Keto Dalgona Coffee

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Time to whip up some keto coffee with this velvetly smooth whipped coffee. Also known as dalgona coffee this version is sugar free and full of healthy fats.

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Low Carb Dalgona Coffee

spooning whipped coffee layer onto cold glasses of nut milk
Whipped coffee has taken the internet by storm. All over Instagram and TikTok, you see people showing off their creamy, foamy coffee drinks.

Dalgona coffee is a whipped coffee. It’s very simple to make and only involves 3 ingredients to make the coffee foam – instant coffee, sweetener and hot water. When equal parts instant coffee and sweetener are whisked together, they form a thick, velvet like foam. Top on top of your favorite cream or nut milk to form a layered coffee drink worthy of any coffeehouse.

The velvet foam reminds me of the crema on top of an espresso drink. The crema holds volume and yields a velvety finish. It also suppresses some of the bitterness that can come from certain types of coffee beans.

It’s easy to turn regular Dalgona coffee into a keto whipped coffee. Simply use an alternative sweetener, like monkfruit, instead of sugar.

What is Dalgona??

Dalgona is a Korean puffed candy that is light a crunchy once cooled and hardened.
glass of keto dalgona coffee made with vanilla syrup

Where did Dalgona Coffee Come from?

Although countries like India and Pakistan have been making it for years, the popularity of this whipped coffee came from South Korea. It’s a well love coffee drink you can find on the trendy streets of Korea.

Instant Coffee for Dalgona Coffee

You cannot use normal coffee to make Dalgona coffee. Using regular coffee grounds will not give you the whipped consistency you need.To make Dalgona coffee, you must use instant coffee. Instant coffee will dissolve readily and it (along with the sweetener) is what gives the volume and smooth finish to the coffee foam that forms.
whipped coffee hanging off a beater
You can use instant coffee or instant espresso to make Dalgona coffee. You can use Starbucks VIA Instant Coffee Packs as well to make whipped coffee.

It is important to not use any coffee that contains any MCT oils or dairy. Addition of the oils and fats while whipping the coffee will cause the coffee to fall flat and not produce volume. If you want to add MCT oil to your keto Dalgona coffee, add it into the nut milk layer.

Importance of Sweetener in Dalgona Coffee

Traditional Dalgona coffee is made by adding 5 teaspoons of sugar to the coffee whip. Five teaspoons is a lot of sugar for one drink or even two, if you split it! That is 20 grams of carbohydrates.

Fortunately, you can make a keto version of this popular whipped coffee drink. You can make Dalgona coffee using alternative sweeteners like monkfruit and erythritol. I have found that the powdered verisons of these keto sugar replacers work the best as they dissolve better. The brands I recommend are Lakanto and Swerve.

glass of keto dalgona coffee made with vanilla syrup
If you are looking for a keto sweetener that is sugar alcohol free, try using ChocZero Vanilla Syrup. Their syrups are sugar free and sugar alcohol free. Add 2.5 tablespoons to the instant coffee and it will produce a beautifully whipped coffee. Save 10% off your order with code KETOFOCUS at checkout.

Milk Options for Keto Whipped Coffee

carton of macadamia nut milk
There are many different milk options available when making a low carb dalgona coffee. This recipe is customizable. I like to use macadamia nut milk because it is creamy, unflavored and contains very low carbohydrates, but you can use all heavy cream or other nut milks. You could even use half and half (although it is higher in carbohydrates). The nut milk I prefer is macadamia nut milk.

Other Nut Milk Options:

  • almond milk
  • cashew milk
  • pili nut milk
  • hemp milk
    pouring cream into a tall glass for dalgona coffee

Whisk Dalgona Coffee to Create Foam

spooning ribbons of whipped coffee foam
The best way to make keto dalgona coffee is to use an electric mixer to make the coffee foam. It will whip up in about 3 minutes. If you don’t have an electric mixer, you can whisk by hand. This method will take about 8-10 minutes of constant whisking to produce the stable foam.

Using either method, you want to whisk the coffee and sweetener together until the form leaves ribbons on top when you spoon up the batter drop it back in. It will also lighten up in coffee, turning into a peanut butter color and appearance.

Varations of Whipped Coffee Drink

The original Dalgona coffee is the most popular, but you can make different types of this crazed coffee drink. Try these fun whipped coffee varations:

Hot or Iced Keto Dalgona coffee

Whether you are a fan of hot or cold coffee drinks, you can add the whipped coffee foam on top steamed or iced nut milk and cream. Now you can enjoy Dalgona coffee year round!

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