Keto BBQ Chicken Tostada


These keto BBQ chicken tostadas are a quick meal idea you can make with leftover chicken. Cook in the oven, grill or air fryer and dinner is ready in minutes.

BBQ sauce can enhance and add a different flavor to the other standby. I’ve used it in place of pizza sauce for my BBQ pulled pork pizza and added it to meatloaf to make a BBQ cheeseburger meatloaf. This keto tostada recipe uses tangy BBQ sauce to add a twist to the old standard.

a bbq chicken pizza with red onion

This tostada recipe just needs a few simple ingredients. You may already have these items on hand and if you don’t, you can pick up from the store along with a rotisserie chicken. Getting a rotisserie chicken from the deli is the easiest way to make these BBQ chicken tostadas. But any leftover chicken, or even canned chicken, will work as long as the flavors pairs well with BBQ sauce.

Keto BBQ Chicken Tostada Recipe Video

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Keto BBQ Chicken Tostada Ingredients

Keto BBQ Chicken Tostada Directions

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Keto BBQ sauce

There are many companies producing low sugar or zero sugar added BBQ sauce and they are just as delicious! From tangy to sweet, you will find a brand you love. Or you can always make your own BBQ sauce. It’s very easy and less expensive.

Here are some brands I love:

tostada topped with bbq chicken, cilantro and red onion

Low carb tortillas

There are many options for keto tortillas available. From ones that contain wheat to those that are gluten free, you will find something to fit your lifestyle.

Here are some options:

Storage information

To store: Any leftovers can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 4 days. I don’t recommend freezing these cooked but you could try freezing them uncooked.

To meal prep: Prep you BBQ chicken ahead of time, then scoop and bake when ready to eat.

Nutritional information & Macros

Nutrition Information

Keto BBQ Chicken Tostada

Servings: 4

Amount Per Serving
Calories 291
Fat 11g
Protein 22g
Total Carbs 16.2g
Net Carbs 6.2g

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  1. OMG. This is super delicious! A nice to have on hand for “emergencies “. I put off prepping breakfast and didn’t want bacon and eggs again so I made this and voila! Great breakfast alternative!

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