Flourless Cookies

by KetoFocus.com

Delicious chocolate cookies made without any flour or dairy!

Chocolate flourless cookies you can make with only 5 ingredients and one of those ingredients isn't flour, almond flour, coconut flour or butter!

These flourless cookies are ideal for someone with sensitives to flour, nut flours or dairy since they are dairy free, gluten free and nut free. Most of my recipes are made with food sensitivities in mind – like these  thin mint cookies and chocolate chip cookie dough truffles. Both are gluten free and dairy free cookies.

You don’t need flour to make cookies! You don’t even need an oat, nut or seed flour substitution either – like rolled oats, almond flour or coconut flour. Most flourless cookie recipes use peanut butter or a nut butter like almond flour. These no flour cookies use a combination of egg, cocoa powder and sweetener to form the bulk of the cookie which results in a cookie texture and rich chocolate flavor. Peanut butter is not necessary to make a delicious cookie without flour. Chocolate chips give rich, melty chocolate in every bite.

a blue bag of Cacao Bliss sits behind chocolate cookies on a counter with a glass of milk in the background

I partnered with Earth Echo for this recipe. Using their Cacao Bliss in these cookies gives them an amplified chocolate flavor with a hint of cinnamon. Cacao Bliss is a raw cacao powder blend that contains superfoods like turmeric, black pepper, cinnamon, lucuma and Himalayan salt. I often use Cacao Bliss in my recipes as a substitute or in addition to cocoa powder. Not only am I getting benefits from the superfoods with these flourless chocolate chip cookies, but it adds a special flavor to all of my chocolate treats. 

Get 15% off your order of Cacao Bliss when you use my code KETOFOCUS. 

How to make cookies without flour

  1. Instead of flour, oats or nut flours, we combine powdered sugar that is sugar-free, cocoa powder and salt.
  2. Beat two eggs until frothy.
  3. Stir in cocoa mixture along with vanilla extract and chocolate chips.
  4. Bake for 10 minutes.


Key ingredients

  • Eggs – Two eggs serve as the binder to hold the cookie together in this flourless cookie recipe without using peanut butter.
  • Cocoa powder – Use 100% unsweetened cocoa powder in this recipe as some cocoa powder mixtures can contain added sugars and carbs.
  • Sweetener – Powdered sugar substitute works best in this recipe as sometimes granulated sweeteners can add a gritty texture. I used a sugar-free sweetener. Monkfruit, erythritol or allulose are good options.
  • Cacao Bliss – An optional ingredient, but adds a deeper chocolate flavor and a hint of cinnamon. You can omit this and replace with 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon.
  • Salt – Salt works as a sweetness enhancer in baking recipes allowing us to use less sweetener.
  • Vanilla extract – Vanilla extract is optional but it does provide flavor to these no flour cookies.
  • Chocolate chips – I used sugar free chocolate chips. If you are dairy free, make sure you use dairy free or vegan chocolate chips.

Flourless Cookies Recipe Video

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Flourless Cookies Ingredients

Flourless Cookies Directions

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Oat free cookies

Most of us who are avoiding gluten are also avoiding oats. Although old-fashioned oats are naturally gluten free, they are often processed in facilities that also process wheat, barley, rye so they are contaminated with gluten. On top of that, they are high in carbs which is not good for a low carb lifestyle.

a bunch of chocolate cookies sitting on a marble block with eggs and milk in the background

Storage infromation

Store any leftover cookies in an air tight container. The longer these cookies are exposed to air, the harder they can become. They are still delicious and the flavor isn’t affected.

You can freeze these chocolate cookies once they are baked.

Flourless Cookies: FAQS

What is the texture of these flourless chocolate cookies?

These flourless chocolate cookies have a dense, rich cookie texture.

Do these cookies spread?

Cookies made without flour don't spread very much. This is why we flatten the cookie dough out with a spoon before baking on the cookie sheet.

Can I make flourless cookies without eggs?

The eggs are a key ingredient in this recipe. Unfortunately, I'm afraid you won't get the same result if using a flax egg. You could use egg whites instead of whole eggs. I would increase the egg whites to get a similar texture - maybe use 3-4 egg whites.

Nutritional information & Macros

Nutrition Information

Flourless Cookies

Servings: 18

Amount Per Serving
Calories 29
Fat 2g
Protein 1.4g
Total Carbs 3.2g
Net Carbs 1g

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