Keto Butter Board


A new take on bread and butter

Make your next party special with a Keto Butter Board. This trendy new appetizer is made with high-quality butter, seasonings, fresh herbs, oils, and jams. Pair it with crackers, bread, and crunchy vegetables. It's the perfect option for a keto diet and can be served at family gatherings or for your next book club.

The butter board has taken social media by storm. It’s basically compound butter beautifully spread on a charcuterie board and served with various foods to scoop up the creamy, salty goodness. And most people think that it’s delicious or gross. It’s completely divided the country and my YouTube channel.

petals of butter on a wooden tray topped with fresh thyme and oregano

Serve this delicious snack with keto rolls, crackers, or veggies like radish, cucumber, and celery, and even grilled meats like slices of steak or chicken for a keto-friendly meal.

Using a butter knife or cake spatula to spread different kinds of butter on a board or plate. Sprinkle the butter with the other ingredients, seasonings, salts, and herbs for added flavor. This is definitely an appetizer you don’t want to miss!

How to make a butter board

A butter board is like a charcuterie board, but instead of being filled with meats and cheeses, it’s prepared with soft butter.

  1. Lay out your favorite brands of butter or new kinds you’d like to try.
  2. Sprinkle seasonings, herbs, or oils. You can also make butter compounds with these ingredients mixed into the butter. Have fun and try other ingredients like lemon zest, parmesan cheese or even champagne.
  3. Surround the butter with keto-friendly bread, crackers, or vegetables, and make it pretty with edible flowers!

You can pair your butter board with meat and cheese boards containing hard and soft cheese, sliced meats, bread, crackers, condiments, and vegetables.

scooping butter onto a piece of low carb bread

Key ingredients

Here are the ingredients you’ll need to make your own butter board:

  • Unsalted butter: Butter is the main ingredient, so make sure it’s high-quality. Unsalted is best as it allows you to add you own salts to the compound butter, like rosemary salt or black salt.
  • Garlic: Minced garlic adds flavor.
  • Fresh herbs: Thyme, oregano, rosemary, or sage are great options.
  • Lemon zest: Citrus, like lemon or lime zest, is a tangy balance to the richness of the other ingredients.
  • Sea salt: flaky salt or salt with different flavors like rosemary, smoky salt, or pink salt.
  • Splash of prosecco or champagne: This makes the butter fancy and delicious.
  • Additions: Try adding chili flakes, chili oil, dried onion flakes, dried garlic flakes, honey, pumpkin spice, carb free jams, peanut butter, or olive oil.

Keto Butter Board Recipe Video

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Keto Butter Board Ingredients

  • 1 cup unsalted high quality butter, softened
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 teaspoon fresh thyme
  • 1 teaspoon fresh oregano
  • 1 teaspoon lemon zest
  • ½ teaspoon rosemary sea salt
  • Splash prosecco or champagne

Keto Butter Board Directions

  • Keto Butter Board
  • butter painted on a tray and topped with fresh herbs and garlic, surrounded by crackers and bread

    What’s so great about butter?

    What’s the craze about this new butter board trend anyway?

    Turns out, there’s so much more to butter than you may see on the shelves of the super box-chain grocery stores would have you believe.

    You can sometimes find high-quality butter in these stores, but more than likely, you’ll need to go to your local specialty store or order it online.

    Don’t get me wrong, there’s definitely a time and place for store-brand butter. BUT high-quality butter is best used when it’s the feature of the dish. This includes butter boards, spread on freshly baked keto bread, or anytime when you can directly taste the butter.

    You’ll find great high-quality butter from big suppliers as well as small local farms. Some options include Kerrygold, Vital Farms, Vermont Creamery, Devon Cream Company, or Banner Butter.

    Unsalted is best because you can add your own flavored sea salts but play around with salted butter to see which you like best.

    Benefits of grass-fed butter

    What’s the difference between “grass-fed” butter and regular butter?

    That’s a good question, and one we can answer by showing the benefits.

    • Butter is made from the fat solids extracted from cow’s milk. The cow’s diet highly affects the quality of the milk, and therefore butter, that they produce.
    • Eating butter from cows fed grass means that you get to benefit from this higher-quality diet as well.
    • The biggest benefit is that you get the vitamins and minerals from the grass, which includes vitamin A, vitamin K2, and beta carotene.
    • It’s also high in unsaturated fatty acids and contains linoleic acid.

    All of these benefits help your overall health and well-being.

    a party board of compound butter, sliced bread, rolls and crackers on a checkered towel next to fresh herbs

    Low-carb bread, crackers, and vegetable options for dipping

    There are many different keto options to spread the butter over. You can make your own creation with crackers, butter, spices, or seasonings!

    Keto bread:

    Toasted or fresh bread is the perfect option for spreading your favorite butter over.

    Try these low-carb types of crusty bread:


    Low carb crackers are another great way to eat this delicious snack.

    Some low-carb options include:


    Give your guests lots of options with your butter board, and include veggies to dip as well.

    Try crunchy vegetables like:

    • Bell pepper
    • Mushrooms
    • Broccoli florets
    • Asparagus
    • Zucchini
    • Cauliflower
    • Green beans
    • Cucumbers
    • Celery
    • Radishes

    Storage information

    Butter is easy to store and save for later, which means you can easily enjoy a butter board whenever you’re in the mood.

    In order to save the butter for later, scrape it off the platter and onto a square of plastic wrap. Use the wrap to roll up the butter and keep it in the refrigerator for up to one week.

    Keto Butter Board: FAQS

    What is a butter board?

    Butter boards are a popular new trend that features delicious butter with seasonings that you can spread on crackers or warm bread to enjoy as an appetizer.

    Should you use unsalted or salted butter?

    You can use salted or unsalted butter, it's up to you! There are many different producers of high-quality butter that you can buy.

    What else can I use besides butter?

    If you'd like to add a little variety to your butter board or replace the butter entirely, you can use spreadable cream cheese, crumbled blue cheese, or goat cheese instead.

    Nutritional information & Macros

    Nutrition Information

    Keto Butter Board

    Servings: 16

    Amount Per Serving
    Calories 202
    Fat 22g
    Protein 0.1g
    Total Carbs 0.5g
    Net Carbs 0.4g

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