51 Keto Carnivore Recipes

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The carnivore diet is a way of eating where you only eat animal products – meat, eggs, organs. Strict carnivores eat only beef, water and salt. Others will allow animal based products like jerky, pork rinds, cheese, cream and dairy in their version of the carnivore diet. Whether you are someone that is strict carnivore or like to mix up elements of the carnivore diet and keto diet (aka ketovore), here is a collection of different meat based animal recipes for you.  You can customize these recipes to adjust for your level of carnivore. Adding or omitting dairy and spices/seasonings.

a raw tomahawk steak right after seasoning from salt
35 Mins
Grilled Dry Aged Tomahawk Steak

A tomahawk steak is iconic rib steak with a long rib bone handle perfect for holding as you gnaw on this juicy ribeye like a true carnivore. Grilled...

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juicy grilled salmon on a dinner plate with asparagus
10 Mins
Easy Grilled Salmon

Grilled salmon is healthy, tasty, and easy to cook. It is the perfect summer entrée for friends, family, the health-conscious, as well as the...

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side angle view of cooker pork ribs on a white plater with herbs near
362 Mins
Slow Cooker Pork Ribs

Keto approved and fit for a carnivore, these pork ribs are breeze when slow cooked for several hours in a crock pot.

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juicy fall off the bone short ribs in a white bowl with thyme leaves on top
130 Mins
Easy Keto Carnivore Braised Short Ribs

Tender fall off the bone short ribs are slow cooked in the oven in this easy one pot carnivore recipe. These beef short ribs are seasoned with salt...

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smoked beef back ribs on a baking tray sprinkled with parsley
365 Mins
Carnivore Smoked Beef Ribs

Delectable beef ribs are smoked in a Traeger pellet grill all day long to produce the juiciest, fall-off-the-bone smoked beef ribs fit for a...

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keto salmon on a plate next to cauliflower rice and green vegetables
15 Mins
Air Fryer Salmon

If you want perfectly cooked salmon every time, you have to cook it in the air fryer. This easy air fryer salmon recipe is simple yet yields the best...

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a fork cut into the yolk of an egg cup
15 Mins
Keto Egg Cups

An easy keto breakfast you can meal prep in minutes with just three ingredients - egg, ham and cheese! Keto egg cups are kid approved and a perfect...

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crispy chicken on a white platter
125 Mins
Crispy Smoked Chicken Wings

You haven't had a chicken wing until you have a smoked chicken wing and chicken wings cooked in a smoker turn out crispy with unique flavor all their...

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a group of roasted chicken legs on a plate with parsley and crispy garlic bits
15 Mins
Air Fryer Chicken Legs

Who doesn’t love some amazing, juicy, chicken legs for dinner? With the crispy skin and decadent flavor, they’re a dish made in heaven. To make...

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juicy crispy bacon on a tray
18 Mins
Bacon in the Oven

Do you want to know the secret to perfectly crispy bacon every time? Cook your bacon in the oven! Baking bacon on a sheet pan is the secret to...

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crispy wings on parchment paper served with celery sticks and julienned bell pepper
45 Mins
Keto Salt and Vinegar Wings

Crispy baked keto salt and vinegar wings - the perfect combination of salty and tangy flavors. Great as an appetizer or even for a quick lunch!

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dipping a tortilla chip into queso
10 Mins
Keto Nacho Cheese Sauce

This easy-to-make keto nacho cheese sauce contains a total of four ingredients, and three of them are cheese! Unlike most gluten-free keto queso...

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