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Craving a delicious dessert that is healthy and low on carbs? Try these keto twinkies! This recipe only makes two twinkies so it's the perfect portion controlled keto dessert.

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Low Carb Twinkies Recipe

three twinkies on a plate with milk in the background

As soon as you sink your teeth into the creamy marshmallow filled keto twinkies, you’ll be transported to your childhood. Ah, those carefree days full of those iconic childhood, delightful desserts! The spongy white cake with the creamy marshmallow surprise inside. Those were the days! The only difference is that this version of our low carb twinkies is better; you don’t have to break your keto diet after enjoying your guilty pleasure! With the sophisticated combo of vanilla and marshmallows, these twinkies are just amazing!

Plus, this recipe only makes two keto twinkies. When you get a craving for a twinkie, you can easily satisfy that craving without risk of over indulging or making too many that they go to waste.

cream filled twinkie on a blue counter

What is a Twinkie?

Twinkies are a traditional recipe made by injecting a creaming filling into little spongy cakes. This goodness was invented back in the 1930s by James Dewar. Dewar came up with the idea of injecting a sweet filling into the little cakes. He named them after Twinkle Toe Shoes. Legend has it that he ate two Twinkies every day of his life. Thanks to him, we have this delicious dessert to enjoy. Thank you, James Dewar!

Are Twinkies Keto?

Traditionally, twinkies are not keto. This recipe comes with a twist! No sugar crashes or high sugar coma! This recipe features keto ingredients along with a sweetener, instead of the entire sugar pot! With just 1.9 grams of carb per twinkie, you can enjoy both twinkies that this recipe makes. It’s a gluten-free dessert that you can enjoy anytime!

two baked twinkies on a marble surface

How To Make A Low Carb Twinkie?

This recipe features almond and coconut flour. No sugar, so it’s low in carbs! The delicious flavor of vanilla add extra flavor!

Start by adding your dry ingredients to a bowl. To keep this recipe gluten-free, we use a combination of almond flour and coconut flour. The sweetener we use is a monkfruit blend, but you can use your favorite sweetener in this recipe. Next, butter and sour cream are added to create that cake flavor and an egg is added to provide structure and support.

Benefits of Making Portion Controlled Desserts

The best thing about this recipe is that it makes small portions. This is great because you don’t have to waste ingredients by making larger portions. It is also easier to make the recipe in smaller portions. In case you make a mistake, you won’t feel that bad about it.

Plus, the best benefit of making small portions is that there’s lesser temptation. If you think that the keto twinkies are going to last in a secret corner of your fridge till the weekend, you’re wrong! The twinkie is going to twinkle at someone and disappear fast!

Keto Marshmallows

You can use Max Mallow as the keto marshmallows. They’re light, fluffy and absolutely divine. Just microwave them for about 10 seconds to get the yummy fluffiness. The best thing about these marshmallows is that they have 0 grams of carbs! This means that they support weight loss and also help with controlling blood sugar. They are also full of prebiotic fiber. And the best thing about them is that they reduce cravings because they have collagen protein. And, of course, they are just delicious!

A substitution to the sugar free marshmallows is to use sugar-free whipped cream. It’s not the most authentic variation but it will work.

sugar free marshmallows in a bag

What Equipment Do You Need to Make Twinkies?

To make this recipe, you need a Twinkie Pan. This pan helps to create the characteristic twinkie shape. You can also use it to make other baking items too.
However, if you are tight on budget, you can make this recipe in a cupcake tray as well. But do remember, a cupcake tray won’t give you the same delightful results as our hotdog-shaped tray.

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