Air Fryer Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies


A batch of golden brown, gooey keto chocolate chips are easy to whip up when you bake them in your air fryer.

The keto diet and chocolate chip cookies? Yes you can! Whether you want your traditional Grandma’s chocolate chip cookie (but keto), or a single cookie you can make in the microwave, or this chocolate chip cookie you can make in the air fryer, the keto diet has a cookie for you!

Low Carb Chocolate Chip Cookies in the Air Fryer

a plate of chocolate chip cookies with chips scattered around and an air fryer behind

If you haven’t tried making keto chocolate chip cookies in the air fryer you are missing out!

Using the air fryer toasted the outside of the cookie to a perfect golden brown while leaving the inside gooey and but baked to perfection. This easy keto cookie recipe is one that you can make up ahead of time and just bake when those cookie cravings hit.

You will come back again and again to this keto chocolate chip cookie recipe. They will remind you of grandma’s cookies only low carb!

How does an air fryer bake cookies?

An air fryer works by circulating hot air around around your food, similar to a convection oven. When it comes to baking cookies, the hot air targets every side, top and bottom so you are getting even baking at every degree. This bakes up the keto cookie faster and creates a gooey chocolatey cookie.

a black philips air fryer

Air Fryer Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe Video

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Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies In The Air Fryer Ingredients

Air Fryer Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies Directions

  • Air Fryer Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Although it’s not necessary but highly recommended, refrigerating the dough before baking helps to harden the dough so it will keep your cookie from spreading when it bakes. It also helps to meld the flavors together. I usually refrigerate all cookies before baking as it yields a more flavorful, buttery keto cookie.

    How do I know when my air fryer keto cookies are done?

    Air fryer keto chocolate chip cookies bake a little bit differently than they do in the oven. When cookies are baked in the oven, they start to get browned around the edges. When you bake a cookie in the air fryer, you need to look at the top of the cookie to check for doneness. The top should begin to brown along the top and the sides when it is finished cooking. This is important because every air fryer is different in terms of cooking times and temperature.

    gooey center of a chocolate chip cookie stacked on top and half bitten

    You can use any add-ins you want to make these keto chocolate chip cookies. Try adding nuts, like pecans or macadamia nuts. You can even use sugar-free white chocolate chips. Or even add a teaspoon of espresso powder to amplify that chocolate flavor.

    If you found this recipe and you don’t have an air fryer and are wondering if you can bake these keto chocolate chip cookies in the oven, this section is for you! You absolutely can bake these delicious egg-free keto cookies in the oven.

    Simply add your dough balls to a parchment lined baking try and bake in a 350 degree oven for 6 to 8 minutes. Let them continue to cool on the baking tray after removing them from the oven before transferring the cookies to a wire rack.

    chocolate chip cookies on a plate

    Keto cookies storage

    Nothing beats a warm keto chocolate chip cookie fresh out of the air fryer, but there is no way you can finish all those delicious gooey cookies on your own unless you are making them for other people. If you happen to have extras, you can store them for up to 4 days in an airtight container at room temperature or in the fridge. Keto cookies tend to dry out quickly because there isn’t any sugar in them to help hold onto the moisture.

    You can also store the keto cookie dough. This works great if you make your dough in bulk. Store the cookie dough in ball form or in a giant ball wrapped in plastic in the refrigerator for up to 5 days. You can also freeze the cookie dough for up to a month. Just thaw the dough out in the fridge or the counter before you bake them in the air fryer or oven.

    Other keto cookies to try

    I am not sure if the keto diet would be as easy if we could not occasionally indulge in low carb cookies that compete with traditional cookies. Here are a few of my favorites!


    Nutritional information & Macros

    Nutrition Information

    Air Fryer Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Servings: 24

    Amount Per Serving
    Calories 75
    Fat 7.4g
    Protein 0.5g
    Total Carbs 2.5g
    Net Carbs 0.6g

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    1. These are great! Instead of just chilling the dough, I made it into a cookie dough log in parchment paper and put it into a split paper towel core to keep it from flattening on one side. I refrigerated them until they were really solid. It worked like a charm! I was able to slice off a few to cook for a late night snack without having to flatten them at all.This recipe is definitely a keeper! Thank you!

      1. I have made these several times and they don’t need an egg. When they fall apart, it’s because they haven’t been cooled completely before handling. They have to be cool to the touch. They are similar to a shortbread cookie which don’t have eggs. That being said, you can certainly add an egg, it won’t hurt it.

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