Keto Blueberry Shortcake in a Mug

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Toss blueberries in a mug and cover in a gluten-free, low carb shortcake batter. This keto blueberry shortcake in a mug is ready in just five minutes, it takes soft and fluffy, just like a fancy cake from the bakery.

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Keto Blueberry Shortcake Ingredients

Keto Blueberry Shortcake in a Mug Directions

  • Keto Blueberry Shortcake in a Mug
  • Low Carb Shortcake Recipe

    a ramekin with blueberry shortcake in it and berries nearby

    Sweet and soft, this keto blueberry shortcake in a mug is the ultimate summer dessert you are looking for. As soon as you take the first bite of this heavenly keto shortcake, your mouth will explode with the juiciness of fresh blueberries. Its hearty richness will make you swoon in delight at every bite.

    It’s a simple and easy recipe to make. You don’t even have to worry about eating too much (it is delicious!) because it is made in a mug, making it portion-controlled. Say goodbye to overeating and weight gain! The total net carb count in this dessert is 5 grams. Now, you can enjoy the perfect dessert that’s not just decadent and delectable, but it is also keto!

    Rich with flavor, this keto shortcake is the perfect combination with tea or coffee. You can also serve the keto mug cake with keto ice cream. The warm cake and melting ice cream make the perfect combination for hearty comfort food.

    Once you start baking this delicious cake in the oven, your kitchen will blossom with the delectable aroma of blueberries and freshly baked cake.

    whipped cream and berries on top of a mug cake

    Are Blueberries Keto?

    Berries are one of the best fruits to enjoy on a keto diet. Fresh blueberries have a slightly higher amount of carbs as compared to other keto berries but you can easily be added to your keto diet. They have 12 grams of carbs per 100 grams (about 3 handfuls of blueberries). However, do make sure to eat them in small portions only because their carbs can quickly add up. So, you should add only 8-10 blueberries to your mug cake, adding up to 1-2 grams of net carbs.

    They are also healthy and nutritious with a generous amount of fiber, vitamin C and antioxidant anthocyanins.

    Options for Keto Flour

    In this recipe, I have used a mixture of almond and coconut flour to keep it low carb. However, if you are allergic to almond flour, you can also use sunflower seed flour instead. It measures cup for cup with almond flour.

    Also, make sure that you don’t use coconut flour alone. Coconut flour is quite absorbent and it can make the cake dry out. So, always add it in combination with another flour such as almond or sunflower seed flour. If the batter feels too dry, you can add a few drops of water to make it smoother.

    Oven Instructions

    Usually, mug cakes are baked in the microwave. Microwave the mug cake for 1 minute in an 800-watt microwave. Once it’s out of the microwave stick a spoon inside to check if the ingredients are still wet or if the cake doesn’t seem springy. You can put it back for another 10 seconds if needed. If you are not using a microwave, you can bake blueberries at 350 degrees for 8-10 minutes.

    When the keto mug cake is done, you can add a dollop of homemade keto cream and enjoy it directly from the ramekin. If you want to get a little fancy, turn it out into a plate and serve it with ice cream.

    whipped cream on top of a short cake with blueberries and purple flowers

    What to Bake the Shortcake in -- Mug or Ramekin?

    You can bake your mug shortcake in either mug or ramekin. Usually, I prefer a ramekin as it ensures that the cake is baked evenly. Also, a ramekin is preferred over a mug if you’re baking in the oven as a glass mug can crack due to the high temperature in the oven. For this recipe, you should use an 8 oz or larger ramekin.

    Spray the inside of the ramekin or mug with cooking spray or rub it with oil so that the batter doesn’t stick to the mug.

    Tips to Make the Best Keto Blueberry Shortcake

    First off, you should remember not to overmix the batter. Otherwise, the cake can become dense instead of soft and fluffy. If you are using frozen blueberries, you must thaw them first. Then, drain any excess juice.

    If you want to add a lemony touch to your blueberry mug cake, try adding a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice along with a teaspoon of lemon zest. This will add a slight zing to the sweetness of blueberries and cream.

    Nutritional information & Macros

    Nutrition Information

    Keto Blueberry Shortcake in a Mug

    Servings: 1

    Amount Per Serving
    Calories 251
    Fat 20.1g
    Protein 5.1g
    Total Carbs 13.7g
    Net Carbs 6.8g

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    1. Terrible.
      You state “not to overmix the batter,” yet there is only one tablespoon of melted butter to bind four tablespoons of flour — two of those tablespoons are super absorbent coconut flour!!!
      Without any fat binder, this is nothing but a dry, crumbled mess.

    2. Is this recipe complete? It doesn’t list any liquids. Usually at least an egg or two is needed to make the cake. Also, is it 2 tablespoons of coconut flour or teaspoons? Usually much less coconut flour is needed, which is why I asked.

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