Keto Pizza Eggs


An easy way to enjoy pizza for breakfast is make these keto pizza eggs. Chunks of pepperoni, cream cheese, and creamy scrambled eggs. The eggs also gets topped with mouth-watering low carb marinara sauce and gooey cheese. This pizza egg recipe will be a game-changer for all ages and is so tasty too.

Keto Pizza Eggs Recipe Video

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Pizza Eggs Ingredients

  • 3 eggs
  • 1 oz cream cheese, softened
  • 15 pepperoni slices
  • salt to taste
  • 3 tablespoons low carb marinara sauce, optional
  • 1 tablespoons Parmesan cheese, optional

Keto Pizza Eggs Directions

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Low Carb Pizza Eggs Recipe

scrambled eggs mixed with pepperoni on a plate

If you’re anything like me and struggle to get the kids fed, dressed and ready for school, this recipe will most certainly be a lifesaver to your morning routine. Do you have fussy children? Keto pizza eggs are also a great way of getting your children to eat the needed calcium, protein, and nutrients to fuel their day. This pepperoni egg recipe is a fun and unique way to enjoy your eggs in the morning. I mean, who doesn’t want pizza for breakfast?

This pepperoni and eggs is only the start to creating delicious home-cooked breakfasts that don’t weigh down your morning or make you feel sluggish. In addition, it’s one recipe that doesn’t involve a keto flour like almond flour or coconut flour. It’s basically just eggs and pepperoni. If this recipe isn’t your style, try adding your favorite ingredients and toppings that you would put on your pizza. These ingredients could be shredded mozzarella cheese, ground beef, olives, mushrooms, pizza sauce or even bacon bits. The opportunities are endless.

If you love pizza in the mornings, you should try making a keto breakfast pizza using my keto pizza dough crust. This is the ideal recipe if you like to hold onto a crust with your pizza.

pizza eggs on a plate

How to Make Creamy Scrambled Eggs?

Do you want to know the secret for creamy or fluffy scrambled eggs? Firstly, try adding cream or cream cheese instead of milk. Milk may work better than water does when it comes down to making creamy eggs. But believe it or not, they tend to dilute your egg mixture and tend to make your scrambled eggs rubbery. Plus milk is higher than carbs compared to cream or cream cheese. Milk also make your eggs lose their flavor. If you want the creamiest scrambled egg use heavy cream or even cream cheese instead

How to Keep Scrambled Eggs from Getting Watery?

When it comes to fluffy scrambled eggs, there are some tricks to keep your eggs from getting watery. For me, I avoid adding too much heavy cream or cream cheese. I only use one ounce of either heavy cream or cream cheese, so it still gives you creamy scrambled eggs without the water weeping out.

Another important reason your eggs may come out watery has to do with when you salt your eggs. You can only salt your eggs immediately before cooking them or salt and wait 20 minutes before cooking them. If you season your eggs anywhere in between and attempt to cook them, you will end up with watery eggs as the salt tends to draw out the water content and leave a sloppy mess.

Another idea for seasoning you scrambled eggs on your keto breakfast pizza eggs is to add a little bit of garlic powder or Italian seasoning.

a plateful of pepperoni scrambledeggs with forks and slices of pepperoni next to it

Pizza Topping Ideas

Not a fan of pepperoni pizza eggs? If you’re having a hard time finding toppings for your unique keto pizza recipe, how about try some potential pizza egg recipes such as:

  • Salami and Cheese Pizza Eggs
  • Vegetarian Pizza Eggs (red bell peppers, olives, spinach and mushroom)
  • Meat-y Breakfast Pizza Eggs (breakfast sausage, bacon bits, pancetta)
  • Mushroom and Garlic Pizza Eggs
  • Margarita Pizza Eggs (tomato paste or tomato sauce, cheese, cherry tomatoes)

My children’s favorite pizza egg recipe at the moment is bacon and cheese pizza eggs. Simple and easy to make, while also being super tasty. These are only a few delicious recipes you could try at home, so get experimenting. Make breakfast time with the kids fun again.

Nutritional information & Macros

Nutrition Information

Keto Pizza Eggs

Servings: 1

Amount Per Serving
Calories 420
Fat 35g
Protein 25g
Total Carbs 1g
Net Carbs 1g

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