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Keto Red Red Velvet Waffle Recipe

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If you are a red velvet fan, you will want to have these keto red velvet waffles for breakfast all the time. This makes the perfect Valentine's Day breakfast for your loved ones or sweetheart!

Keto Red Red Velvet Waffle Recipe Ingredients

Keto Red Red Velvet Waffle Recipe Directions

  • 1
    Plug in waffle maker to preheat.
    teal green waffle maker
  • 2
    Whisk together all of the ingredients. Add a few drops of red food coloring to achieve desired shade of pink or red.
    pink colored red velvet waffle batter in a bowl
  • 3
    Pour about 1/3 of the red velvet batter into the waffle maker if using a mini waffle maker. If using a large waffle maker, pour all of the batter. Close the waffle maker and let cook for 3-5 minutes or until waffle is golden brown and set. Waffle is meant to be spongy and will not crisp up, so cook until set and browned.
    keto red velvet waffle batter in a waffle maker
  • 4
    Remove chaffle from the waffle maker and serve.
    sugar free red velvet waffles on a plate with some flowers

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Low Carb Red Velvet Waffle Recipe

stack of keto red velvet waffles topped with cream cheese frosting on the breakfast table If you are a fan of red velvet cake, you will LOVE these keto red velvet waffles! They have all the flavors of red velvet cake - sweet, tangy and a hint of chocolate. You will want to make these for breakfast often or save them for a special breakfast, like for your loved one on Valentine’s Day or Christmas morning.

These waffles are fluffy and tender. Top with a dollup of keto white chocolate cream cheese frosting for an extra special treat in the morning.

What is Red Velvet?

Red velvet is atraditional cake flavor that is red, red-brown or scarlet colored and contains buttermilk and chocolate. It is usually paired with a cream cheese frosting.

What is a Chaffle?

Chaffles are keto waffles that are easy to make and are mostly made out of egg and cheese. Some chaffle recipes call for shredded cheese and some use cream cheese. In this recipe, we use cream cheese because this is a sweet waffle and cream cheese has a mild flavor that won’t overwhelm the buttermilk and cocoa powder flavors in the red velvet. The cream cheese also provides texture and stability to hold the keto waffle together. It gives the chaffle a creamy taste and will cut down the eggy taste from the egg.

How to Make a Red Velvet Waffle Cake

If you absolutely love red velvet, you may consider turning these waffles into a keto red velvet chaffle cake! This is the easiest keto cake you can make in under 10 minutes and it would be the perfect Valentine’s Day dessert!

To make a red velvet waffle cake, double the recipe above. Prepare all of your keto red velvet chaffles first. While your waffles are cooking, make the sugar free white chocolate cream cheese frosting.

dollup of keto white chocolate cream cheese frosting

Once your waffles are cooled, start to assemble your cake. Lay down one waffle, spread cream cheese frosting on top and lay down a second waffle. Continue to lay down the tiers of your cake until you have used up all of your waffles or have reached your desired height. Add keto cream cheese frosting to the outside and serve!

Waffle Makers

silver mini dash waffle maker for keto waffles There are many waffles makers on the market that you can use to make keto waffles and chaffles. The waffle maker by Dash is very popular with the keto community because it makes the perfect sized waffle similar to an Eggo waffle. This is also the preferred waffle maker if you are going to be making chaffle cakes from your waffles. See Red Velvet Waffle Cake below.

When pouring the waffle batter into a mini waffle maker, only pour about 1/3 of the batter in the center of the waffle iron and close it. There is no need to try to spread out the waffle batter because the waffle batter will spread on it’s own once you close the appliance.

It is also unnecessary to grease the waffle iron before cooking your wafffles. Most waffle makers have a non-stick coating and the cheese from the batter contains enough fat to prevent the waffle from sticking.

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Is Buttermilk Keto?

Sure, buttermilk does have a higher carb count compared to heavy cream or other keto approved liquid dairy; however, it’s carb count doesn’t add up to a lot of carbs in this recipe. We are only using 1 tablespoon of buttermilk, which has 0.8 carbs in it.

Also buttermilk is a natural ingredient and is essential in providing a tandy, creamy flavor in red velvet baking. It is the liquid leftover after churning butter. It is higher in protein and lower in fat. It has a tangy flavor since it is fermented.

Buttermilk also help leven the waffle and make it rise.

How to Make a Chaffle Crispy

Since these keto chaffles are made using cream cheese instead of shredded cheese, they are a sponge like consistency and will not crisp up when you cook them in the waffle iron. If you want a crunchy, crispy waffle, you need to lay down a layer of shredded mozzarella cheese on the waffle maker before pouring your red velvet batter onto the waffle maker. This will change the flavor of the red velvet waffle a bit, so I would do this if you can’t stand a spongy waffle.

How to Store Waffles

Guess what?! These keto waffles are freezer safe and can be prepped up ahead of time. It’s a delicious meal prep breakfast option for my red velvet fans.

To freeze these waffles, let them cool completely before flash freeze each waffle individually on the pan in the freezer for 30 minutes. Once harden, you can stack the waffles together and store in a freezer safe bag.

To heat from frozen, use a toaster, oven or toaster oven to heat through and crisp up.

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