Keto Air Fryer Caramel Goat Cheese Balls

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An elegant holiday appetizer, these caramel covered air fryer keto goat cheese balls contain only a few simple ingredients. Creamy goat cheese is covered with a gluten free coating and fried in an air fryer to create a crispy bite. Then finished with a sugar-free caramel syrup.

Keto Air Fryer Caramel Goat Cheese Balls Ingredients

Keto Air Fryer Caramel Goat Cheese Balls Directions

  • 1
    Pinch off a small piece of goat cheese and roll into 24 - 1/2 inch size balls. Place on a parchment lined baking tray and freeze for 30 minutes.
    24 goat cheese balls on a parchment lined tray src=
  • 2
    Remove from the freezer. Add almond flour to a small shallow bowl, beaten egg to another. And ground pork rinds to a third bowl.
    three bowls with almond flour, egg wash and ground pork rinds src=
  • 3
    Roll a goat cheese ball into the almond flour.
    rolling a cheese ball into almond flour with a fork src=
  • 4
    Then dip in the egg wash to coat.
    lifting up a goat cheese ball coated in egg wash with a fork src=
  • 5
    Then dredge in ground pork rinds. Repeat with remaining goat cheese balls.
    coating cheese ball with ground pork rinds src=
  • 6
    Place balls in a single layer on an air fryer tray or basket leaving space for air to circulate around the balls. Spray with cooking spray. Air fry at 400 degrees for 6 to 8 minutes.
    coated cheese balls on an air fryer tray src=
  • 7
    Drizzle with sugar-free caramel syrup.
    caramel syrup drizzling down onto a goat cheese ball src=
  • 8
    Oven Instructions: Place goat cheese balls on a parchment lined baking tray and bake at 400 degrees for 10-12 minutes.

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Low Carb Air Fryer Caramel Goat Cheese Balls Recipe

These keto goat cheese balls are coated with a gluten-free crust made up of almond flour and ground pork rinds. Then fried to a crispy perfection bite sized snack in the air fryer. Sugar-free caramel syrup is drizzled on these golden brown creamy snacks.

Caramel and goat cheese pair very well together. The sweet and tangy combination is a surprisingly nice compliment. The result is an elegant low carb appetizer worthy of any holiday party or gathering.

Is Goat Cheese Keto?

Yes, goat cheese is keto approved. Like most cheeses, you will find goat cheese to be very low in carbohydrates. At most, a soft goat cheese has about 1 gram net carb per 1 ounce serving.

Goat Cheese Substitutions

Don’t have goat cheese or you don’t like it? The good news is that you can substitute with other soft cheeses. Try cream cheese or mascarpone cheese. Both have a similar texture to goat cheese; although, they don’t have the same tangy flavor. If you are wanting that punchy flavor, then just add a little yogurt to your cream cheese.

Benefits of Cooking Goat Cheese Balls in the Air Fryer

An air fryer works by circulating air all around the food. It helps to crisp up the exterior of your dish while keeping the inside moist and juicy. That is the case for these keto cheese balls. The outside coating is crispy with the pork rinds and the inside is creamy and cheesy.

Oven Instructions

Don’t have an air fryer, no worries! You can still enjoy these caramel drizzled keto cheese bites. Simply bake them in the oven at 400 degrees for 10 to 12 minutes. Then drizzle with your favorite sugar-free caramel syrup.

Make Ahead Cheese Balls

For convenience, you can make these keto goat cheese bites ahead of time. After you have breaded your cheese balls, store them in an air tight container and freeze them until you want to serve them. You can even freeze these for up two a few days in advance.

To cook from frozen, add them to your air fryer straight from the freezer and fry at 400 degrees for 6 to 8 minutes.

Why Do I Freeze Goat Cheese Balls?

It is necessary to freeze your cheese balls before frying. Since goat cheese is a soft cheese, frying it without hardening it first will cause the cheese to ooze out of the crusty breading. If you freeze your goat balls before you fry them, they will keep their shape and have a warm, soft melty center.

Sugar Free Caramel Syrup

Sweet caramel syrup is the perfect compliment to the tangy goat cheese. Of course, you need to find a sugar-free version. ChocZero is my favorite sugar-free caramel syrup. It is also sugar alcohol free. You can save 10% off your order with code KETOFOCUS at checkout.

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