Keto Caramel Candy


Homemade soft, chewy keto caramels made without using a candy thermometer

Just like Grandma used to make, these keto caramels are soft chewy and easy to make. No need to use a candy thermometer or make up keto sweetened condensed milk for these sugar-free caramels made from scratch.

When I crave something sweet, I have a few favorites I turn to. These sugar cookies are a classic and not just for the holidays. And these cookie dough truffles are always a hit.

Candy making doesn’t have to be frustrating. You don’t need to fiddle with a candy thermometer or fuss over making a sugar-free version of sweetened condensed milk first. Homemade caramels can be easy to make with the right recipe and instructions. You need just 5 ingredients and about 15 minutes (plus cooling) to achieve a perfectly chewy caramel candy that is meant for the holidays, gifting to friends and family or to treat yourself.

How to make keto caramel candies

Making homemade candy will be a breeze if you have all of your ingredients prepped and candy molds ready to go. Don’t plan on doing anything else. You will want to park yourself up against the stove for about 10 minutes while these candies cook. They need your constant stirring and attention to make sure you get them to the right stage so you are left with soft, chewy caramel chews instead of liquid caramel syrup.

  1. Melt the butter over medium heat. Continue heating until brown butter forms, which is when you get those brown bits at the bottom and a nutty aroma fills the air. Brown butter makes the best flavored caramels.
  2. Reduce heat to low medium and stir in sugar-free caramel syrup, sugar-free sweetener, heavy cream and salt. Continue cooking and stirring until the mixture starts to bubble and boil.
  3. Continue cooking at low medium heat until the mixture starts to foam and froth. It will start to thicken up. Continue stirring until you notice that when your spoon scrapes the bottom of the pan, you can see the bottom of the pan. This will take about 1-2 minutes from the time it starts to foam and froth. Remove the pan from the stovetop.
  4. Immediately pour into candy molds and refrigerate until hardened.

ingredients for caramels including butter, sweetener, salt, syrup and heavy cream

Key ingredients

  • Butter: To give our caramel flavor and fat, we add unsalted butter. For additional flavor, cook the butter until brown butter forms.
  • Sugar-free caramel syrup: Some caramel recipes will use corn syrup in order to help produce that tacky, chewy consistency. Corn syrup is loaded with fructose and not keto-friendly. However, in it’s place we can use a sugar-free syrup by ChocZero. This is the only syrup that I use for making keto candy. Their syrup is made from soluble corn fiber and it is sugar-free and sugar alcohol free.
  • Sweetener: Sugar-free sweetener is used for sweetness of course. When making caramels from scratch, you can use a monkfruit blend sweetener or allulose sweetener.
  • Heavy cream: To make our caramel creamy, we add a little bit of heavy cream. You can omit this if you don’t tolerate heavy cream but I highly suggest you add it because this is the key ingredient to get it to taste like Grandma made it!
  • Salt: To help enhance the sweetness plus to give it that slight salted caramel flavor, we add a pinch of salt.
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Keto Caramels Ingredients

Keto Caramel Candy Directions

  • Keto Caramel Candy
  • a caramel chew bitten in half

    What kind of candy molds are needed to make caramel candy?

    The final step in candy making is to pour it into a candy and let it set. The liquid caramel candy can be poured into a silicone candy mold or into a small glass dish, lined with parchment paper. If using a glass dish, place in the refrigerator to harden and then cut into rectangles with a knife.

    How do I store sugar-free caramels?

    Keto caramels can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 1 month. You even freeze the caramels if you find they last you long than a month; however, I doubt that will happen.

    The caramel candy can be stored at room temperature for a short period of time but it does start of soften.

    What should I do if my caramel is too soft?

    If your caramel is too soft, that means you didn’t let it cook long enough. Not to worry, just add it back to your pan and cook it again. Cook the caramel over low-medium heat until it starts to boil again and get thick and frothy. Continue cooking for an additional 3-4 minutes or until the mixture is very thick the candy starts to form ribbons if you raise up your spoon.

    Nutritional information & Macros

    Nutrition Information

    Keto Caramel Candy

    Servings: 30

    Amount Per Serving
    Calories 15
    Fat 1.1g
    Protein 0g
    Total Carbs 2g
    Net Carbs 0.1g

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    1. Oh Amazing Annie~ it’s you again, & of course it is! I should have known you’d figure out a quickie/simple version of caramel candy~ have I mentioned I adore you for it?! I’ve been working on an “old fashioned” version for awhile, but seriously, sometimes I just want a quick treat w/some coffee or tea, & this is perfect.=) Thanks so much for all you do~ lots of grateful low-carbers out here! =)

    2. I just made these and they are absolutely delicious!! I followed the recipe exactly and no one in my house can tell they’re low carb. I doubled the recipe and then made a second batch. I put them over pecan pieces and dipped them in sugar free dark chocolate. A perfectly sweet guilt free snack. Thank you!!

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