Keto Ghost Meringue Cookies


Keto ghost meringue cookies are an easy ghost shaped low carb Halloween treat you can make for any event! Keto Meringues are slightly sweet and have ZERO CARBS!!

Keto Ghost Meringue Cookies Recipe Video

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Keto Meringues Ingredients

Keto Ghost Meringue Cookies Directions

  • Keto Ghost Meringue Cookies
  • Keto Halloween Cookies

    a bunch of white ghosts on a plate with a boo banner in the background

    These adorable ghost cookies are the perfect keto Halloween treats to make or to take with you to any Halloween party and they are also great to make in large batches, especially if you are invited to a couple of different events around Halloween time! Most guests would not think to make meringue cookies for parties, so these are the best treat to make to impress anyone at any Halloween event! Even better for you as they are so easy to make! Bring them along with some Halloween Rice Krispie Treats. They also make the perfect treat for those times when you are craving something sweet, especially when you are having tea or coffee in the afternoon.

    The meringue cookies are so easy to make, you will never have to buy store bought ones again! These keto meringue cookies are almost indistinguishable from any ready made ones you can buy, without containing any of the unnecessary sugars like meringues usually would!

    a plate with ghost meringue cookies on it with a boo in the background

    What are Meringue Cookies?

    Meringue cookies are a type of dessert or sweet treat which is made from whipping egg whites, and typically mixing with sugar. However, to keep the recipe low in carbs, we use cream of tartar to form stiff peaks and powdered erythritol to give them a sweet flavor. Meringues can be made with a variety of flavors! The most common meringue flavor is lemon. However, in this recipe we make our Ghost Meringue Cookies just slightly sweetened. They have a sweet taste with an airy, crispy and light texture.

    Meringues are baked at a low temperature for a long time until the outside gets crispy and the texture on the inside becomes slightly chewy. A good meringue would melt in your mouth and is lighter than a feather!

    Keto Meringues

    Keto meringue cookies always look really fancy compared to other types of cookies you can make at home and everyone seems to think that they are very difficult to make. However, they only require very few ingredients and can be prepared in a short amount of time! The hardest part of making these cookies is the waiting time! When they are taken out of the oven, the meringues will be soft. They should be left out for some time to cool down and then they will crisp up.

    Our keto meringue cookie recipe is very low in carbs and also dairy free as they don’t even contain any butter. This means that they can be served to anyone who is intolerant or allergic to dairy. They are also a keto nut free cookie recipe as they don’t contain any almond flour. Instead of having to use sugar which would make the recipe higher in carbs, we use powdered erythritol which still give the cookies a sweet taste. The beauty of these keto meringue cookies is that they are zero carbs!!

    two black plates with ghost cookies on them

    Importance of Stiff Peaks for Meringues

    In order to form stiff peaks, use fresh eggs and only the egg whites need to be used to make meringues. Egg yolks can be kept to use for other recipes. The egg whites should then be whipped fast and for a long time. Make sure that the bowl is clean and dry before you start beating the eggs and it would be best if the bowl is made of glass or metal, not plastic. Moreover, the cream of tartar we use in this recipe helps the egg whites to form stiff peaks, as well as for them to maintain their shape as it acts as a stabilizer.

    Tools You May Need

    To make the perfect ghost meringue cookies, there are some tools you may need to get. Here is what I used to create these keto Halloween cookies:

    Nutritional information & Macros

    Nutrition Information

    Keto Ghost Meringue Cookies

    Servings: 30

    Amount Per Serving
    Calories 1
    Fat 0g
    Protein 0.2g
    Total Carbs 0g
    Net Carbs 0g

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    1. My friend made a nest using this recipe and put strawberries with a bit of cream cheese in them after baking . Maybe a pinch of whipped cream on top. Heaven

    2. Can you use other keto-approved sweeteners without erythritol? Or is it necessary to maintain a slight crisp texture? I know it’s necessary for crispier cookies, wasn’t sure if a monk fruit/erythritol blend would be better than monk fruit/allulose blend which is known to keep treats softer.
      Thanks, sounds like a great, easy recipe.

      1. You can use a monkfruit/erythritol blend. The only one I’m not sure if it works because I’ve heard other keto bloggers have issues making meringues with it is 100% allulose.

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