58 Keto Appetizers Recipes

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a large bark of yogurt with frozen blackberries
75 Mins
Frozen Yogurt Bark

Frozen yogurt bark makes a delicious keto snack to beat the heat in the hot weather. You can customize your bark by adding berries and coconut to low...

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crispy wings on parchment paper served with celery sticks and julienned bell pepper
45 Mins
Keto Salt and Vinegar Wings

Crispy baked keto salt and vinegar wings - the perfect combination of salty and tangy flavors. Great as an appetizer or even for a quick lunch!

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a tray of fried deviled eggs filled with a smoky roasted pepper filling
22 Mins
Fried Deviled Eggs

If you love deviled eggs, you absolutely must take this recipe to the next level by making fried deviled eggs! The creamy filling made with a roasted...

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close up of a cucumber bite topped with salmon and cream cheese
5 Mins
Salmon Cucumber Bites

Cool, refreshing, and tasty keto snack? Yes, please! These easy salmon cucumber bites are the perfect keto appetizer if you want a quick snack. All...

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a stack of raspberry granola bars next to white chips and a bowl of fresh raspberries
35 Mins
Keto Raspberry White Chocolate Granola Bars

The perfect low carb sweet snack or breakfast on the go! This is a crunchy low carb granola bar recipe that contains fresh raspberries and sugar free...

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a white bowl with a bunch of seasoned almonds in it topped with rosemary
40 Mins
Rosemary Garlic Roasted Almonds

Look no further for a delicious yet healthy alternative to your favorite salty snacks. Oven roasted almonds infused with garlic and rosemary flavors...

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a bowl with crunchy buffalo cauliflower
15 Mins
Buffalo Cauliflower

Buffalo cauliflower is a quick and easy keto approved meal that you can make in the oven or air fryer. These spicy cauliflower bites are similar to...

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pumpkin seeds in a black bowl next to chocolate powder and an orange pumpkin
25 Mins
Chocolate Pumpkin Seeds

After carving your pumpkins for Halloweens, make a sweet & salty snack out of those pumpkin seeds! These chocolate pumpkin seeds a sweet and crunchy...

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a plate of little bacon wrapped brussel sprouts with a bowl of ranch next to them and topped with chopped parsley
30 Mins
Bacon Wrapped Brussel Sprouts

Wrapping bacon around a brussel sprout and coating it with maple syrup will turn the pickiest of eaters into a huge fan of these bacon wrapped...

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looking down onto a skillet with cheesy buffalo dip inside and celery sticks near by
20 Mins
Buffalo Chicken Dip

Three types of cheese are melted into a buffalo chicken sauce and topped with more crumble blue cheese. Scoop this up with celery or chips, but it's...

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crispy tortilla chips in a pile
10 Mins
Keto Tortilla Chips

Crunch on your favorite snack chip - the tortilla chips - with this keto tortilla chip recipe. These chips are super crispy and perfect for scooping...

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a bunch of tortilla chips coated with ranch seasoning
15 Mins
Keto Cool Ranch Doritos

These keto cool ranch doritos taste like the real thing. Crispy low carb tortilla chips are dusted with a unique ranch seasoning and it only takes...

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