Keto Grits

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Sometimes all you want is a nice comforting bowl of grits for breakfast or to go along with your dinner, and with this keto grits recipe, you can do just that! These keto grits are super easy to make, and to keep this recipe low carb, we use lupin beans instead of cornmeal or cauliflower. In this delicious batch of grits, we will be loading it up with jalapeños and cheddar cheese for that extra cheesy goodness.

Keto Grits Ingredients

  • 4 tablespoons unsalted butter
  • 1 jalapeño, diced (optional)
  • 1 cup lupin meal
  • 2 cups water
  • 1 cup heavy cream
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 oz cream cheese
  • 2 cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese (optional)

Keto Grits Directions

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Low Grits Recipe

keto grits dripping from a wooden spoon

Keto grits are creamy, thick, and have a similar texture to regular grits. This keto grits recipe is the perfect way to enjoy grits on the keto diet. By using ground lupin beans instead of cornmeal, you cut out a substantial amount of carbs and can maintain your progress on the keto diet. Lupin beans also have a slightly nutty flavor that is similar to cornmeal. Once you add all of the butter, cheese, and toppings you want, you won’t miss the cornmeal at all!

Most keto grits recipes use cauliflower as a replacement for cornmeal. Unfortunately, cauliflower grits don’t taste like real grits. It tastes like cheesy cauli rice. Using lupin meal instead will be your go-to recipe for grits instead of cauliflower grits.

These low carb grits are perfect for breakfast or enjoy as a side dish next to some shrimp for a classic keto shrimp and grits recipe.

a skillet full of grits next to jalapenos and cheese

Is Cornmeal Keto?

No, cornmeal is not keto since it is so high in carbohydrates. In just one cup of yellow cornmeal, there are 84.9 g net carbs and 93.8 g total carbs. But by using ground lupin beans in place of cornmeal for this keto grits recipe, you cut out much more carbohydrates since one cup of ground lupin beans only has 4 g net carbs. Lupin beans are mostly made of fiber rather than carbs, which is excellent for a healthy gut.

What Are Lupin Beans?

Lupin beans or lupini beans are yellow, protein-packed beans typically found in the many Mediterranean, Latin American, and North African dishes. These beans have recently gained more popularity in the keto diet since it is low in net carbs and can be ground down into a meal or flour. In fact, it has even been used as the main ingredient in some different types of keto pasta. I even use it in my keto deep dish pizza recipe since it tastes so similar to cornmeal!

a cup of lupin meal in an old measuring cup


There are many variations and ingredients that you can add to this keto grits recipe to make it truly your own. If you find jalapeños too spicy, or if you just don’t like jalapeños, you can add crumbled bacon on top or even some stir-fried mushrooms. You can also add scallions or a different type of cheese for a different flavor. Even try different seasoning, like Cajun seasoning. These keto grits are meant to be loaded, so add whatever you want! Just make sure your added ingredients are keto-approved.

If you want plain grits, just omit the jalapenos and cheddar cheese.

What to Serve with Grits

You can serve many different things with grits. Since a bowl of grits is never too overpowering with flavor, many different sides will easily match. If you are looking for a delicious traditional side, you can pairing it with a buttery, garlic shrimp recipe. After all, shrimp and grits are an iconic combination. Shrimp is also low carb and a wonderful homage to this Southern dish. You could also serve them with sausage and eggs, or even some keto-fried chicken or grilled fish. With the light taste of grits, it is impossible to have clashing flavors.

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