15 Keto Seafood Recipes

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Do you know about the benefits of eating seafood? Seafood is full of protein and omega-3 fatty acids! Most seafood is considered a lean meat with mostly protein, but you can get fattier fish options like salmon or Chilean sea bass.

Seafood also has many different types that you can try, including clams, shrimp, oysters, tuna and salmon. You don’t have to eat it every day for these benefits though – just two servings per week is enough! Try this collection of amazing keto seafood recipes.

looking onto a large bowl of shrimp and grit sprinkled with black pepper and herbs
30 Mins
Keto Shrimp and Grits

Keto shrimp and grits is the perfect creamy and cheesy breakfast with buttery, spicy shrimp on top. This recipe for keto grits is easy to make and a...

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fluffy scrambled eggs in a skillet covered with dried dill
4 Mins
Smoked Salmon Breakfast Scramble

Silky scrambled eggs are mixed with smoked salmon and dill to create a surprisingly delicious breakfast you can make just a few minutes. The...

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cheesy baked cod fish in a casserole dish topped with tomatoes
12 Mins
Fiesta Baked Cod

This baked cod recipe only requires 4 ingredients and it comes together in about 10 minutes. Cod fish filets are baked with balsamic vinaigrette and...

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