268 Keto Kid Friendly Recipes

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If you are on a keto diet, it’s easiest if you feed the whole family low carb meals – especially for dinner. That way you don’t have to cook two meals. It can be hard to find keto friendly meals the whole family will love. Lucky for you, I have done all the hard work for you and put my kids and husband to the test. All of these keto recipes are kid friendly and husband approved.

golden brown french fries on a plate
12 Mins
Keto French Fries

Keto French fries made with almond flour are easy to prepare and they are closest keto fry to those fast food fries we all miss. From appearance,...

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a white bowl filled with keto crackers
35 Mins
Almond Flour Keto Crackers

Crispy, buttery keto crackers made with three ingredients! These almond flour, gluten-free crackers are an easy, healthy snack to crunch on.

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large cheese pull by pulling out a slice of cheesy pizza
30 Mins
Keto Deep Dish Pizza

The most amazing keto pizza is made with lupin meal. This keto deep dish pizza recipe is layered Chicago style and baked until...

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a plater of mozzarella cheese sticks and sprigs of parsley
12 Mins
Keto Mozzarella Sticks

Crispy low carb mozzarella sticks fried or baked to perfection for that gooey cheesy center. No parmesan, coconut flour or homemade breadcrumbs...

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four granola bars stacked and filled with lots of seeds
35 Mins
Keto Granola Bars

Crispy, crunchy low carb granola bars are the perfect on-the-go healthy snack for kids. These homemade keto granola bars are gluten free and grain...

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a platter with associated fruits, cheeses and veggies for the kids
15 Mins
Keto Charcuterie Board

If you’re looking for a kid friendly keto charcuterie board, you’ve come to the right place! Keto charcuterie is such a fun appetizer to serve at...

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a large bark of yogurt with frozen blackberries
75 Mins
Frozen Yogurt Bark

Frozen yogurt bark makes a delicious keto snack to beat the heat in the hot weather. You can customize your bark by adding berries and coconut to low...

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a close up of a chocolate frosted hostess cupcake copycat
25 Mins
Keto Hostess Cupcakes

Keto hostess cupcakes are an easy to make dessert that take less than 20 minutes to bake. This iconic snack cake is portion controlled and only makes...

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a plate of asian inspired teriyaki chicken and vegetables over cauli rice with chopsticks and a sheet pan behind
35 Mins
Sheet Pan Teriyaki Chicken

Sheet pan teriyaki chicken makes for a quick and easy low carb dinner. Toss in your chicken, some bell peppers and broccoli to a sheet pan, brush...

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a large bowl of mini cookie cereal covered with milk and a spoon inside the bowl
50 Mins
Keto Cookie Crisp Cereal

This cookie keto cereal is sugar free and tasty. It's just like you favorite childhood cookie cereal. Keto cookie crispy cereal makes for a hearty...

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a stack of mint chip popsicles with chocolate on them
120 Mins
Keto Mint Chocolate Ice Cream Bars

These easy-to-make keto mint chocolate ice cream bars are total summer staples. Popsicles are the perfect treat to enjoy on a hot day. With...

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three creamy white yogurt bars in a row with chocolate chips around
5 Mins
Keto Chocolate Chip Yogurt Popsicles

Yogurt popsicles are a great way to cool off on hot summer days. These keto yogurt bars are sweet, chocolatey and sugar free!

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