18 Keto Seafood Recipes

Do you know about the benefits of eating seafood? Seafood is full of protein and omega-3 fatty acids! Most seafood is considered a lean meat with mostly protein, but you can get fattier fish options like salmon or Chilean sea bass.

Seafood also has many different types that you can try, including clams, shrimp, oysters, tuna and salmon. You don’t have to eat it every day for these benefits though – just two servings per week is enough! Try this collection of amazing keto seafood recipes.

yummy bacon wrapped cod
15 Mins
Bacon Wrapped Cod

This recipe for bacon wrapped cod is incredible. Even if you aren’t a big fan of fish, you will appreciate how flavorful this dish is. Bacon makes...

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Metal chopsticks holding a california roll filled with crab, cucumber and avocado.
25 Mins
Keto Sushi

When you feel like sushi but want to skip the rice and extra carbs, make keto sushi at home using this simple recipe that uses a suitable replacement...

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close up of grilled shrimp
42 Mins
Keto Grilled Firecracker Shrimp

Spicy, juicy shrimp cooked on the grill is the perfect meal. Serve at a potluck, BBQ or on your dinner plate, it’s always a crowd pleaser.

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bacon wrapped shrimp with side of sriracha mayo
27 Mins
Bacon Wrapped Shrimp with Sriracha Mayo

Grilled jumbo shrimp wrapped in crispy bacon is a hit recipe that you can serve as a keto appetizer or enjoy as your main dinner. Kick up the flavor...

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juicy tender rockfish fish fried in an almond flour crust and drizzled with a lemon cream sauce and topped with tarragon and lemon slices
20 Mins
Almond Flour Crusted Fried Rockfish Fillets with a Lemon Cream Sauce

Almond flour crusted rockfish fillets topped with a creamy, lemon and garlic sauce will please the pickiest of eaters. Pacific rockfish fillets are...

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juicy grilled salmon on a dinner plate with asparagus
10 Mins
Easy Grilled Salmon

Grilled salmon is healthy, tasty, and easy to cook. It is the perfect summer entrée for friends, family, the health-conscious, as well as the...

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a bowl of shrimp fried cauliflower rice with a fork next to it
10 Mins
Keto Shrimp Fried Rice

Classic keto shrimp fried rice made low carb using cauliflower rice is a tasty, easy keto dinner recipe you can throw together in 10 minutes!

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keto salmon on a plate next to cauliflower rice and green vegetables
15 Mins
Air Fryer Salmon

If you want perfectly cooked salmon every time, you have to cook it in the air fryer. This easy air fryer salmon recipe is simple yet yields the best...

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a plate of juicy scallops dredge in a garliky cream sauce
15 Mins
Air Fryer Scallops

Looking to impress some guests but don’t have much time to cook? Topped with a buttery, lemon cream sauce, these air fryer scallops are the way to...

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shrimp on top of a salad with bursting tomatoes and cilantro
18 Mins
Sheet Pan Shrimp

Cilantro lime sheet pan shrimp is a light dish loaded with flavor. Top over cauliflower rice or a salad. The cilantro lime marinade adds a little...

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close up of a cucumber bite topped with salmon and cream cheese
5 Mins
Salmon Cucumber Bites

Cool, refreshing, and tasty keto snack? Yes, please! These easy salmon cucumber bites are the perfect keto appetizer if you want a quick snack. All...

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a wooden spoon holding shrimp with tails on
15 Mins
Garlic Butter Shrimp

Garlic butter shrimp is easy to make, super versatile, and incredibly delicious. This simple keto shrimp recipe only calls for a few basic...

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