Keto German Chocolate Cookies


The favorited German Chocolate Cake turned into keto cookies

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Ultra soft and cake-like, these gooey keto German chocolate cookies are filled with components of a favorite cake - chocolate, pecans and coconut!

For the chocolate & nut lovers, these keto German chocolate cookies need to be added to your baking list. They are a double chocolate chip cookie, meaning they have a chocolate cookie based rather than just a plain chocolate chip cookie. And these keto cookies have a texture similar to chocolate cake, so they are soft and fluffy.

A plate with freshly baked chocolate cookies and a half a cookie on top showing the melted chocolate inside.

Toss in some pecans (or your favorite nuts) and shredded coconut flakes to turn a simple keto chocolate cookie into that iconic German Chocolate flavor.

These fudgy, chocolate keto cookies are utterly addicting and hardly taste sugar-free. They can be enjoyed any time of year your chocolate cravings hit, but are especially loved around the holidays.

How to make Keto German Chocolate Cookies

  1. Combine the dry ingredients – almond flour, oat fiber, cocoa powder, baking soda and salt.
  2. Cream butter & sweeteners. Use softened unsalted butter and two types of sugar-free sweeteners. Beat in an egg and vanilla.
  3. Mix the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients. The dough will be thick!
  4. Make it German Chocolate flavored by adding in chocolate chips, nuts and coconut flakes.

Baked chocolate cookies on a sheet of parchment paper on a baking tray.



Keto German Chocolate Cookies Recipe Video

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Keto German Chocolate Cookies Ingredients

Keto German Chocolate Cookies Directions

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A plate of german chocolate cookies piled up next to chocolate chips, milk and red spooled ribbon.

What is German Chocolate Cake?

German chocolate cake isn’t actually a German dessert. The chocolate cake is lighter in color compared to true chocolate cake and has a milder chocolate flavor. It is usually covered in a coconut pecan frosting.

For this keto cookie recipe, we turn these German chocolate flavors into a cake-like cookie.

A bag of Cacao Bliss behind a plate of chocolate cookies with a mug of mocha coffee nearby.

For robust chocolate flavor and to add more flavor, add Cacao Bliss to your chocolate cookies. raw cacao powder blend of superfoods, like cinnamon and turmeric, is added. I partnered with Earth Echo and added a scoop of their special raw cacao and superfood blend, Cacao Bliss, to my cookies.

Cacao Bliss contains superfoods like cinnamon (to help regulate sugars and for gut support), turmeric (for inflammation), black pepper (to increase the bioavailability of the turmeric), Himalayan salt (for balancing pH levels), lucuma (to help with the body’s repair mechanisms), coconut nectar (a prebiotic for gut health) and other helpful nutrients. These superfoods take a basic cocoa powder and turn it into a blend with extraordinary flavor and nutrition.

If you want to try Cacao Bliss, use my code KETOFOCUS to save 15% off your order.

Sugar free chocolate chips

There are many options for sugar free chocolate chips that can be used in this recipe. Here are some that are available on-line and at some grocery stores.

Chocolate cookies sitting on a baking tray with another pile of cookies behind next to red ribbon.

Oat fiber

Oat fiber is added to this recipe to enhance the flavor of this keto cookie. It gives it a homemade cookie taste it adds an underlying oat flavor. Oat fiber helps with the texture of the cookies as well since it is made entirely of fiber.

Oat fiber is zero carbs. The fiber is indigestible, making it an ideal addition to your keto baking.

Storage information & meal prep tips

These keto german chocolate cookies are best enjoyed right away when they are still warm as most cookies are.

However, you can store your cookies in an air tight container at room temperature for up to 3 days or in the refrigerator for 3-5 days.

The cookie dough can be frozen. Roll into balls and store in a zip-loc bag for up to 1 month. To bake, let cookie dough thaw then bake as instructed above.

Keto German Chocolate Cookies: FAQS

Can I substitute with another flour other than almond flour?

I haven't tried any other keto flours in this recipe other than almond flour so I can't guarantee it would work. If I were to experiment, I would try using 1/4 cup of coconut flour or 1/2 cup lupin flour or 1 cup of sunflower seed flour in place of the almond flour. But do so at your own risk.

Can I use other nuts other than pecans?

Yes! In place of pecans, you can use chopped walnuts, almonds or even macadamia nuts.

I don't have oat fiber. What can I substitute?

Oat fiber is necessary for flavor and texture in this recipe. I don't recommend substituting it. However, you could try adding an extra 1/4 cup of almond flour in its place if you do. I haven't experiment with this so I can't guarantee it will work.

Nutritional information & Macros

Nutrition Information

Keto German Chocolate Cookies

Servings: 22

Amount Per Serving
Calories 134
Fat 12.8g
Protein 1.9g
Total Carbs 5.9g
Net Carbs 1.1g

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  1. These turned out wonderful!
    Always have loved German Chocolate Cake and these satisfy that childhood delight. Even the picky husband said they are the best keto cookie I have made. They are disappearing fast and it isn’t just me.
    The recipe is easy to put together and will be a regular for me.
    Keep up the great ideas.

    1. I haven’t experimented with bamboo fiber yet. I need to get some to try. It kind of freaks me out to eat something that I consider a tree LOL! But I need to get over that.

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