Easy Keto Carnivore Braised Short Ribs

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Tender fall off the bone short ribs are slow cooked in the oven in this easy one pot carnivore recipe. These beef short ribs are seasoned with salt and braised in chicken bone broth for several hours to produce the most tender meat.

Easy Keto Carnivore Braised Short Ribs Ingredients

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Keto Braised Short Ribs Recipe

picking up a cooked short rib by the fingers
If you are after tender, juicy, fall off the bone beef, then you must make short ribs! There are many ways to prepare beef short ribs but one of my favorite ways is to braise them in chicken stock. Cooking your short ribs this way is a forgiving method of cooking them. You can let them simmver in the oven, while they bath in bone broth for a few hours or until the pull away from the bone and are fork tender. Since beef short ribs are a bit tougher cut of meat they benefit from cooking at low heat over a longer period of time.

I designed this recipe to for the meat-eaters out there. Those that are on a carnivore diet will appreciate these short ribs are prepared using ingredients from an animal. If you are on a keto diet, you can make the recipe as is or add a few extras like garlic and herbs or vegetables like onions, celery and zucchini. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this recipe for keto carnivore braised short ribs.

If you are on the carnivore diet and looking for other meat recipes, try cooking beef back ribs on the Traeger grill

a black foam container with four raw short ribs in it

What Are Short Ribs?

Beef short ribs come from the area of ribs a little bit farther down closer to the belly of the cow. They tend to have a high fat content which is why they are so tasty and 100% keto and carnivore diet approved. There is a lot of intramuscular fat on short ribs which acts as an insulator to prevent from overcooking the meat.

English vs Franken Cut Short Ribs

There are two cuts of short ribs – English cut and Franken cut. When the ribs are cut into long slabs with bone about 4 to 6 inches in length, the ribs are called “English cut”. When the ribs are cut across the bone yielding each slice with 4 to 5 short sections of bone, the ribs are known as “Franken-style ribs”. Franken style ribs don’t take very long to cook and are best prepared grilled.

In this recipe for carnivore short ribs, we are using English cut ribs.

english cut short ribs on a wooden cutting board with parsley near

How To Buy Short Ribs

If you have ever bought short ribs before, you know they can vary in quality. A better cut of short rib comes from higher up on the ribs, close to where ribeye steaks are cut. The top six inches from this location yields the best short ribs.

Normally, most butchers will include two ribs from this section and two ribs from the lower section. Ribs cut lower have a skimpy amount of meat and really aren’t worth cooking because there’s hardly a lick of meat on them.

What is Braising?

Braising the act of cooking a piece of meat slowly in a moist environment, called the braising liquid. In this keto short rib recipe, we are slow cooking short ribs in chicken broth in the oven at a constant 325 degrees.

short ribs in dutch oven with broth boiling

Best Cooking Liquid for Braising

I usually cook with chicken broth. It’s my go-to braising liquid because it pairs with everything. I don’t always have beef broth on hand, but always have chicken broth. You can definitely cook with beef broth or even just use water for your braising liquid.

I prefer to use chicken bone broth for braising in my keto and carnivore cooking. The bone broth has extra nutrients in it to help with gut and bone health.

a container of chick bone broth by bare bones broth

Dutch Ovens

When it comes to braising meats, it’s best to use a dutch oven as your pot of choice. A dutch oven is often made of castiron and will help your meat and liquid heat evenly and keep a constant cooking temperature thoughout the whole cooking process.

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