Sugar-Free Detoxifying Charcoal Lemonade

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Quirky, new, and delicious – sugar-free charcoal lemonade is a great way of beating the heat. This keto lemonade is also a healthy option to replace sugar-brimming, less healthy summer beverages.

Sugar-Free Detoxifying Charcoal Lemonade Ingredients

Sugar-Free Detoxifying Charcoal Lemonade Directions

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Low Carb Charcoal Lemonade Recipe: Fun Drink with a Detoxifying Twist

two small glasses filled with a black lemonade with striped yellow straws and lemons nearbyMade with activated charcoal, this beverage sports a bold, black hue. It looks no less than a classic black margarita, which makes this recipe great for keto Halloween parties too! Sugar-free lemonade is a favorite but this special lemonade contains an extra ingredient that yields big benefits. The unique ingredient is associated with several health benefits, including detoxification of the body from foreign agents. It also cleanses the digestive tract. Now isn’t that the perfect keto beverage to compliment your nutrition-rich keto diet?What’s more, keto charcoal lemonade takes less than 3 minutes to make. The ingredients used in the lemonade mix are also readily available in all home kitchens.All you will need to make this sugar-free detox lemonade is lemon juice, water, sugar-free sweetener and activated charcoal flecks of charcoal in a black detox lemonade drink

What Does Charcoal Lemonade Taste Like?

Perhaps, the flavor of this black beverage is the most intriguing thing about charcoal detox lemonade. It tastes exactly like a usual lemonade. You will not be able to tell the difference.

Will It Stain Your Teeth?

No, charcoal lemonade will not stain your teeth black. In fact, the exact opposite is true for activated charcoal. Often used in toothpaste, it is known to have teeth whitening ability. You can gulp in several glasses of this detox lemonade without as much getting a speck on your teeth.a small dish with black charcoal next to a container of activated charcoal

What Is Activated Charcoal?

Activated charcoal, also known as activated carbon, is a fine powder made from bone char, petroleum coke, coal, coconut shells, peat, olive pits, or sawdust. It is a food-grade carbon with several health benefits.The carbon-rich materials create activated charcoal after burning at high temperatures. For example, coconut shells is burnt at a temperature of up to 900 degree Celsius to obtain the charcoal we use in the detox lemonade.Once made, it is then used in skincare products, toothpaste, baked goods, water filtration systems, as well as beverages. There are so many uses for activated charcoal.a large cold glass of black detox lemonade with ice cubes

Health Benefits of Detox Charcoal Lemonade

The keto charcoal lemonade is a black, odor-less detox elixir. Since the beverage eliminates foreign agents from the body and cleanses the digestive tract, it leaves your body feeling revitalized and energetic. The sugar-free charcoal lemonade is also beneficial for the skin and weight loss. Since the activated charcoal is natural, it is safe, and without any side effects.The key is to drink it in moderation lest it might cause too much energy to easily fall asleep at the usual bedtime hour. Start with no more than once or twice a week.

Other Uses of Activated Charcoal

From being an ingredient in the kitchens to being used as an antidote in the hospitals, activate charcoal proves to be super-versatile. Its toxin-absorbing ability helps one to get rid of extra fat, foreign agents, as well as poisonous overdoses. Activated charcoal can also be used as:
  • Natural water filter
  • Oral healthcare product
  • Skincare product to treat acne and dull skin
  • Underarm, shoe, and refrigerator deodorant
  • Remedy against skin infection
This is a nice variation to lemonade after you have had a couple of keto vodka lemonades. This detox lemonade will help rid your body from all the alcoholl toxins.a small dish with black charcoal powder in it

Sugar-Free Sweeteners

You can use alternative sweeteners to add flavor in the healthy sugar-free charcoal lemonade. I recommend using a powdered one. It will dissolve better and quicker than a granulated sweetener without sinking to the bottom. You will get a perfectly-sugary beverage with fewer efforts.When making the keto charcoal lemonade, my go-to sweetener is the Confectioners Swerve, just as mentioned in the recipe. Made with erythritol as the main sweetener ingredient, this powdered keto sweetener proves healthy and safe even for the diabetic.It takes almost the same amount as traditional sugar to add the flavor to the drink. Although, those on a keto diet find this conversion to be a little too sweet. So, you could adjust the amount of sweetener to use according to your taste. I find that 1/4 cup is just perfect. But you can use 2 tablespoons if you want to use less sweetener.Other sweeteners that you can use to sweeten keto charcoal lemonade include Monkfruit or liquid stevia. I prefer the powdered Monkfruit by Lakanto. Their blend is twice as concentrated as regular sugar, which means you will add less, resulting in low carb intake. Just 1/4 cup of Lakanto Powdered Monkfruit can sweeten your drink enough.

Nutritional information & Macros

Nutrition Information

Sugar-Free Detoxifying Charcoal Lemonade

Servings: 2

Amount Per Serving
Calories 14
Fat 0g
Protein 0g
Total Carbs 4.8g
Net Carbs 4.6g

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