Keto Frosted Animal Cookies

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A sugar-free, gluten-free version of your favorite childhood cookie! These keto frosted animal cookies are bright, colorful, delicious and will bring back memories of your favorite white and pink coated circus animal treat.

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Keto Frosted Animal Cookies Ingredients

Keto Frosted Animal Cookies Directions

  • Keto Frosted Animal Cookies
  • Sugar Free Frosted Animal Cookies Recipe

    plate of keto frosted animal cookies with three animals leaving the tribeThese keto cookies will stir up fun childhood memories when you baked them. Keto frosted animal cookies recipe tastes just like the kind your mom used to pack in your lunchbox. The bright, colorful circus cookie made such an impression on me growing up that I had to recreate a sugar free verison of this favorite cookie.These sugar-free frosted animal cookies have a delicate crunch to them and are coated with a keto white chocolate frosting and dipped in sprinkles. The flavor is unreal! This is one treat that my kids can get on board with because the animal shapes are so fun. Plus they love cookies that are colored and have sprinkles on them! I love that I can pack a few in their lunchbox when they go to school and not have to worry that they will have a sugar high later on.keto animal cookie cut in half with sprinkles

    The Sugar Free Frosting on Keto Circus Animal Cookies

    sugar free frosted animal cookies coated with white chocolate and sprinkles on a plate with a bag of choczero chipsThe sugar-free frosting used in this recipe is actually melted white chocolate. But when you dip the animal cracker in white chocolate, it tastes just like frosted animal cookies!The sugar free white chocolate I like to use is by ChocZero. They have a line of keto approved baking chips that don’t contain any sugar alcohols – great option if you are trying to avoid those.The other benefit to using melted white chocolate is you can easily add a few drops of food coloring to dye the frosting. The melted chocolate coats nicely around the animal shape and dries as a hard shell.

    Sugar Free Keto Sprinkles

    pearl sprinkles decorated on sugar free animal cookiesSprinkles are a must have when making low carb frosted animal cookies! You have a couple of options when selecting sprinkles. Unfortunately, the traditional rainbow, multicolored nonpareils sprinkles you see sprinkled on store bought circus cookies are not available as a sugar-free option.If you are going for an authentic looking animal cookie, then just use these multicolored nonpareil sprinkles. Sure these sprinkles do contain sugar but you are only sprinkling a tiny amount of sprinkles that it won’t make a huge difference in carb count.If you want to stay completely sugar-free, then use these sugar-free keto sprinkles by Stoka. They aren’t the traditional round sprinkles you see on these cookies but they will still work!

    Is Food Coloring Keto?

    Most food coloring is keto approved. Make sure you food dye doesn’t have an sugars in it. Some of the cake and cookie decorating dyes can have additional sugars. Make sure you read the label.cutting out animal shapes in the keto cookie doughTo make keto animal crackers, you need to have small animal shaped cookie cutters with a variety of animals. These ones are the closet animal cutouts I found. They have the giraffe, cat, horse and fish in this set.

    Importance of Sifting Keto Flours

    fine texture of sifted almond flourFrosted animal crackers have a delicate crumb since they don’t contain egg to help bind the cookie together. To achieve a texture similar to store bought animal cookies, I highly recommend sifting the almond and coconut flours together. Do not skip this step if possible. Sifting the flours and dry ingredients will give the perfect texture inside the cookie.Another important step when making these keto frosted animal cookies is to refrigerate the dough before rolling out, cutting the dough and before baking the punched out cookie shapes. Refrigerating the dough helps to harden the dough so it will be easier to roll out and cut shapes from. It will keep your cookie from spreading when baking too. If the butter gets too warm before baking, your cookies may spread too much on the tray as they bake.Refrigerating cookie dough helps to meld the flavors together so you get a buttery, vanilla cookie.keto animal cirus cookies on a wire rackSometimes your cookies can still spread when baking even if you refrigerate your cookie dough. However, I have an easy fix for you, but you have to act fast before your animal cookies cool. Using a knife, you can push the edges of the cookie in and mold the cookie to return to the desired shape. You must do this step immediately when they come out of the oven since the dough will still be pliable.Let the cookies cool completely on the baking tray before transferring them to a wire rack. The cookies are very soft and delicate when they first come out of the oven so don’t try to pick them up! Once the cookies have completely cooled, they will be hardened and easy to pick up.Since this keto cookie recipe does require time, you may want to break up the steps and only make the animal cookie dough on one day and bake them on another. As with most keto cookies, you can store the dough in the refrigerator or freezer until you are ready to roll them out and bake them. Not only does this help the flavors come together, it’s a great way to meal prep cookies so that you can always have some on hand for when cravings hit or when you want to bake with your kids.Store keto animal cookie dough wrapped in plastic wrap and then place in a freezer safe bag. Store in the refrigerator or the freezer.To bake your cookies from frozen, let them sit at room temperature for 5 minutes rolling out the dough and cutting shapes. Proceed with the remaining steps of the recipe.Once baked, store your sugar free cookies in an air tight container.

    Eggless Keto Cookies

    If you or your kids have an egg allergy, this will be your go-to keto cookie recipe! These keto frosted animal cookies are not made using eggs!

    Nutritional information & Macros

    Nutrition Information

    Keto Frosted Animal Cookies

    Servings: 36

    Amount Per Serving
    Calories 74
    Fat 6.3g
    Protein 0.8g
    Total Carbs 3.4g
    Net Carbs 0.7g

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