Dairy Free Keto Coconut Lime Popsicles

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Deliciously creamy keto coconut lime popsicles, without all the additional sugars! A tasty, easy, low carb, dairy-free coconut lime dessert, which makes a refreshing summertime treat.

Dairy Free Keto Coconut Lime Popsicles Ingredients

Dairy Free Keto Coconut Lime Popsicles Directions

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Sugar Free Coconut Lime Popsicle Recipe

a stack of coconut lime popsicles on a blue backgroundZesty and creamy popsicles as tasty as the ones you buy ready made from the grocery store! These keto popsicles are so tangy, fresh and exotic, they will make you feel as if you’re on holiday at a tropical destination, (well, almost!).All you need for this delicious recipe is three ingredients, which can typically be found in most people’s pantries. These coconut lime popsicles are quick to prepare and are very handy to have for when you want an after dinner keto dessert or are just craving something sweet and refreshing, especially for those warmer Summer days! In order to make these delicious pops ahead, simply prepare the mixture, place in the popsicle molds and store them in the freezer for when those cravings kick in. As you can probably tell, the hardest part of the process is waiting for them to freeze!a group of frozen popsicles the counter with lime slices and coconut chips near them If you have kids, they might even get a little bit jealous once they see you having one of these creamy, white tropical popsicles, but not to worry as they are super kid friendly since they contain no hidden or artificial ingredients. They can even have a few throughout the week without the need to worry about the sugar content. You might need to make a bigger batch though if everyone in your family starts liking them! This is actually quite a good thing, considering that they are healthy and made with very few ingredients!Most store bought popsicles and homemade popsicle recipes are filled with sugar. With this recipe you won’t have to miss popsicles ever again! These keto coconut lime popsicles are both dairy free and sugar free, making them the perfect treat while staying low carb. They are also great to serve as desserts at gatherings, especially if you know any of your guests are diabetic or if anyone is allergic to dairy.ltop down view of three popsicles with whole lime slices and shredded coconut

Dairy Free Keto Popsicle

This recipe is dairy free so it’s perfect for anyone who’s following a keto diet but is vegan or for anyone who is intolerant or allergic to dairy or lactose or even just for anyone who avoids dairy in general. These popsicles are also great if you’re serving guests who fall into these categories. This recipe uses coconut milk as the base instead of heavy cream or milk, which is what is used in most cream based popsicle recipes.

Is Coconut Keto?

Coconut is keto friendly. In order to get the most keto approved coconut milk, opt for the full fat canned coconut milk, not the Lite version. The Lite version would have less fat and more sugar. The carb and fat count of a can of coconut milk will vary from one brand to another. However, typically 1 cup of full fat coconut milk will have around 48 grams of fat and 6 grams of carbohydrates, making it very filling, satisfying and keto friendly! When it comes to shredded coconut, purchase the unsweetened kind as some shredded coconut is sweetened with corn syrup or sugars.a can of coconut milk and a lime

Are Limes Keto?

Yes! Even though limes are fruit, they are keto. An entire lime is full of vitamin C and has just 5 grams of net carbs. Limes are used to add flavor to many keto recipes. Sometimes they’re also used to add acid within keto recipes instead of adding other acidic food, which might be higher in sugar and unnatural. Limes are the perfect addition to any keto meal as they are packed with vitamins and nutrients, they add flavor to your food and they’re also low in carbohydrates!

Popsicle Molds

If you’re wondering which popsicle molds to use for this recipe, you can use whichever popsicle shape and size you prefer. The bigger the popsicle mold size, the less popsicles you will make with the mixture in this recipe. I like to use a silcone popsicle mold because it is easy to pop the frozen pops out of the mold and don’t require running it over hot water like some molds do. However, there are many other different ones one can purchase. This mold in particular comes with popsicle sticks, but you might have to purchase more if they run out!silcone popsicle mold filled with a cream mixture

Kid Friendly Popsicles

If you’re looking for a healthy kid friendly treat, this is the recipe for you! As we mentioned before, these popsicles are great for kids to have as well as they don’t contain a large list of ingredients with all those nasty additives which most ready made treats and desserts would typically have. They are also sugar free, but because they are made out of coconut and lime, they are still satisfying, even for kids!

How to Store Popsicles

These keto coconut lime popsicle can be stored in the freezer. The best way to store these sugar free popsicles is to put them in an airtight container or a freezer bag. You can even wrap them individually to avoid them sticking to each other. However, yes, they definitely can get freezer burn on the surface. Popsicles can last for months in the freezer, but I think they taste the best when they are under 2 weeks old. Honestly, it’s not a problem over here because they never last that long. They are too delicious to sit in the freezer!

Sugar Free Sweeteners for Keto Popsicles

Not that it needs a sweetener because this popsicle recipe is delicous without added sweetener, but if you choose to add some I recommend a powdered sweetener like Confectioners Swerve. This powdered form dissolve faster so your popsicles aren’t granular when you lick them. .Other sugar-free sweeteners that you can use to make these popsicles are liquid stevia, and powdered monk fruit, possible by Lakanto. They are twice as sweet as the normal sugar, so add as little as 2 teaspoons to the popsicle.

Other Keto Popsicles

I love popsicles when the weather is hot and the sun is out. Here are some other keto popsicle recipes you should try this summer.

Nutritional information & Macros

Nutrition Information

Dairy Free Keto Coconut Lime Popsicles

Servings: 4

Amount Per Serving
Calories 314
Fat 31.1g
Protein 0.3g
Total Carbs 6.5g
Net Carbs 6g

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