268 Keto Kid Friendly Recipes

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If you are on a keto diet, it’s easiest if you feed the whole family low carb meals – especially for dinner. That way you don’t have to cook two meals. It can be hard to find keto friendly meals the whole family will love. Lucky for you, I have done all the hard work for you and put my kids and husband to the test. All of these keto recipes are kid friendly and husband approved.

a tower of keto balls colored white and covered in coconut flakes
10 Mins
Keto Coconut Lime Energy Balls

For a quick keto snack or dose of energy, try these sweet & tangy keto coconut lime energy balls to satisfy your appetite.

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beautiful Fall inspired cream cheese topped pumpkin muffin
18 Mins
Keto Pumpkin Cupcakes

These keto pumpkin cupcakes are a MUST HAVE during the Fall. Spongy pumpkin flavored cupcakes are topped with a sweet and tangy cream cheese frosting.

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crispy chicken fried steak on a plate with gravy on top and a couple of keto sides
22 Mins
Keto Chicken Fried Steak

Steak cooked in a gluten-free, low carb crust and fried to a perfect crispy golden brown. This keto chicken fried steak is juicy, tender and can be...

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close up of cheesy
22 Mins
Keto Buffalo Chicken Enchiladas

Keto buffalo chicken enchiladas are finger-licking twist on the spicy Mexican casserole. This 30 minute meal combines chicken, creamy buffalo sauce...

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big bowl of keto sesame maple chicken over cauliflower rice
23 Mins
Keto Sesame Chicken

A favorite takeout dish made low carb and easy using an Instant Pot. This keto sesame chicken is fully of sweet, tangy flavor and is, oh so tasty,...

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a white plate of keto biscuits filled with cheese and sausage
20 Mins
Keto Sausage Cheddar Biscuits

Loaded with flavor, these keto cheddar biscuits are filled with sausage so you can enjoy them as a grab-and-go breakfast or serve alongside your...

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close up of a loaf of pumpkin bread
25 Mins
Keto Pumpkin Bread

Spongy keto pumpkin bread you can mix in blender. This recipe is hard to beat and perfect for the cozy Fall season!

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a chocolate cake decorated like a graveyard with gummies and chocolates
45 Mins
Sugar Free Chocolate Graveyard Cake

This spooktacular sugar free chocolate graveyard cake is perfect for Halloween parties and a fun way to get your kids involved with low carb baking.

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a bunch of rice krispie treats decorated like monsters
2 Mins
Halloween Keto Rice Krispie Treats

Cute, colorful, and delicious, these keto Halloween rice krispie treats make the perfect low-carb, spooky snack for the upcoming holiday. All you...

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a tray with zombie and spider halloween cookies
12 Mins
Keto Halloween Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

Keto peanut butter cup cookies decorated as creepy spiders and zombies make a fun Halloween treat for all ages.

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four creepy keto mummy dogs in a black calderon with twigs behind it
27 Mins
Keto Mummy Dogs

Keto mummy dogs are a fun meal to share this Halloween. Juicy all-beef, grass-fed hot dogs are wrapped in a ribbon of keto approved bread to create a...

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pouring syrup on top of a bunch of mini pies
15 Mins
Keto Pancake Pies

Can't decide whether you want pancakes or pie for breakfast? Have both! These mini keto pancake pies are a fun low carb breakfast you can meal prep...

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