51 Keto Carnivore Recipes

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The carnivore diet is a way of eating where you only eat animal products – meat, eggs, organs. Strict carnivores eat only beef, water and salt. Others will allow animal based products like jerky, pork rinds, cheese, cream and dairy in their version of the carnivore diet. Whether you are someone that is strict carnivore or like to mix up elements of the carnivore diet and keto diet (aka ketovore), here is a collection of different meat based animal recipes for you.  You can customize these recipes to adjust for your level of carnivore. Adding or omitting dairy and spices/seasonings.

Juicy blackened chicken breasts on a stainless steel skillet with handles next to a Cajun blend of spices in a dish and parsley.
18 Mins
Blackened Chicken

This easy blackened chicken recipe boasts a robust charred Cajun spice blend that enveloped the tender, juicy chicken breast when cooked quickly over...

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18 Mins
Grilled Flank Steak

For a tender, juicy steak that you can BBQ in less than 10 minutes, make this grilled flank steak recipe. Marinated in a tangy, aromatic mustard herb...

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A plate with katsu chicken over cauliflower rice next to sliced cucumber and pickled ginger.
30 Mins
Keto Chicken Katsu

This keto chicken katsu recipe features tender chicken cutlets encrusted with a crispy blend of pork panko and sesame seeds and fried until golden....

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