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Keto Lemon Chaffle with Lemon Icing

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Eat this sweet and tangy lemon chaffle for breakfast or enjoy as a keto dessert. This low carb waffle has a zing to it that will make you want it for every meal!

Keto Lemon Chaffle with Lemon Icing Ingredients

Keto Lemon Chaffle with Lemon Icing Directions

  • 1
    Preheat waffle maker to medium high heat.
  • 2
    Whisk together the chaffle ingredients - egg, cream cheese, almond flour, lemon juice, monk fruit, lemon zest, baking powder and salt.
    mix together lemon chaffle ingredients
  • 3
    Pour lemon chaffle batter into the center of the waffle iron. Close the waffle maker and let cook for 3-5 minutes or until waffle is golden brown and set. If using a mini waffle maker, only pour in half the batter.
    pouring lemon chaffle on waffle maker
  • 4
    Remove chaffle from the waffle maker.
    take out lemon chaffle
  • 5
    Whisk together lemon icing ingredients - powdered erythritol, heavy cream, lemon juice and lemon zest. Pour over lemon chaffle.
    making the keto lemon icing

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Low Carb Lemon Chaffle Recipe

fork cutting into lemon chaffle If you are a fan of lemon, then you will love this keto lemon waffle recipe. The lemon flavored chaffle is topped with a creamy lemon icing instead of syrup. You can enjoy this on the lazy weekend morning or as a low carb dessert. The combination of sweetness and tang from the lemon is delicious.

A Chaffle is a Keto Waffle

The keto waffle made up of mostly egg and cheese is called a chaffle. This recipe uses cream cheese as the cheese element. The cream cheese will provide texture and stability to hold the keto waffle together. Plus it adds a creamy taste and helps to decrease the eggy flavor from the egg.

Fresh squeezed lemon juice and zest are added to this chaffle to give it an authentic lemon flavor. If you don’t have a lemon, you could substitute with bottled lemon juice and omit the zest; however, the chaffle might not have as concentrated of a lemon flavor.

Waffle Makers

teal chaffle waffle maker sitting on a counter all lonely and by itself One of the most popular waffle makers for making chaffles is the waffle maker by Dash. It is small and makes the perfect Eggo sized chaffle. It will make two chaffles for one serving of batter.

Larger waffle makers work well for making chaffles too. This waffle maker by Oster is an excellent option. It has an adjustable temperature knob so you can crank up the heat to get a crisp waffle.

Chaffle Making Tip #1: Pour the waffle batter in the center of the waffle maker. Don’t try to spread it out. The chaffle batter will spread out on its own once the waffle maker is closed.

Chaffle Making Tip #2: There is no need to grease the waffle iron before cooking chaffles. Most waffle irons have a non-stick coating and the cheese in the chaffle has a lot of fat and it gets released when cooking which helps to keep the waffle from sticking.

Chaffle Making Tip #3: You chaffle needs to cook for a long time. If you open up the waffle maker and it is slab of melted cheese, close it up and let the waffle cook some more. It will thicken and harden the longer it cooks.

Is Lemon Keto?

Lemon is keto! Lemon is a fruit that is very low in carbohydrates so it is often used in low carb cooking or baking.

Chaffle Storage and Reheating Instructions

Chaffles can be stored in the refrigerator or frozen. If you are going to freeze your chaffles, be sure to flash freeze them on a plate for about 30 minutes before packing them all together in a freezer safe bag.

To reheat chaffle, use a toaster or oven to heat through and crisp up.

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