Sugar Free Chocolate Graveyard Cake

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This spooktacular sugar free chocolate graveyard cake is perfect for Halloween parties and a fun way to get your kids involved with low carb baking.

Sugar Free Chocolate Graveyard Cake Recipe Video

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Keto Chocolate Cake Ingredients

Keto Chocolate Buttercream Frosting Ingredients

Sugar Free Chocolate Graveyard Cake Directions

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Keto Chocolate Graveyard Cake Recipe

spooky dark graveyard cake with fog coming outLooking for a spooktacular treat for Halloween but want to keep it keto? Try this sugar free chocolate graveyard cake recipe! You can bury those chocolate cravings with this decant, fluffy cake and rich and creamy low carb buttercream frosting. Top your creation with creepy eyes, chocolates and gummy worms.This keto cake will be the highlight of any Halloween party! Plus, it’s a fun keto Halloween recipe to make with your kids!a slice of chocolate halloween cake

Low Carb Chocolate Cake

I designed this keto chocolate cake recipe to be easy so you can quickly make your dessert cake base and get on to the fun part- decorating! But make no mistake, this low carb chocolate cake just because this chocolate cake is easy to make doesn’t mean it lacks flavor. This cake is fluffy thanks to the combo of egg, almond flour and coconut flour. And the unsweetened cocoa powder makes it the perfect amount of chocolate taste.spreading chocolate buttercream frosting on a cake

Keto Chocolate Buttercream Frosting

For the ultimate ground cover for your sugar-free graveyard cake, you must make this creamy keto chocolate buttercream frosting. It’s easy to make and it uses keto approved chocolate and unsweetened cocoa for a decant chocolate flavor.

Graveyard Cake Decorations

You can use your imagination to decorate this keto chocolate cake into a spooky graveyard scene. For this sugar-free graveyard cake, I used chocolate pumpkins and ghosts from ChocZero. These are premade seasonal Halloween candies they came out with. But you don’t have to purchase sugar free chocolate Halloween candy, you can make your own by melting keto chocolate and pouring into Halloween silicone candy molds.using sugar free candies to decorate a spooky cakeI used sugar-free gummy worms to decorate this sugar-free graveyard cake. You could also throw a few candy eyeballs on top of the cake for a creepy surprise.For the tombstones for this spooky graveyard scene, I used keto rice crispy treats. You can use melted dark chocolate or more keto buttercream frosting to write R.I.P on the a sugar free rice krispie treat down as a tombstone in a graveyard cake

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Either you are making this sugar-free chocolate graveyard cake for your family to enjoy or you are hosting a Halloween party. I bet you are also looking for some other yummy low carb Halloween recipes. You should gives fun creations a shot!

Nutritional information & Macros

Nutrition Information

Sugar Free Chocolate Graveyard Cake

Servings: 10

Amount Per Serving
Calories 377
Fat 39.6g
Protein 4.5g
Total Carbs 6.5g
Net Carbs 2.4g

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