Easy Keto Hot Buttered Rum

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Warm you belly with this buttery, sweet keto cocktail after a day of fun in the snow. Keto hot buttered rum is a crowd favorite. Serve it at your next holiday party.

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Low Carb Hot Buttered Rum Recipe

glass of low carb hot buttered rumOne of my favorite drinks to order at the ski lodge is a hot buttered rum. The warm cocktail and shot of rum help to defrost my insides after a day of snow activities. It’s pretty easy to turn this traditional holiday cocktail into a sugar free, low carb version.To make keto hot buttered rum, we add golden monk fruit or sugar free maple syrup as the sweetener. The butter adds the fat, of course. I like to add extra butter to make an extra creamy keto cocktail.This is an easy sugar free drink you can serve at your next holiday party or on Christmas. Cozy up to the fire and have your mug ready, we are making hot buttered rum!

Keto Approved Rum

dark rum and spiced rumHot buttered rum contains rum, of course, as the alcohol of choice. Luckily rum is keto approved. At zero carbs per serving, most spirits are keto friendly. That means it’s safe for you to make it a double or have two! As long as you don’t have anywhere to go.You can use any type of rum in this recipe, but I prefer to use dark rum. White rum and spiced rum are good options too. However, use caution with the flavored rums. Some of them contain sugars as sweeteners.

Blended Hot Buttered Rum

creamy hot buttered rum in a mugI highly recommend blending your hot butter rum. It makes it incredibly creamy and frothy. You can add the ingredients to a blender or a milk frother to mix it up. My favorite blender is one by BlendTec.

Keto Sweeteners

It make this drink a little sweet, you have the option of adding a golden sweetener like Lakanto Golden Monk fruit or Brown Swerve. Another delicious sweetener option is to use a sugar free maple syrup. My favorite is the maple syrup by ChocZero. It is sugar alcohol free and sweetened with monk fruit.

Nutritional information & Macros

Nutrition Information

Easy Keto Hot Buttered Rum

Servings: 1

Amount Per Serving
Calories 228
Fat 11g
Protein 0g
Total Carbs 0g
Net Carbs 0g

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