Keto Mug Brownie

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Fudgy, chocolatey, and yet low carb and healthy! The keto mug brownie is the ideal dessert for the carb-conscious sweet tooth. Moreover, it is the ultimate one-minute brownie in the microwave that takes less than 60 seconds to make. Got the late-night craving for chocolate? This sugar-free brownie has got your back!

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Low Carb Microwave Brownie Recipe

three small brownies stacked on each other covered in melted chocolate icing

The keto mug brownie is, hands down, the easiest and quickest way to treat yourself or your favorite person. Despite its moist and dense chocolate texture, the microwave keto brownie is good for you and the perfect dessert for those who are tired of swatting their hands off the chocolate bars or carb heavy desserts that scatter the workplace. Thanks to the unique superfood cacao powder blend from Cacao Bliss, whom I partnered with for this recipe, this keto brownie has a flavor that can’t be beat. It’s a chocolate brownie with hints of cinnamon and turmeric for the ultimate chocolate experience.

Given that the brownie is low in carbs, it also makes an appropriate addition to your keto diet. It is quick and simple to make too! Everything can be mixed together in a mug or small square baking dish and in minutes, you have a delicious low carb brownie!

What’s more? When you know that the brownie keeps your portions controlled, you know you can also take the liberty to add chocolate chunks and sugar-free icing to it. Easy keto brownie doesn’t get better than this!

stacks of brownies on a wire rack with cacao bliss in the background and some milk

What is Cacao Bliss?

Cacao Bliss is every chocolate lover’s hope to guilt-free chocolate consumption! It is raw cocoa powder that contains superfoods. The ingredients that make Cacao Bliss include cinnamon, Himalayan salt, turmeric, mesquite, and MCT oil.
It is the magic ingredient to make this delicious keto mug brownie. Cacao Bliss is also 100% USDA certified organic, free of unhealthy sugars and gluten free!

Imagine your mouth full of decadent chocolate, brain being fueled by MCT oil, and powerful superfoods helping your body with every bite of this decadent one minute keto brownie.

a bag of cacao bliss next to four brownie bites covered in chocolate

Substitute for Cacao Bliss

If Cacao Bliss is not your choice, use any pure 100% unsweetened cocoa powder. Make sure you grab the one that is unsweetened. There are some cocoa powders that have added sugar in them. Since Cacao Bliss is sweetened, you still shouldn’t need to add additional sweetener to this recipe since this low carb mug brownie already has monkfruit sweetener in it.

brownies sitting on a white rack with cocoa powder near by

Nut Free Substitutions

If you have a nut allergy or doesn’t like the texture of almond flour. No problem. There are ways you can modify the keto mug brownie recipe to make it delicious. Try substituting the almond flour with sunflower seed flour. It measures cup for cup with almond flour so you shouldn’t have to do any calculations to get the right proportion.

Eggless Keto Brownies

This brownie recipe doesn’t use any egg, so if you have an egg allergy or are a true vegetarian, then you will be delighted to know this sugar-free brownie was made for you! You can also substitute the heavy cream for nut milk and the butter for a vegan friendly butter if you wish to make a completely vegan friendly keto brownie.

multiple stacks of small brownies

The Mug Brownie is a Portion Controlled Low Carb Dessert

Perhaps, the biggest advantage of making easy keto brownie for the carb-conscious is how it is portion controlled. You can control your keto sweets intake by making just one brownie at a time since this is a single serve recipe. It is also less effort taking than making a whole batch, keeping leftovers, and indulging in excess that you know will make you feel guilty later.

gooey brownies stacked up

What to Serve With Brownies?

The brownie is best served with whipped cream or low carb ice cream. Or you can drizzle some melted sugar-free chocolate on top if you are a chocolate lover!

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  1. Annie, this was amazing and turned out perfect. My kids gobbled them up not knowing they were keto. I will be making these brownies again and adding nuts.

  2. Ahh so sad… your recipe “Print Recipe”button doesn’t work! Lovely brownie video! Will write them all out and make them one day soon!

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