Keto Deep Dish Pizza

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The most amazing keto pizza is made with lupin meal. This keto deep dish pizza recipe is layered Chicago style and baked until bubbly in a cast iron skillet. Thick and cheesy - you can't get any better than this!

Keto Deep Dish Pizza Recipe Video

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Keto Deep Dish Pizza Crust Ingredients

  • 1 1/2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese
  • 1/2 cup lupin meal
  • 1/2 cup almond flour
  • 1 egg
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt

Toppings Ingredients

Keto Deep Dish Pizza Directions

  • Keto Deep Dish Pizza
  • Low Carb Deep Dish Pizza Recipe

    crispy pizza crust with a tomato cheese sauce

    This deep dish pizza is the most amazing keto pizza you will ever have. My chicken crust pizza makes a pretty thick crust, but that pizza is made from chicken – not exactly what you imagine when you think pizza! My kids scarf this keto deep dish pizza recipe down without hesitation every time I make it.

    Keto deep dish pizza starts with a thick cornmeal like crust. It is a lupin flour based keto crust which allows it to be a similar crust in flavor and texture to Chicago style pizza. The crust is topped with layers of mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, more cheese and finally topped with a generous amount of low carb pizza sauce.

    There is no need to pre-bake this crust! Many keto pizza recipes require you to prebake the crust – especially if you want a crispy crust. Not with this keto deep dish pizza. All the topping can be added straight to the pizza dough and baked until golden, crispy, and bubbly.

    baked thick crust pizza in a skillet with red tomato sauce

    Lupin Flour Pizza Crust

    This recipe for deep dish keto pizza uses lupin meal. Lupin flour is legume flour that is gain popularity in keto baking. Lupin flour is high in protein and high fiber. There is only 1 net carb per serving.  Lupin flour is made from lupin beans which are closely related to peanuts and soy beans.

    Lupin flour pizza crust is delicious and has a flavor and texture very similar to traditional pizza crust – especially those pizza crusts that are made with cornmeal, like Chicago style pizza.


    pouring lupin flour into a food processor

    Keto Chicago Style Pizza

    What makes a pizza a Chicago style pizza? It’s the cornmeal crust and the way the toppings are layered on the pizza pie.

    Obviously, we don’t add cornmeal to our keto pizza crust. Instead I use lupin flour which has a similar appearance, color and flavor to that of cornmeal.

    Since Chicago style pizza is a deep dish pizza, it takes longer to cook since it’s a very thick pizza. The crust is thick and the toppings are piled on! A typical pizza has the cheese added last. Since this keto pizza is so thick, the mozzarella cheese on top will burn as it bakes in the oven for a longer time than a traditional oven.

    To prevent our cheese from burning, a Chicago style pizza layers the toppings in this order:

    1. Crust
    2. Cheese
    3. Meat & Veggies
    4. Cheese
    5. Pizza Sauce
    a couple slices taken out of a pizza

    What is Fathead Pizza?

    Fathead pizza is a popular type of pizza on the keto diet. It’s probably the most common type of pizza you can make on a low carb diet. A fathead pizza crust is mostly made out of mozzarella cheese. Some recipes contain cream cheese, but I don’t find that necessary.

    This is sort of a fathead pizza recipe. I designed the recipe to be lower in mozzarella cheese because some people don’t like how much cheese is in a traditional fathead pizza recipe.

    spooning pizza sauce on top a pizza

    Low Carb Marinara Sauce

    Some pasta and marinara sauces can have hidden sugars in them and it can be easy to rack up with carbs especially if you like a lot of sauce on your pizza.

    There are some brands that you can purchase that have lower sugar in them. Here are a few:


    Now, if those pizza sauces are out of your budget or you want to make your own, you should try my recipe for keto pizza sauce. Not only is this recipe easy to make but you can make up a bulk amount and freeze it to use later.

    pulling out a slice of pulled pork pizza from a whole pie

    Other Keto Pizza Recipes

    Although I feel like this keto deep dish pizza recipe is the best pizza I’ve had in my life, there are other low carb pizza recipes that you should try. Here are a few:

    Nutritional information & Macros

    Nutrition Information

    Keto Deep Dish Pizza

    Servings: 6

    Amount Per Serving
    Calories 227
    Fat 15.8g
    Protein 18.1g
    Total Carbs 6.5g
    Net Carbs 2.5g

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    1. I love the Lupin flour pizza crust it tastes like real pizza crust. I can see myself using this crust for other things, like savoury pies. YUM

    2. I have been eating Keto for 3 years. I have tried many recipes for pizza dough. This is the easiest and best tasting Keto crust I have ever made. This will be my go to recipe for deep dish pizza as well as breakfast pizza. My husband asked me to use this recipe in the future, it is that good!

    3. Okay! Another recipe where you make me go out of my way to get a weird ingredient! (Lupin flour) ? but it’s all good! Because of the trust I have in your recipes to be the bomb diggety, I know it’s worth it to get on Amazon and order what I need to make it!
      I’ll be making this soon and will let you know my review, although I can tell already by the other reviews I will be happy with this!

    4. Yippppeeeee and thank you so much!!!!!!! You’re recipes rock! I’ve been keto for about 3 1/2 years now and have been burned on so many recipes, but not yours! I made this last night, doubled it and put it in a 12 inch deep dish pan and oh boy, what a treat we had!! We could pick up the crust about a few bites! The texture and taste were spot on and lovely! Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. I agree her recipes are the best I’ve found for the keto lifestyle, a lot of variety and all fairly simple to follow recipes. And the genius of them being so close or equal to the original recipes is highly commendable in my book!

    5. I just made this lupin flour deep dish pizza, and it turned out great! My wife said, that unless she knew it was keto crust, she wouldn’t have known the difference.

      Only changes I made was I added a teaspoon of powdered alulose/ monk fruit blend, and a tsp. of sillium powder, to the crust. I also rolled the crust out beteeen, oiled parchment.

      Thank you!

    6. Holy cow! This was amazing. Saw the recipe on highfalutin low carb. He was right about how good this crust is. I put some olives, mushrooms and egetarian Italian sausage in place of the pepperoni. Also used a non stick skillet with foil around the handle. Ate 2 slices and look forward to making it again. Thank you!!!

    7. Highfalutin Low Carb celebrated this keto deep dish pizza recipe and we gave it go. We did add other toppings and will say this is the best pizza we have had. We are gonna test the pizza meatloaf next. IF YOU HAVE NOT HAD THIS…. YOU ARE MISSING OUT.

    8. I am very much looking forward to finding some lupin flour and making this. Would there be any benefit (flavor?) in adding instant yeast to the crust recipe? I also curious how this would work for Detroit style pie.

    9. The last life changing cookimg event I’ve had in yrs was air fryer catfish. This tops that! Fantastic recipe. The crust was wonderful and had the mouth feel of the Chicago pizzas I’ve had in the past. Thank you for sharing your delectable recipe.

    10. Great job on the pizza Annie! I added Italian seasoning, granulated garlic and onion powder to the crust. Used Rao’s pizza sauce and added chopped onion and green bell peppers to the toppings. The pizza crust was very dense and “breadish” just like deep dish pizza. I made two pizzas in 8” nonstick cake pans and we ate the second pizza the next day. The pizza did very well being heated in the microwave. I am looking forward to making this again for friends!

    11. I tried the lupin flour pizza today. I doubled the recipe as I I did not have that small of a cast iron pan. I only had a large one. Perhaps, I should have greased the skillet a lot more than I did. I used olive oil. I cooked according to directions but it stuck in the middle and appeared not completely cooked in the middle as well. I had it in a preheated 350 oven so I am not sure of the problem. I had to order the lupin flour (3#) so I will try again. Interestingly, the top seemed dry and the part that was completely cooked reminded me of cornbread. This would make an excellent batter for corn dogs if one could make it thinner. It was also a little salty for my taste. I would lower the salt. I didn’t realize that lupin flour taste like corn.

      1. Sorry it stuck to the bottom. Yes, try more oil at the bottom. You may even have to cut a circle of parchment paper and add that to the bottom. It might depend on your skillet too. Some are more seasoned than others.

        1. For a larger size pizza you can leave the pizza in for another 5-10 minutes and loosely cover the pizza with a sheet of foil for the last 10 minutes.

      2. It was salty for me too but I may have accidentally put too much. I may just do a pinch next time

    12. While I generally liked the recipe, I find the taste of lupin flour very off-putting. Do you have any substitution for it?

        1. Annie, I made this tonight for dinner, I was a little concerned about the lupin flour, because of the smell plus I tasted it raw. (It’s kind of a strong soy bean smell) I hoped it would not come through in the crust. WOW what a great crust!! No flavor of the lupin to either my husband or me. It was just like cheating and eating a real pizza crust, we loved it. And I don’t think the flour made a difference from the meal grind? Thank you for all of your recipes.

    13. Bought on Amazon but find it’s very pricey. I’ll have to check Whole Foods, $13.49 for 7 oz., unless you know of someplace to order that’s less expensive.

    14. I made this pizza last night. I did like the crust and it definitely tasted like cornmeal to me. Wondering if Lupin would make good cornbread? Would you have a recipe?? Thank you you for all of your recipes and videos. So helpful!!

    15. Oh my goodness, this deep dish pizza is amazing! I don’t own a cast iron skillet so I doubled the dough recipe and put it in a pie dish (buttered with grated parmesan). It probably would be more crispy in a cast iron skillet but this worked out fine. I stuck with cheese on top instead of below the sauce and right before I broiled it I wrapped the crust in foil so it wouldn’t burn (like when baking a traditional pie crust). I’m new to lupin flour, it’s pricey but worth it! Now I want to try your cornbread recipe using 1/2 almond flour and 1/2 lupin flour. Thank you for another amazing recipe – you have a true gift!

    16. I am new to your site. I’ve been doing Keto for about a year and was really craving pizza. I decided to give your deep dish pizza a try even though I normally don’t care for fat head pizza dough. I am so glad I did! It was so good! Too good. I had to package it up and store in my fridge before completely cool. I kept going back for more and and eating about 1/2 the pie before I knew it. The crust did remind me of corn bread. I loved it. Thinking of ways to use that crust for everything! Thanks for giving me pizza back. I can’t wait to try more recipes from your site.

    17. This is the best keto recipe I have tried, bar none. Thank you so much for creating a genuine replica of my absolute favorite food. The crust is very close to real bread and I will be incorporating this as the most frequent item in my keto dinner recipe lineup. Only complaint is that it is a little dry but I’m going to try and add some softened butter to the dough or something next time.

    18. I’m wasn’t a big fan of deep dish but I really like the macros on this recipe. Do you think it will hold together as a regular crust instead of deep dish? I’ve been really enjoying all your recipes & appreciate all the testing & research you do – Thanks a Bazillion!

    19. I was finding Keto a little difficult and needed to find some tasty recipies and ideas then I found this great website and the Lupin Pan Pizza was fantastic!! Thank you so much

    20. i have tried all the deep dish keto pizzas and this is still the best and is my go to pizza. The lupin meal is the difference. keep doing what you do.

    21. Looks delicious! Can it be mixed by hand or in a stand mixer? Can I use a bread pan instead of a skillet? Thank you.

      1. Yes, by hand will take you a lot longer. You may have to knead it and start with really melted mozzarella cheese to get it to combine. A stand mixer works too. A bread pan should also work 🙂

    22. Do I use lupin flour or ground lupin? The Amazon link you provided shows ground lupin bean (side dish), not lupin flour. Please let me know as I can’t wait to try this!

      1. The one in the link for for the ground beans (aka meal) and that’s the one I use. Some people did use the flour and according to them, it still turned out good

    23. You saved me. This pizza is a life,changer. Love pizza and this tastes like the real deal!! Made it in a 6 inch cast iron skillet with pepperoni, sausage and mushroom. Recipe for dough makes 2 pizzas for the personal pan size. Thank you for giving me back my absolute favorite food!!!

    24. Wow. This is resulting pizza was so delicious and satisfying! The crust turned out cooked, moist yet hearty like a typical deep crust. I swapped sauce and meat for what I had on hand. Trader Joe pesto and chicken meatballs. Wow. This revived my ability to keep with keto. Was really struggling with new dinners.

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