268 Keto Kid Friendly Recipes

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If you are on a keto diet, it’s easiest if you feed the whole family low carb meals – especially for dinner. That way you don’t have to cook two meals. It can be hard to find keto friendly meals the whole family will love. Lucky for you, I have done all the hard work for you and put my kids and husband to the test. All of these keto recipes are kid friendly and husband approved.

two big bowls of keto white chicken chili for dinner
25 Mins
Keto White Chicken Chili

Creamy keto white chicken chili made with tender chicken thighs, cauliflower rice and a spicy, creamy broth. This beanless white chili recipe is a...

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two bowls of keto lasagna soup with ricotta and mozzarella cheese on top
15 Mins
Instant Pot Easy Keto Lasagna Soup

Keto lasagna is possible in the Instant Pot and you can enjoy an easy dinner in minutes. Perfect for busy families and weeknight when you aren't sure...

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sugar free white chocolate cream cheese frosting decorated on a red velvet cake
5 Mins
Keto White Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting

What's better than sugar free cream cheese frosting? How about keto white chocolate cream cheese frosting! Perfect on low carb cupcakes and sugar...

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frosted keto red velvet mug cake on a white cake stand with flowers
5 Mins
Keto Red Velvet Mug Cake Recipe

Red velvet is a popular cake flavor around Valentine's Day and Christmas thanks to it's beautiful red color. Only the die hard red velvet fans will...

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neat stack of keto red velvet waffles with a dollup of frosting
6 Mins
Keto Red Velvet Waffle Recipe

These red velvet chaffles are fluffy, spongy and they make the perfect Valentine's Day breakfast for your loved ones or sweetheart!

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stack of sugar free shortbread cookies wrapped in red string
153 Mins
Keto Shortbread Cookies

A tender, buttery keto cookie with lots of flavor and tons of versatility to cutout into any cookie shape you desire. These keto shortbread cookies...

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chewy keto chocolate chip cookie with melted chips
3 Mins
Keto Chocolate Chip Cookie for One

A single serving for a soft, chewy keto chocolate chip cookie that you can make in minutes. Instructions for air fryer, oven and microwave baking to...

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keto smash burger with all the fixings on a bun
13 Mins
Juicy Low Carb Smash Burgers

The way to have a juicy hamburger you can sink your teeth in is to smash it. Smash burgers have a juicy interior and a crispy outer edge. It's the...

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slice of keto taco pie with layers of beef
31 Mins
Keto Taco Pie

All of your favorite taco fixings are loaded on top of a gluten-free low carb pie crust to create an easy keto taco pie your whole family will love.

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whole steak fajita keto pie with cheese and jalapenos
31 Mins
Keto Steak Fajita Pie

Keto Steak Fajita Pie is the perfect way to use leftover fajita meat or any leftover steak that needs to be used up. Steak is combined with pepper...

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bowl of fajita steak over shirataki rice
365 Mins
Keto Steak and Peppers in the Slow Cooker

This budget friendly, easy keto dinner is one that you can prep the night before or morning of. Let this keto steak and peppers dinner cook in the...

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keto bread bowl filled with power provisions soup
23 Mins
Keto Bread Bowl

Enjoy a comforting bowl of your favorite soup in a homemade keto bread bowl.

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