can also be a delicious option for you. Made with nuts and eggs, it is a delicious keto cereal replacement that you must not miss out on! It’s healthy, hearty and full of flavors!

    a bowl of crispy mini cookies in a small bowl with a spoon and covered with milk

    The most important tip is to bake it for the right time. Many people end up baking these cookies for longer, and they turn out hard. Once you have rolled the dough, bake the cookies at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about seven minutes. You can also check the cookies after about five minutes to see if they are slightly soft. If you want them to be a little more crispy and harder, let them sit for a few minutes. Another hang-up is they try to pick up the cookies before they have cooled completely. You must let them cool completely before handling or else they can crumble.

    A quick tip to get the perfect crisp is to slightly flatten the cookie dough ball before you bake it. This trick helps to make the cookies crispier, but it does take an extra two minutes while baking. You can also try baking the cookies in a round ball and see which version you like better.

    You can also play around with the cookie shapes. Try experimenting with chocolate chips, coconut flakes, and nuts as well. The options are unlimited, and you can easily play around with the mini keto cookie recipe. However, do make sure that you don’t skip out on the basic ingredients we have outlined in this recipe.

    Another essential tip that you should remember is to add the milk just before you start eating. Otherwise, the cookies can get too soft and soggy.

    And we left the best tip for the end: bake an extra batch of cookies and enjoy it as a dessert after dinner. You can even add a scoop of low carb ice cream with the cookies to make them even more delicious!

    You can even put some extra cookies in a jar and enjoy them as a snack during the day. Yum!


    You can easily store this keto cereal in an airtight container. Do make sure that the cereal is completely cool before you store it. Otherwise, it will leave moisture in the bag. If you want, you can also use a plastic bag instead of a Tupperware container. Store the cookie cereal at room temperature. Do make sure that you hide it well or the kids are going to eat them all up!

    Nutritional information & Macros

    Nutrition Information

    Keto Cookie Crisp Cereal

    Servings: 6

    Amount Per Serving
    Calories 384
    Fat 37.6g
    Protein 7g
    Total Carbs g
    Net Carbs 4g

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