Keto Takis


A keto version of the famous spicy rolled corn chip

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For those who can't resist the heat, keto takis are gluten free, rolled low carb chips dusted with a spicy lime flavored seasoning.

Takis have their own cult following. Those who love Takis, really love Takis. So I had to make a low carb version for those who miss their favorite snack chip. I used a similar recipe to my keto corn chips and Doritos and made these crunchy, spicy rolled chips!

a tray with takis sits next to a purple bag of fuego takis

There are different Taki flavors out there, but I’m tackling the Fuego flavor today as it is the most popular. Use my base keto tortilla chip recipe, I roll the dough into tubes then fry them in avocado oil. The Fuego seasoning was a little complex to match.

Not only are Fuego Takis spicy and obviously contain a mixture of chile peppers rather than just chili powder, but it has a slightly sweet and tangy note of lime.  For the chile pepper flavor, I settled on a mixture of chili powder, cayenne pepper and habanero powder. For the sweetened hint of lime flavor, instead of using lime juice which might make the rolled chips soggy, I used small amount of a sugar-free citrus drink powder. This is an electrolyte powder, so it adds additional salt to enhance the flavor of the keto Takis.

How to make takis

  1. Make rolled chips. Combine almond flour, unflavored protein powder, xanthan gum and salt. Roll very thing. Punch out small circles. Roll into tubes.
  2. Fry the chips in avocado oil until golden.
  3. Make Takis seasoning by combing chili powder, lime drink powder, powdered cayenne pepper, habanero pepper powder and garlic powder.
  4. Dust homemade Takis in the seasoning by adding to a ziploc bag or bowl and toss the rolled chips in the Taki seasoning.

three homemade takis sit next to each other lined up

Keto Takis Recipe Video

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Keto Takis Ingredients

Keto Takis Directions

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a baking sheet with rolled chips that look like taquitos on it in front of a chip bag

What are Takis?

Takis are a rolled corn chip that are dusted with an intense spicy flavor. They come in different flavors like Fuego, Nitro and Blue Heat; however, Fuego is the most popular flavor.

Many people describe Takis as tasting sour, salty and spicy. It’s definitely requires an acquired taste to enjoy this unique flavor blend.

orange takis spilling out of a bowl with takis seasoning behind it

Ways to use keto takis or the seasoning

Besides just enjoying a handful of Takis as a snack, this favorite rolled corn chip is used for other recipes. These were made popular on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

Here are some different ways people are using takis:

  • Taki Chicken: Crush up bag of Fuego Takis and use the crumbs as a coating for fried chicken.
  • Taki Flavored Mozzarella Sticks: Make homemade mozzarella sticks with string cheese, egg wash and crushed takis for the coating.
  • Taki Salad: Add crushed takis on top of your favorite salad for crunch and spice.

Storage information

Store homemade takis in a ziploc bag or air tight container at room temperature. Takis should stay fresh for up to 2 weeks.

Nutritional information & Macros

Nutrition Information

Keto Takis

Servings: 5

Amount Per Serving
Calories 105
Fat 7.6g
Protein 4g
Total Carbs 6g
Net Carbs 1.8g

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  1. I grew up obsessed with takis & spicy Doritos. I absolutely have to try this. Thank you for sharing this recipe! :’)

  2. Why isn’t msg included in the recipe? Takis are loaded with it and I feel like it would make a fuller experience

    1. LOL! That’s the beauty of this recipe. It is “cleaner” and doesn’t require any added junk for flavoring. These are just as delicious.

  3. First of all keto takis do not need msg because it os good already honey thank u for shareing this repice it is really good

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