Halloween Keto Rice Krispie Treats

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Cute, colorful, and delicious, these keto Halloween rice krispie treats make the perfect low-carb, spooky snack for the upcoming holiday. All you need are four ingredients and 15 minutes, then bam! Your spooky little monsters are ready to be devoured.

Halloween Keto Rice Krispie Treats Ingredients

Halloween Keto Rice Krispie Treats Directions

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Sugar Free Halloween Rice Crispy Treats

thick keto rice krispie treats with melted chocolate dripping and candy eyeballsExcited to make keto Halloween rice krispie treats and celebrate the night satiating your taste buds with candies but without sugar? My newly-created sugar-free rice krispie treats are at your service.These cute little monster keto rice krispie treats are sure to make Halloween even more fun for the kids. They will even leave adults craving for more. To prepare these delicious demonic bites for the eerie evening, you will need only a few simple ingredients – keto rice cereal, sugar-free white chocolate, butter and sugar-free vanilla syrup.a bunch of rice krispie treats decorated like little monstersThese scrummy treats taste just like the original rice krispie treats but are healthier without all the sugar. With this easy keto dessert recipe in hand, you don’t even have to hustle for making the sugar-free marshmallows.That’s right! No marshmallows needed to make this easy keto Halloween dessert. By skipping this one ingredient, you save yourself and everyone else from consuming loads of time. Plus you don’t have to get yourself into a sticky situation because homemade keto marshmallows can leave a sticky mess.halloween decorated rice crispy treats on a tray with a jack-o-lantern

Keto Rice Crispy Cereal

This keto Halloween recipe used to use a rice cereal by HighKey but it’s not longer available. Luckily there is another low carb cereal that works in it’s place but they are O shaped instead of rice. So these rice crispy treats may look different compared to the traditional ones but tastes just as good!  If the keto cereal is not an option, you can make these adorable monsters using crushed up plain pork rinds. The idea may sound strange, but it will give treats the same taste once you add white chocolate and butter to them. The only setback with the pork rinds is that they may turn soggy at the bottom, depending on how well you will mix the rice mixture. 

No Marshmallow Keto Rice Krispie Treats

By now, you already know that this recipe does not involve making keto marshmallows. Then what does it use? The imaginative keto rice krispie treat recipe trades the sugar-fluffs for a mixture of sugar-free white chocolate chips and allulose syrup. This way, we achieve similar texture and flavor but without the calories. By swapping marshmallows, you also save lots of efforts and time.pouring melted white chocolate on keto cereal

Decorating the Monster Rice Krispies

These keto rice krispie treats are super-easy to decorate. Take melted white chocolate in three or four bowls and add colors of your choice to each of them. Dip the sugar free rice krispies in those bowls to add a pop of color to these treats. Later add sugar-free sprinkles for confetti hair.The Halloween treat will be incomplete without the googly candy eyes. However, note that the eyes contain sugar. But the good news is that if anyone wants truly sugar free Halloween rice Krispie treats, they can remove the eyes and enjoy the delicious, all-healthy monsters.decorating hallowen rice krispie treats with white chocolate and sprinkles

Storing the Keto Rice Krispie Treats

You can store the halloween keto rice krispies at room temperature for a short time, like a day or two. However, for prolonged storage, it is ideal to refrigerate these cute monsters. It keeps them fresh and intact.

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Nutritional information & Macros

Nutrition Information

Halloween Keto Rice Krispie Treats

Servings: 10

Amount Per Serving
Calories 289
Fat 18.9g
Protein 10.1g
Total Carbs 23.1g
Net Carbs 2.7g

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