Sugar Free Matcha Whipped Cream

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Few things can beat the freshly-made matcha whipped cream. It is super-easy to make and this slightly bitter whipped cream pairs well with chocolate. Top it on your favorite chocolate cake or make a cookie sandwich. Oh, and did I mention this is a sugar-free matcha whipped cream??

Sugar Free Matcha Whipped Cream Recipe Video

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Sugar Free Matcha Whipped Cream Ingredients

Sugar Free Matcha Whipped Cream Directions

  • Sugar Free Matcha Whipped Cream
  • Sugar Free Matcha Whipped Cream Recipe

    a strawberry on top a bowl of green tea whipped cream

    It is a green tea whipped cream in matcha flavor – a versatile ingredient for keto dessert. Wondering how to keep cream sugar free? You can turn the whipping cream keto by using a sugar-free sweetener. Moreover, the most exciting thing about this matcha whipped cream is its unique flavor. It especially pairs well with chocolate. You can add some sugar-free chocolate chips to your whipped cream or sandwich the cream between two chocolate keto cookies for a quick, unique keto dessert. This matcha whipped cream is also delicious topped on your favorite cake recipe.

    powder matcha green tea in a small bowl

    What is Matcha?

    Matcha is a Japanese green tea powder made with finely ground, dried green tea leaves. It is known for its health benefits, which are more than just being an antioxidant. It is also popular for its vibrant green color and slightly bitter, vegetal taste, which is why you will find it a matcha latte or dalgona coffee. Matcha is also a popular flavor found in ice cream. The slightly bitter matcha pairs perfectly with the fat found in cream. That’s why matcha ice cream is so good!

    Aside from ice cream and the matcha latte, this green tea powder has been the cornerstone for traditional Japanese tea parties for centuries. But its exceptional health benefits have made it famous in US households as well.


    Does Green Tea Have Caffeine?

    Yes – every 250ml of green tea contains 30 to 50 mg of caffeine. However, it is low compared to the recommended maximum of 400 mg caffeine a day.

    close up of a sifter over a bowl

    How Much Matcha Powder to Use in Whipped Cream?

    In this recipe, we add 4 teaspoons of matcha powder to make our whipped cream. For health benefits, nutritionists recommend using ½ to ¾ teaspoons of matcha powder per cup. Make sure you sift you matcha powder into the whipping cream so you don’t end up with clumpy green bits in your sugar free whipped cream. Plus it might make your cake not quite as elegant.

    Importance of Sifting the Matcha

    Matcha tends to clump together – and some of them survive even through the whisking process. Sifting helps prevent those tufts of green. Not sifting will leave you at risk of chewing on these bitter clumps when enjoying delicious matcha whipped cream.

    Dairy Free Whipped Cream

    If you wanted to make a dairy free version of this match cream, use coconut cream instead of heavy whipping cream. You can purchase a can of coconut cream or just get a can of coconut milk and pour off the liquid. You will be left with coconut cream.

    creamy matcha whipped cream swirled in a dish

    Nutritional information & Macros

    Nutrition Information

    Sugar Free Matcha Whipped Cream

    Servings: 4

    Amount Per Serving
    Calories 206
    Fat 24g
    Protein 0g
    Total Carbs 2g
    Net Carbs 0g

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    1. I made this recipe and wasn’t thrilled. The green tea powder makes the cream bitter. Even the sweetener didn’t help much. Yes, it is better with the chocolate cookies you recommended, but those cookies are amazing on their own. Why mess them up with bitter cream? I wouldn’t make this again.

      1. I’m sorry you didn’t care for the recipe. Matcha powder is bitter in general. It’s an acquired taste for some. Like with all keto dessert recipes you can adjust the sweetener to fit your taste preferences. Often when someone has been on the keto diet for a long time, they become overly sensitive to sweetness flavors and don’t require as much sweetener for it to taste sweet to them. Others that are starting out, require more.

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