Low-Carb Hot Dog Buns

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Finally you can have a bun that is gluten-free and low carb to hold your hot dog and all of those delicious ball park toppings with this easy, homemade keto hot dog bun recipe.

a couple of keto hot dogs in a basket topped with mustard

I know you have been missing a good hot dog bun on the keto diet. Me too! So I had to come up with a simple solution of the bunless hot dogs we have all be eating. This recipe for keto hot dog buns is easy to make, plus you can prep them ahead of time so you can enjoy a delicious hot dog worthy of the ball park any day of the week!

three fluffy low carb hot dog buns on a white table

This recipe for low carb hot dog buns is gluten-free and not made from fathead dough as many other keto recipes for bread are. It still tastes delicious and produces a thick, bun perfect for holding your hot dog and all the mustard and ketchup you can squirt on!

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Low-Carb Hot Dog Buns Ingredients

Low-Carb Hot Dog Buns Directions

  • Low-Carb Hot Dog Buns
  • How many carbs in a hot dog bun?

    three thick keto hot dog buns in a row

    Traditional hot dog buns are not keto approved and certainly not low-carb. One Franz hot dog bun has 22 grams net carbs! That would be your entire carb allotment for the day. Plus store bought hot dog buns contain refined flours, lack fiber and contain gluten. Gluten is highly inflammatory in most people.

    This keto hot dog bun recipe only contains carbs per bun. Plus, it is loaded with fiber and free of preservatives and gluten!

    Are hot dogs keto?

    Yes! Hot dogs are keto! It is important to check your labels though as some hot dog companies will add sugars to their franks. The brands that we typically use are Hebrews National or Nathans. Both of these hot dogs are made with 100% beef.

    If you are looking for a hot dog that is made with grass-fed beef, try Teton Waters Ranch. They carry a line of delicious hot dogs, polish sausages and bratwurst.

    two packages of grass fed hot dogs by teton waters ranch

    How to get keto hot dog bread to rise?

    Since keto bread typically doesn’t use gluten based flours or yeast, it can be difficult to get the dough to rise in the oven. The ingredients in this recipe that help the dough rise are the use of psyllium husk, eggs, baking powder and baking soda. Baking soda needs to react with an acid in order to produce carbon dioxide bubble to puff up the dough while baking. The acid in this recipe is the sour cream.

    The psyllium husk is another important ingredient that helps to bulk up and fluff up the keto hot dog bread.

    thick fluffy keto hot dog buns on a parchment lined tray

    Another trick you can use to help your keto hot dog buns to rise is to throw a handful of ice cubes in the oven while the rolls are baking. The ice cubes will rapidly melt creating steam. Steam in the oven will also help you keto bread dough rise.

    Keto bun substitutions

    There are some strange ingredients in this keto hot dog bun recipe. But they all serve a purpose in creating a fluffy keto bun that rises. Luckily, I have some alternatives listed for you if you can’t have or can’t find some of these ingredients.

    If you are allergic to almond flour or don’t like the taste or texture of it, you should try Sunflower Seed Flour. It measures cup for cup like almond flour and is nut free! For this recipe, you will add 1 cup of sunflower seed flour in place of the almond flour.

    The psyllium husk flakes help to bulk up the bread and help it rise. If you don’t have the whole flakes and can only find the powder, you will need to only add 1 teaspoon of psyllium husk powder.

    Low-carb alternatives to hot dog buns

    Besides making your own keto hot dog buns, I have seen my fellow keto dieters get pretty creative with coming up with alternatives for hot dog buns.

    Some people with wrap their hot dogs in low carb tortillas or wraps. Others will wrap the hot dog with a slice of cheese or a lettuce leaf.

    These are all great low carb options, but nothing beats the taste and texture of a regular hot dog bun, so I highly suggest you try this easy keto hot bun recipe!

    Keto approved toppings for hot dogs

    Most traditional hot dog toppings are keto friendly, with the exception of ketchup and sweet relish. Luckily, there are keto approved alternatives to both of these.

    For a sugar-free keto ketchup, I recommend the Primal Kitchen Unsweetened Ketchup. It doesn’t contain any added sugars and contained only one carb per tablespoon. You can purchase this ketchup on Amazon but I have also seen it in my local groceries stores, like Whole Foods.

    Instead of sweet relish on your bun, try a dill pickle relish on your keto hot dog!

    Mustard, mayonnaise and a little bit of diced white onion are all fine to enjoy on your low carb hot dog. Sure the onion does contain carbs but a tablespoon of diced onions isn’t going to push you over the edge.

    Keto hot dog recipes to try

    I’m a big fan of a plain jane hot dog with just mustard; however, you can get fancy and creative with your keto hot dog recipes and try some fun alternatives. One of my favorites is a Chicago dog. A keto Chicago dog is loaded with sliced tomato, pickles, diced onions, pepperoncini or jalapeno, and topped with poppy seeds.

    a keto approved chicago dog with all the toppings

    You can also make a keto chili dog using my recipe for Easy Keto Beef Chili. This recipe can be made on the stovetop or the instant pot. You can make your keto hot dog buns while you cook the chili. They will be done around the same time. Add your hot dog to the gluten-free bun and spoon the hot chili on top of the hot dog.

    Low-Carb Hot Dog Buns: FAQS

    Can these be shaped and used for burger buns?

    Yes, they can! This recipe can be used for keto sub rolls or a hamburger bun.

    Can you freeze these keto hot dog buns?

    Yes. While fresh is always better, you could freeze these in a number of ways. 1 way is to make the keto bread dough ahead of time and then bake these buns when you are ready. The other is to make and bake, and once cool, put into Ziploc bags and freeze.

    Could I use coconut flour instead?

    Err, you possibly could substitute the protein powder with coconut flour, however the result will be a denser bun. This is generally not what we are looking for in a hot dog bun.

    Nutritional information & Macros

    Nutrition Information

    Low-Carb Hot Dog Buns

    Servings: 5

    Amount Per Serving
    Calories 310
    Fat 23.8g
    Protein 20.3g
    Total Carbs 8.7g
    Net Carbs 3.4g

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    1. i don’t have flax seed meal – can I leave it out entirely or is there a sub for it? I have SO much keto stuff in the pantry, I don’t want to buy more unless I have to

    2. Annie, I just made these tonight. While I enjoyed the flavor and firmness of them, they broke apart once the hotdog was added and handled. The only substitute I did was the 1 tsp psyllium powder. You mention both baking powder and baking soda but I only see powder in the ingredient list. Could that be what is causing thrm to crumble? Maybe I should try the ice cubes?

      1. Hi there, this is a nice bun recipe. However, please advise: the amount of baking soda is not shown? How much should be used? Also, can you substitute the almond flour with coconut flour?
        Many thanks

    3. Your nutrition facts listed – are they per bun, or for the whole recipe? I didn’t see any explanation on the whole page

    4. i have tried commercial keto buns bread and except unbuns they all spike my blood sugar…..sola hamburger bun my blood sugar went from 108 to 126

      1. No baking soda is needed. The baking powder helps to raise the dough by creating air bubbles the protein powder forms a stable protein matrix to hold the bubbles in place.

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